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We successfully orchestrated a society out of the serene world that was created. We established a form for the masses to conform, and deluded the people from living their life in their truest form, from thinking for themselves, to loosing their minds.

Tell me of a social standard and I’ll show you the matrix that lies within. Patterns were established, norms were indoctrinated, laws were formed and the punishment are made on a daily basis to check balance the conformity of the people. We made it illegal to think for ourselves, and made it impossible for certain yearning to be uttered. Social standards became human constraints and finally, our society turns suicidal with depressed citizens hiding from the shadow of their thought.

Out of quest for power we created beliefs, religion, governments, policies and institutions just to reshape the perfectly disorganized nature into some organized imperfections. What is a nation? I think that should be a land mass of the earth. If so, what beget war? How do we come about racism if eye recognizes eye. We consider someone insane while we are both threading the path of the unknown.

How do we fall for a carrots and stick way of life? Men chose to follow doctrines which insults their souls in their yield to the five senses, the five units of the ego. I plead you to understand that you currently exist in a social construct. A victim of circumstances whom freedom was exchanged for norms.

Learn to live and let live. Observe everything without judgments or preconceive motives by seeking the reflection of yourself in others. Never be afraid to stay true to yourself and be real in a world that sell the mask of conformity. This would reveals the angles at which you are to improve yourself. In doing this you become detach from the Social doctrine, the matrix enshrined in the core forms of life.


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