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I welcome you to a new Moon circle and to another interesting edition of your favorite Magazine articles on Af’rakan Spirituality, as you already know, my name is Knight Fredel, and I am your Mystery Teacher.

I know quite well that majority of my people are practicing some sort of Spirituality which they say its African by origin and they all have priests and priestesses with shrines and all that, and time without number they usually do sacrifices to the entities which they call gods and some even claim to worship the goddess, but I am here to tell you that our ancestors never worshiped those things and were never giving sacrifices to any gods.

While we Africans are busy killing innocent animals using them as sacrifices, the whites are busy practicing the true African Spirituality in closed doors, using it to make their world a better place, bringing innovations, newer technology gotten through contacts with advanced races from outside planets, galaxies and other universes, through the spiritual practices of our ancestors.

You might have heard rumors which says that our ancestors did great things at their time through the use of Spirituality and yet today our priests and practicing members of this so called African Spirituality cannot use theirs to better the nation or country, meanwhile when it comes to taking the life of another or destroying the life of someone or family or causing madness and all that, that is when their so called African spirituality becomes so powerful and useful.

If you are sincere with yourself, you will agree with me that I am telling the truth here, so the question comes to mind, which is: What type of Spirituality did our ancestors once practiced, and why has the Whites got them all in closed doors?



Do you know that in the days of our ancestors, they (our ancestors) designed their cities and towns using the mystical symbols of the gods (true gods) who passed on knowledge to them, and do you know that they knew what they were doing when they built the pyramids at special positions with each tip of the pyramid pointing straight to a particular star system and also, on the walls of these pyramids are written symbols and languages not known to man, and also again, in many places they erect status with the symbols of either the goddess or the gods or the symbol of fertility and sex, and the symbol of the Goddess etc.

All these are done on purpose, why? To raise vibration, both protective vibration and others which made them powerful, and which attracted the gods and extraterrestrials from outside space, as they pass by, they see the symbols and they come closer offering help and aids to the people in order to civilize them and make them better.

This is one good way to practice spirituality and that was what our ancestors did that brought the gods closer to them, you may have heard of some ancient writings where they say the gods spoke to some men and passed on knowledge to them, yes such still happen today but no longer in Africa but in America, London, and other places residing people who practice the true spirituality.


The Cleopatra's Needle
The Cleopatra’s Needle

Look at Washington DC for instance, almost every parts of the city is designed with the ancient symbols and special geometrical shapes and not just that, the symbols of the gods are all erected in almost every part of the city, with mystical symbols all over, some uninformed claimed its Masonic symbols, but what they don’t know is, Masonic symbols were all stolen symbols of the true Suns of Ma’at, known as Ma Sons in ancient Africa. Today they have taken that knowledge and used it to form a secret society which only admits the whites.

Look at their moneys, like the One Dollar note which has the ancient African symbol of the Pineal gland, and the third eye, symbol of enlightenment, see image below:

Oh, many Africans today claim to be members of Freemasons. But I laugh each time they say so! Because they are all deceived into believing that the whites will ever reveal the true knowledge to them, they (black) are given the outside knowledge called exoteric and a little touch of Esoteric (the deeper aspect) but they (whites can never give them (black) the true knowledge, Thus our people are lost.

The Arc of Baal
The Arc of Baal

Thus Africans are backward and only a few of us makes contacts with the extraterrestrials that are and where our true gods and goddesses. They are patiently waiting for us all to wake up to the old ways, the ways of our ancestors and the path we are meant to follow.

Now, I will give you a few touch on why the currents gods you worship today in your shrines are not the same gods our ancestors worshiped at their time.

You might call upon them using the same names based on your tribe and language but the truth is the gods who comes to accept your blood sacrifices are not the true gods; they have left us long time ago and are waiting for us to wake up. The question is, are you ready to wake up?



About 400-500 years ago, Africa was conquered and newer religions were brought in as replacements, some taught that Christianity and Islam were the only imported religion but that is not true.

Do you know, that when you want to commune with a god, you got to have the Medium which acts similar to the mobile phones, that Medium establishes a sort of link with a particular realm/dimension, and connects with a particular god/goddess or entity at that level.

Look at Ikenga for instance, that carved wood of Ikenga is more like a Medium which connects the user to that god Ikenga.

So, our ancestors had Mediums which connect to those higher deities and entities which were the gods of Africa, and thus, none of those gods accepted blood sacrifices as they were 8th to 12th dimensional entities.

That’s how it works.

But before the fall of Africa, the Whites came in and bribed a lot of our own brothers who betrayed the rest in selling those mediums to them.

That was why it was easier to conquer us because the mediums were stolen, (though not all, only a few towns in Africa today still have their Medium)

But majority of our Africans countries and tribes have lost their Mediums. Thus after the fall of Africa, the newly ordained priests needed to replace the stolen Mediums, thus the need to import new ones from other countries like India. That was how the bloodsucking entities were brought to Africa!

Many African traditional worshipers will not agree with me of cause, but who cares? He who is humble to the truth will find it, and he who swallows his pride will learn more, spirituality is very wide and not something that one person knows it all, I know a lot because I was humble and never hated anyone, I accepted them all then did my research along with practice and application of all that I know in correspondence with the principles of spirituality, then with time the 12th dimensional spirits and entities began to aid me, take me places and all that. Now I will further prove to you that the entities currently worshiped by our traditional worshipers are nothing but demonic! Which is why we can’t grow well, neither can we use them for any form of intelligent reports or help aid our civilization and scientific research.



Do you know that, the spirit deities and what you all call gods do not eat the animals you kill or sacrifice to them? Do you know that all they want is the blood to be spilled on their Mediums or on the ground or cold floor, and the question which many priests have refused to answer is; why do these entities need blood, and why must an animal or human be killed just to offer them gifts and appease them?

The answer to this straightforward question is simple, and that is: Whenever you kill an animal, be it during a festival or during a sacrificial rite or ritual, you are feeding an entity with the life force of that animal. However the life force alone isn’t just what the entity wants, keep reading…

The moment you scare the animal or person by tying them down and making them know that they are about to be killed or sacrificed, they begin to feel sad and terrific, anger and hate too, that feels and emotions they emit forces the brain to excrete some sort of fluids which carries the emotions of terror and anger/fear/hatred, that fluid is the energy that flows into the blood stream along with the person’s life force, the moment you kill them in cold blooded! That life force which is made up of terror, hate and fear produced by the victim before they died, which flows into their blood stream as a sort of fluid, is exactly what the dark entities wants.

That is it! No higher and advanced Entity will ever absorb a life force of a creature which they were meant to protect, talk more of absorbing an energy created through the excretion of fear, terror, sadness and anger/hate into the blood.

Now you know why some Dibias, just before they slaughter the fowl for sacrifice, they first of all shake it so hard, wave it in the air, and sometimes they wave it until the fowl suddenly dies of fear before they cut off its neck at that moment, to allow the fear flow through its blood to make it great for the entity they want to feed, through the sacrifice.

Those Dibias may know the procedures, but 90% of them do not know why those things work, neither do they know of its inner workings.

Another question one might be forced to ask is; how does an entity collect these energy and life force from the blood?

Well its very much easy, those entities live in the 4th dimension, and we all reside in the 3rd dimension (downwards) so the victims life force along with the fluid created through fear and terror, rises like a smoke from the blood and into the 4th dimension the entity absorbs it, and afterwards they feel refilled and stronger to act and to do anything they are asked to  do, the lesser they absorb these things, the weaker they become, but the more they absorb them, the higher and stronger  and more powerful they become.

When an entity uses his strength and power to strike someone, it loses a chunk of such energy himself, and that is why they grow weaker, and why they request for a sacrifice to use and refuel themselves before they go on any mission the priest   might want to send them to.

Now you can see why these entities are not our ancestral deities, because our ancestors were vegans to begin with, they hardly make weapons to fight or kill talk more of giving blood sacrifices to dark entities and demons.

 READ DEEPER: GODS OR EXTRATERRESTRIALS (Life beyond our planet) By Knight Fredel


Dark Arts: It will be wise to point out at this point that these dark entities originated from some dark cults which existed outside of Africa (name withheld), These cults are also popular today and its usually one of the cults which houses many politicians and world government, (Not illuminati), this entities are given huge blood sacrifices yearly and sometimes quarterly and they do this openly yet people are still too ignorant to understand what is going on but I will point them out to you one after the other.


Each time you hear of a suicide bombing, just note immediately that a blood sacrifice has been paid off, whenever you see them triggering for war and attempting to create such war scene, then just know that they are looking for another opportunity to give sacrifices to their entities, and this is why you all must be enlightened so that, you will leave their chess board and stop being a pawn in their games!

Dear reader, it will interest you to know at this point that, you are the most useful instrument they will want to use to achieve their quest, stay woke.

Just like in some situation when a tribe wants to be on their own, like separation in order to form its own country, for such to happen, there would be protests which will result to violence, and such violence will lead to bloodshed’s, and the killings of innocents, such killings might not really concern the protests or fight for freedom, instead it was used as a cloak to hide the true aim of the killings, so that the uninformed will then think, that the people were killed due to lots of violence during the protests.

You must note that, when such situation occurs, it means that the cabals are at work.

Thus, even if the course of the matter was genuine, they will do all they can to corrupt it, and then use it to achieve their aim.

Look at elections for instance, once it’s time to vote, people must die, and most of these killings were not caused by the violence of election but rather by the cabals who are using the election campaigns as an advantage to carry out their sacrifices.

So open your eyes and move out of violence triggered by your government, the only thing they seek is fight and death of people who were afraid of dying, motherless babies, mothers and fathers, etc thus they are killed at the height of their fear, their blood is spilled and they (entity) will absorb their life force carrying the energy force excreted through fear and terror.

Before each violence and killings takes place, the day and time are calculated and the entity invoked! These Occult societies do not do anything without the use of Numerology.

How about suicide bombings? Before each bombing, the event and day of occurrence are always previously calculated and dedicated to a particular god or demon, same to Wars.

That is how they offer sacrifices and then gain the attention of those demons for their protection and power to rule over the minorities.

This dark occult system is worshiped by a few world government representatives (not all). And they exist in different parts of the world with different names. Take note.


Pure Spirituality of our Ancestors: That was the path of darkness practiced by many world leaders, nevertheless, within their midst, the Original African Spirituality which has been turned into various occult practices is equally practiced by the so called world powers.

They have used its knowledge to perfect their civilization, connect with the advanced entities and extraterrestrials who in turn give them knowledge and technologies.

Who taught them to design their cities with the mystical and spiritual symbols, who taught them to hide certain signs and knowledge within their coat of arms, flags, military coat of arms, police crests/logos, the status of liberty and many more status of the gods and the goddess, the Cleopatra’s Needle Built in parts of their cities pointing straight to a Star System, pyramids maintained, inscriptions of the ancient knowledge hidden on the walls of some holy places like the Vatican city and so many more locations including Washington DC and the white house built using some special geometrical symbols/shapes known to the gods and the ancient ancestors, all these attracts the extraterrestrials to their cities and also, brings them down into their midst living with them pretending to be humans and helping them advance more and more in civilization.

Thus, where did all those ideas came from? Who taught them all? Who passed on those ideas to them? Yes! Yes! They all came from the Knowledge of Ma’at, the Goddess Spirituality, and they are all adopted from Africa!


Mediums in spiritual ontology refers to an object which is electro-magnetically charged with certain energy vibrating from a very high or low frequency which resonates with a particular dimension and fully created to establish a link with a particular Deity, Goddess or Gods.

Most of these Mediums are powered to link up with the higher dimensions; others are created and charged to connect with the lower dimensions.

However, some of these Mediums have been stolen from Africa during the great fall, and these Mediums which were stolen were used to communicate with the higher entities that passed down knowledge and civilization to Africa.

Before they ascended back to their home planet and their dimension, they created those Mediums and also passed on knowledge on how to create one.

Where ever such Mediums are kept, they always generate great energy fields around such places and towns, and such energy fields are protective to the owners and if it’s a Medium created for the whole town, they generate great vibrations which surrounds the town thus no harms could come in!

With a Medium, one can contact the entities which that Medium is dedicated to, however, like I said our  ancestors were betrayed by our own brothers  flesh and blood, the Mediums were first disconnected and sold to the whites who after collecting as much mediums as they could, they then came in and burnt shrines and temples proving to our people that our gods don’t have powers, meanwhile the Mediums have been taken away and the temples and shrines were as good as empty rooms, that was how they took over.

There are certain villages and towns who are Mediums were and are still untouched, places like Ethiopia couldn’t betray themselves, till date, they still have their Mediums, and which is why Ethiopia was never colonized, I think they are the only Af’rakan country that the whites could not penetrate and colonize, neither was any foreign religion imposed upon them.

The Dark Entities found their way in: Now, after the conquer and fall of our ancestors, 200 years later, the new generation needed to find themselves deities to worship and to be used in protecting themselves as well as to bring prosperity, thus the need to buy imported  Mediums from  other countries such as India, as they are one of the biggest exporters of Mediums, but, then, unfortunately, the Mediums our forefathers bought are not created to establish links with higher deities or dimensions, rather they are Mediums which are created to link up with the blood thirsty 4th dimensional deities who requires blood sheds and blood sacrifices in order to function, this was how Africa, especial parts of West Africa began to have Juju and Dark Deities who are blood hungry and thirsty.

Therefore, with all due respect, we can now say that the deities and Mediums we have today in most Af’rakan (West African) shrines are not originated in Af’raka and are not of our Ancestors. They are demons and demons are tricky, that’s what they do, they can appear to you in any form, even as Angels, they can come to you as your ancestors and pretend to request for sacrifices or they can appear as a higher entity to deceive the priest into thinking that what they have is Almighty, meanwhile it isn’t, it takes an advanced and knowledgeable Spiritualist to note which is which from which.

Today the whites now have the true Mediums in their occult societies, they use them to make contacts to higher entities and get knowledge and power in return.

They also possess the 4Th dimensional Mediums at their alters within the confide of their Occult Societies, even when a black man joins their Occult society, they can never reveal the truth as they will always deceive him into believing that they are being enlightened when in reality they are rather brainwashed and the true knowledge are hidden only for the whites.

Man, Know thyself

To be continued……

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