The most effective means to deal with our daily life’s challenges is to face them, not run away from them.

Knowledge on this needs to be shared among ourselves as religious movements and atheism plays a vital role in giving false hope to the hopeless.

What many atheists, religious people needs to know is, when you are faced with a life’s trial, and then instead of facing it you then choose to run via the path of taking your own life, the natural laws governing all nature will bring you back to that same timeline in another life and with a more difficult trial to face. The more you run away through suicide the more you come back to face a more higher challenge!

Death is not the end brothers and sisters.

Take NOTE!

At the time of trials and challenges, one must remember to turn on the Light.

Turn on the light by remaining faithful to your dreams, trust in yourself, be hopeful. As after the darkness, comes the Light.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I can see through everyone when ever I look within myself.

I see the cries, the helpless, the clinically depressed, and the hopeless.

No one selected those sufferings for you. You agreed to suffer in order to pass on to the next level. It was you who agreed to come to earth to experience what you are experiencing today. Accept it. And the load will be easier to carry. Yes your mates are buying Benz and getting married. Also remember that your mates are dying of deadly diseases and some are buried last week!

The level of trials you have today determines the level of success you will see tomorrow if only you accept it, acceptance will make your cross lighter to carry. Remember, it was you who accepted to pass through this fire in order to become the gold you intended to be. Why not be brave and Strong. The world is full of illusion. If you don’t open your eyes, you will get lost in this 3D we call earth! Nothing real is really real. Accept!

If I should go back in time to 20 years ago. And I was given a clean slate to start over, I would take exactly the same steps and intentionally make the same so called mistakes I made.

You want to know why? All those experiences, my let downs, my successes, my failures,, my negative actions, all contributed in making me wiser and stronger. Maybe without some of those failures and disappointments, I would have been where I intended to be, but I would not have been stronger and wiser. To survive and actually evolve in this 3D reality, you need wisdom. The material success alone cannot evolve your Soul. You did not come all the way to earth for just some material success,,you came to evolve!

When you understand this truth, then you will realize a deeper peace within! You will, even if you are clinically depressed will never attempt to take your life! You will fight with your mind and you will rise above the mental realm!

I repeat, I don’t really know who needs to hear this, but just take this from me, nothing real is really real. Be conscious! Afuraka is better than this suicidal paths we are taking. We need to wake up!

By Knight Fredel © 2019