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The purpose of this article is not to create mockery or abuse to the religious movement called Christianity and neither am I trying to preach fallacy in order to demonize Christianity to promote Islam, however there is an ongoing rants on social medias and in the society whereby many Christians are saying things about Islam and I am here to only clear the air concerning that issue.

The reader must note at this point that i am a none religious person and my objective at every point in time is to make you think by giving you a thought provoking lecture, to brainwash you to think and reason deeply so you may see things in new and higher perspective. Therefore, I am neither a Muslim nor promoting Islamic religion in any way. The fact is, as I am exposing this truth about Christianity today for the benefit of awakening my brothers and sisters around the globe, to let them know that things are not exactly the way we think they are, until we look a bit closer then things will become clearer, therefore as time goes on, I shall release an exposé on the Islamic agenda soon.

Now, that is cleared.
With the look of things the today Christians are currently talking against the Islamic religion. The today’s Christians, who do not know how their own religion was created and how its foundations were laid are today pointing fingers and blaming the Islamic religion for the killings caused by the suicide bombings which mostly takes place in their churches across the north, they blame Islam for the terrorist attacks/bombings and also the girl child sexual harassment is not left behind, as a matter of fact, those things are wrong and I am totally against it, however I also at the same time want people to see that everything you see Islam do today, Christianity, at its early days did even worse in order to conquer the world. Therefore, what I want is; before the Christians begin to lay judgment upon Islam and preach how they are going to hell fire, they should first remember the founding fathers of Christianity and ask themselves: since Christianity did worse in order to survive and conquer the world, will they too burn in hell fire? The pot calling the kettle black is a sin. 1000 years more from today when the Islamic religion must have conquered, they will also spread delusional stories to that generation telling them how the apostles of Muhammad went through various towns and cities and countries preaching and speaking different tongues (languages) and people repented and followed Allah. Just like that? Yes just like the apostles of Christ did in the Bible. Isn’t that what really happened? Well we are about to find out. Sit tight. And take a deep breath you precede.

With this article, I will carefully point some of those atrocities committed by the church from its earliest days to the time it conquered the world. Everything Islam is doing today was introduced and perpetuate by the early Christians. The Islam today is only following the lead and strategy created by Christianity, they also want to take over especially now that Christianity is calm and it’s knights and crusaders are no longer into fighting physical battles. Take your time to read line by line as I take you on a journey in retrospect and I will start with their killings from the western world down to Africa.

Many years ago Nicolas Copernicus, a mystic who is today considered the father of modern astronomy established a theory after his ascension during one of his meditation, he saw that the earth was not flat and that the earth moves round the sun in orbits rather than the sun moving round the earth as it was taught and believed back then. His theory was condemned By the Roman Holy office, the church. They disagreed and not just literal disagreement, they threatened him never to say such or face execution.

As a light bearer of truth he needed to free the minds of their ignorance. So he wrote some books proving his theory. However, when he published those books proving that the earth wasn’t really flat spherical, he was eventually killed. Today there may have arisen some arguments as of whether the earth is flat or not. Actually my take on that is entirely different and will be published on an article I call Holographic Earth, the earth may be a hologram but its truly spherical in shape though I may not agree that we live on the top surface of the sphere as NASA claims but I know its holographic. And we are actually inside. Not outside, looking at the sky from your home will prove this.
Nicholas was killed by the church for speaking out the truth. The church never liked a freethinker. One who has a mind of his own? Who thinks deep and gets proof that criticizes their belief. If you do, they really don’t wait for their God to punish you. They do it themselves by killing or frustrating the persons life.

THE CHURCH KILLED by Knight Fredel church

Many years later Galileo Galilei supported his theory after he invented the first telescope, but the church condemned it since it appeared to be useful in proving that the sun does not go round the earth rather the earth does. Given that such proof is incompatible with certain biblical passages that refer to the sun as rising and setting and even to the sun having stood still for brief period at Joshua’s command (Joshua 10:12) shortly after his ecclesiastical condemnation, Galileo Galilei was ordered not to hold or teach or defend the condemned proposition that the earth moves in orbit round the sun. For years Galileo Galilei remained silent on the subject, but eventually the publication of his famous book titled Dialogo in 1630 led to his threat of torture enforced on him to denounce his claims, he was condemned to imprisonment when he refused their order but eventually released and allowed to return home to Florence.
The ban on the Copernicus AND Galileo Galilei theory was caused their books to be put to an index of prohibited books was not removed until 1787 after he was assassinated by the church in 1642.

Years later Isaac Newton after discovering the law of gravity and supported the theories of Nicholas and Galileo, nevertheless he too was killed.
Joan of Arc who was the first woman to hear sounds from other dimensions (clairaudience) AND SHE WAS the first to see vision (clairvoyant) SHE was also seen as demonic AND possessed by the church.
She was burnt alive by the church.
Wait a minute and think.. These persons I listed so far were not enemies of the church. They never fight the church nor criticize them.. They were innocent inventors, mystics and scientists. Many alchemists like albeit Einstein had to hide under the influence of physics to avoid being killed and also to allow his theories to be accepted because the church sees alchemy as devil worship and condemns its practitioners to death. However without alchemy the world we live in today would have still been in Stone Age. Almost all known physicians and scientists who added a light to humanity in the areas of inventions and discoveries etc were all alchemists who hide under the influence of physics and mainstream science to avoid being noticed.
The church has been killing for ages. They kill anyone who tells the truth or says anything contrary to their own belief system. The church killed until they dominated the world and now the Islamic religious movements are doing the same today.

Haven’t you heard of what they called the crusaders? The Knights Templar’s, what were the holy wars all about? How did they really dominate the 1/3 of the world? What was their secret?
Their secret was their sword! Do you know the blood of the innocents that were slain by the church in the name of holy wars? The crusaders were the army’s of the church. They rode on horses with the Red Cross on their chest, flags and shields. They were led by the knights whom together they go into towns of those they call unbelievers to burn their towns and steal their treasures. These treasures were returned to the Roman Vatican city where they still are today. Knowledge’s found in ancient scrolls stolen from such wars are kept and studied in the Vatican library.


THE CHURCH KILLED by Knight Fredel church

Who were the crusaders and the knights of the church? They were Christian assassins and fighters sent to pagan lands to conquer and force Christianity upon them or they die. They killed mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, all to conquer and spread their religion in order to control them, rule them and colonize them. After the defeat the Moors in Spain in 1492, the European crusaders of the Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, burnt all books of knowledge on astrology, public schools and science that Africans established. By the order of the king, 80,000 scrolls of knowledge on astrology, science, mathematics, medicine and agriculture were collected and burnt at the square of Grenada. The same destruction was carried all over Europe with books copied and attributed to the Europeans in what they called the rebirth, and then the originals burnt. That was the end of Knowledge and learning for the beginning of the lies and forgery sets in. those who taught against the church were killed, beheaded and butchered like a chicken. Only Christianity was allowed to be taught.THE CHURCH KILLED by Knight Fredel church

Let us now come down to Af’raka. Many will argue this idea because they have been taught and made to believe that the Christian missionaries who came to Af’raka to advertise their religion came as peaceful monks, laughable indeed. But what they don’t know is, the whites who brought these religious cults invaded our lands in a stylish and peaceful-like way, learnt our cultures and then stole lots of artifacts, and then forced their religion on our ancestors threatening them of an imaginary fire of condemnation. They come in the day preaching like saints, but invade at night kidnapping some of our genius scientists and astrologers, and then shipping them off as slaves or did you think the slaves kidnapped from our lands were common men and women? No, they were our scientists and engineers, astrologers etc, they kidnap them and their family including their wives especially, so to torture their wives and force them to teach them all they know about their craft in exchange for their family. Others back home who proved them stubborn in the day were taken at night, all to put fears in the heart of others, giving them no other choice than to join the new faith. Tell me how peaceful Christianity is? Even today, those who read my anti-religious posts always sends me threatening messages, messages of death and wrath from their God, these are coming from the same Christians whose doctrine states that ye should love thy neighbors as thyself. Have you ever wondered why the missionaries came to Africa at the same timing with the same period and time inter Atlantic/pacific slave trade started? It is because the slave-traders were the same persons. However Af’raka must not lay blames on them nor turn racists like them instead Af’raka should remember their ancestors who gave their lives for Af’raka to live and begin to go back to its root and begin its raise of consciousness, oneness with the universe and search for truth. Af’raka should know that if they were not hating and selling themselves as slaves, fighting meaningless wars among themselves, the whites would not have used them as added advantage.
We must learn to rule our world.

THE CHURCH KILLED by Knight Fredel church

Now that we have seen and learnt that, the church also killed just like Islam today is doing, can we the Christians now stop condemning the Islamic religion and begin to practice tolerance as their master and savior Jesus has taught them. Can they now stop pointing fingers and realize that when one finger points out to their so called enemies, three fingers points back at them!

May this article be an added light unto you all,

Best Wishes

Written by Knight Fredel©2019

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