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THEY WHERE NOT COMMON MEN By Knight Fredel common


There was time when the fields were green and the mountains reached the sky. When the bushes where safe and the birds whistled till dawn.

When the clouds could rain and yet the sun would shine to give us the seven beautiful colors.

At this time our world was peaceful and cool. We had scientists and we had astronomers, we had mystics and we had alchemists. Our ancestors studied the universe and we had technologies! They were not common men.

History lied and until the lion tells its tale, the story of the hunting will always favor the hunter.
History subjects were removed from our schools because they know that if we learnt our true history we would be greater brighter.

Many persons have not realized this truth, and until we say it, it will always be a myth.

Those who were taken away on slave ships were not common men; they were men with value, our mathematicians, our scientists, our astronomers, physicians, our kings and our queens. They took them away along with their families, they forced them to teach them all they know or their families will die.
They did as were told, but they were killed anyway.

Today I want my readers to understand that Af’raka was never a primitive land before the slave trade and our history did not start from slavery.

However I never blame the whites for what they did to our mother land, many awoke blacks will surely be against this but I still repeat, I never blame the whites for what they did to us. We Africans have this old habits of betrayal in our blood, we love to betray ourselves, very long time ago when unity was our watch word, no foreign race could break into our lands, but we lost it the moment we decided to fight our own blood, take over lands and enslave our own brothers and sisters, neglecting our gods and goddesses, we invade each other’s lands to take over due to greed and selfishness, then the foreign race saw our weakness, they took advantage of that weakness and took over our lands.

We first neglected our gods that was why a foreign god was easily sold into the minds our people.
Today we can see the results of our downfall, today we are backward and happily swimming in the river of ignorance celebrating a foreign god when ours are demonized and lies programmed into the minds of our children.

Today all I want us to know is, our ancestors were not common men! They were genius who taught the other races all they know today, yet we as a master race are the ones swimming in the river of ignorance and religious fanaticism.

If our ancestors were not common men, why should we?

We have reached a stage where we need to awaken up from the illusions that have been planted into us from generation to generation, seek the knowledge that has been hidden from us for ages. It isn’t a sin or a curse for a man to fall down but it becomes awful when a man falls and refuses to rise.

Looking at the society in general, there are many yet to realize their place, this is why many young people go into a drug which in turn worsens their mental health which leads to depression and then suicidal thoughts or making a wrong choice that may eventually lead to self destruction.

The political sector is run by majority who thinks less of the common people, this has been the cause of our fall, we think only of ourselves and never of others. Our ancestors were not common men, so why should we?
Today our people are more interested in material wealth instead of trying to evolve their souls. Many do not even know what the soul is as they have refused to look deeper into everything. Why should they do such when all they think about is material wealth without realizing that our fore fathers kept for us, knowledge that will open our minds eye in other for us to see through the cloak of illusion and fallacy existing today all around us.

When a typical black girl sees a man, all she thinks about is either to use him or make him spend on her. An average African girl has lost her roots and doesn’t even know the mystical powers that she welds within herself as a feminine essence. They misuse their body’s not realizing how powerful it is when channeled wisely. An average African man on the other hand does not even know his place in the society, all he thinks is that he is a man and he has the power to control a woman or sleep with as many women as he likes even when he is married he still cheats on his wife and same to many women who do the same.

Our world is defiled and imbalance created to bring chaos on our everyday life. The woman needs to be awakened to know herself and the man needs to be awakened to know his true duty and place in the society. Our ancestors were not common men so why should we?
We seem to look for a means to change the world but we forget that, for a man to change the world that change must begin with him!

“We seem to point fingers and blaming the whites for everything when we haven’t even been able to spread a good bed. Like they say, “How we spread the bed is how we will rest on it”.

The society is confused yet we feel we are wiser every day, everyone of us wants to change another person to be, think, dress and behave as we want them to be, forgetting that dominating another is actually what the other races are doing to us, and when we begin to do the same thing to ourselves, that is when we actually fall.
Every Politician wants to change their race but when voted into power, they become a puppet to their ego.

Every pastor wants to lead their congregation to salvation but when they are given the microphone, they convince the people to pay for their salvation by so doing enriching themselves.

Hey Christians and Muslims, ask your selves, does the Universal God really need your tithes and offering? Do the He the Omnipotence and all need your money? Or are you just enriching the pastors and the church? Didn’t your holy books teach you that God is within you and does not live in a physical house you call church?

Our ancestors were not common people, so why should you?
Today is here; tomorrow is not; take your chances here and now! They taught you to hate your ancestors, hey remember in generations to come you too will become an ancestor, how would you feel if your children to come begin to cast and bind you like one piece of dry wood?

Af’raka, it’s time to rise and shine! In the days of the old we were called the children of the Sun and the Stars, let us shine! Hear the voice of wisdom, embrace your ancestors for the tree that disconnects from its root will not see the next day, accept and embrace your root. And always remember, our ancestors, were not common people!

Best wishes

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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