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THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje


All Souls are energy, born out of the Ether, the source of all creation and foundation of all life forms, from the psychic to the mental, spiritual and physical realms of consciousness.

After we all descended from the source of all creation and life forms, we had to pass through certain “elemental” stages whereby we get to choose our element and its kingdom/realm.

Some of us where born of water, others Fire, Air and Earth. However, in each Soul exists the four elements of nature, the Water, the Air, the Fire and the Earth elements, nevertheless each of these Souls are made to belong to one of the elemental kingdoms of the four: water air fire and earth elements.

So which element, are you made of? Which kingdom do you as a Soul belong to? Is it the water kingdom? Or is it the Air kingdom? The fire or the Earth kingdom, so which are you? At this point the reader must note that some western esoteric mysticism prefers to categorize these kingdoms as Soul groups, therefore when I say water kingdom for example, I am referring to the soul group ruled by the element of water.

Many religious persons know of the water or marine kingdom because its the most notable and most powerful and so became the most popular especially when the church and many esoteric paths decided to demonize it because mainly, some don’t understand it,, you know humans,, they always demonize something they don’t understand.

Some demonized it in order to scare people away from the truth and power it possesses whereby using and misusing it behind.

I know that many of you do not at this moment know which element you are made of, nevertheless I’ll ask you questions at the end of this article, when answered sincerely and correctly then you will find the true answer by yourself. By then you will recognize your element, and with that knowledge you will come to be acquainted with who you are who your requests and prayers should be channeled to.

Note, the universe is vast and infinite; conversely you are right to clinch to all things but, there is need for you to know that; there are things that are aligned to you and therefore meant for you. This is another reason why certain types of requests you make to the Divine or your god or gods are not answered; some are answered not by the one you call upon but by the elemental attached to you which you are uninformed of.

Really they do not seek your worship. They came to serve you and that is why they followed you into this world, so if you go close to them, they will help you. I am a living testimony. They are unemotional so they do not have egos or pride, many esoteric paths and traditional religions get the wrong ideas about them by worshiping and bowing down to them as though they are our creators, no, they neither need your worship nor praises.

Now, in order to explain the four elements and the Soul groups of each element, I shall be using the “Ogbanje” as a case study. If you can understand this ancient African concept of Ogbanje which relates with the water elemental’s and the marine world/kingdom or realm, then you will understand the concept of Fire, Air, and Earth which I shall present to you in a future article.


OGBANJE is an African concept that states that there exists some set of spiritual and advanced special souls who come to earth for a more special reason, these sets of Souls are known as the Ogbanje (in Igbo language).

These set of people are widely believed in traditional African written and oral mythology to be people who incarnated from the Marine World and possesses some sort of magical powers to command their desires.

They are highly revered and at the same time discriminated in the society because of the mysteries surrounding their births, lifestyles and deaths. Ogbanje’s as we know it in Igbo speaking areas of Nigeria has the same meaning in Ndoki language as “Owu”. Yorubas calls it “Emere”. Many other tribes and people of the black race are aware of their existence and their names vary depending on language and dialect but they exist in our tradition even as I write this article. An Ogbanje has no definite sex. An Ogbanje can be a female or a male child as I am one myself.


One of the major misunderstandings concerning this topic in our society is the fact that people do not know that there exists two different sets of an Ogbanje child. We have the ones who come to earth only as a punisher and this type is used by the universal powers-that-be to fulfill the law of karma.

THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje

Now, let us talk about the Ogbanje child who comes into a family as a sort of punisher to the parents especially to their mother’s, and let’s recapitulate the reasons why they do that!
Natural laws exist and always in motion at all times. The laws of karma supersede every other law as it’s one of the most important.

The way I will give my explanation of this phenomenon and of the Ogbanje child will or may likely differ from popular opinion and that is because I bring you these teachings from a much earlier and ancient Af’rakan spirituality. I put every aspect of mysticism and spirituality in contemplation and thoughtfulness, every aspect of natural and universal laws is also put into consideration.

I also researched deep into the root of the spirituality and mysticism of various tribes of our African countries (and through my own experience as an Ogbanje child and the experience of many other friends) in order to arrive at this conclusion. I went that far in order to present you with a deeper and clearer understanding of who the Ogbanje child really is.

So what are the reasons for their actions, why are they, the Ogbanje child called the punisher’s and what are they punishing them for?

HERE IS YOUR ANSWER: Women who in their past lives disobeyed and misused their opportunities as well as abused their womanhood by running many abortions and dumping their babies by the road side for others to find or throwing away their new born babies by the gutters and bushes and letting them die a harsh death all because they don’t want to enter that faze of motherhood due to reasons best known to them.

Those babies they destroyed or caught short their incarnation may be souls born of water, and to such deeds can bring them great suffering, either in the same life or in another life these women are sent back here and given a good opportunity and a perfect marriage, ones they are ready to have kids, the Ogbanje child (of this category) will be sent to incarnate on that baby in other to pass on a kind of punishment whereby the woman will feel the pain of losing a child over and over again. This type of Ogbanje will come to her, live a short life and then die and reincarnate again to the same woman, live up to seven or ten years old, some will live up to 20 to 25, finish school and then die on a very important day. All these are to hurt the mother, to make her feel the pain of losing a child; its a lesson and the only way to for her to help herself is to makes peace with the marine world, and then she could be given a normal life.

According to a book by Falola: A Mouth Sweeter than Salt. University of Michigan Press Copyright 2005. p. 73-75. The book says a lot about this type of Ogbanje (The punishers), it reads:
An emere, in traditional Yoruba culture, is a child who can travel between the spiritual and physical world at will. A negative connotation is associated with the word, as it implies that a family’s child may disappear and reappear at will.

The impatient emere wants the best of heaven and Earth. An emere is a spirit in disguise, misrepresenting death as life, and is clever enough to disguise his objectives. Believed to be more powerful than witches, they most often die on a particular day of joy. On wedding days, when having their first baby, graduation from university etc. depending on the degree of happiness the event might cause. They are also believed to be extremely pretty, and have seductive powers.

The emere gives unconditional support to heaven while on earth, distorting the balance of power, betraying Earth and its followers, annoyed that Earth did not allow visitors from heaven.
An emere is usually considered a female (but mostly there are males too, all depends).

According to this book, Falola didn’t exactly state the inner and higher reason above all why the Emere should punish their parents, this is why my explanation touches every angry.


THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje

What is so mysterious about the Ogbanje child?
Is it their beauty which dazzles like the morning Sun or their aura which they usually exude?
Is it the powers they possess which allows them the liberty to sometimes, if by the will of their higher self can create things others may consider a miracle or mystery.

Or is it the mysterious way they usually depart the earth or the tell-tale signs that accompanies them during birth?
Perhaps its the luck that and blessings they come with at the time of their births, as many parents do experience wealth at the time of their births or is it the bad lucks and negative things that happens to those who offend them by making them angry.

However and whatever be the mysteries, these set of folks are really special people and should never be discriminated. Truth be told, every traditions of the world recognizes these special people and acknowledges their existence. India for example celebrates and even worships Ogbanje children for the fortunes they usually come with.

Even the Western worlds and the American continents know of their existence. Parents who do not acknowledge their Ogbanje children, that is; parents who don’t care for them, and chooses to neglect them or make them surfer usually are indirectly punished in sense that their home may be divided, no more money flow, and so many problems in the family may be created. No charms or power can ever break such , no prayer nor pastor can ever bring peace and wealth back into such parents unless their duty/responsibilities to the Ogbanje child is accepted and the goddess and gods from that realm they come from are appeased, then everything will be in place ones again.

Many people truly are unaware of this knowledge. Without first learning to understand the truth behind the Ogbanje child, many religious people decides to tag them evil and based on their religious creeds, they discriminate the Ogbanje child.

This is a natural phenomenon that science and religion has never refuted yet, the Ogbanje child is demonized in Africa since the advent of the white slave masters who imported their religion and culture, then forced them upon the African ancestors. They demonized it because they could not explain the mysteries behind the Ogbanje child hence the need to demonize them and faze them out. (Smiles) Man naturally fears what he does not understand.

The same fear with which the primitive minds could not explain the mysteries behind the blue sky, the rain, the sun, the wind, the thunder and sea which led to the belief in anthropomorphic Being who lives up there in the sky and who oversees the affairs of mankind . If the White men who invaded Africa had seek the knowledge of the Ogbanje child through the Chief Priests and Priestesses who are custodians of the African spirituality, they would have grasp in totality the hidden knowledge of the Ogbanje child and its correlation to what the Western and Eastern Mystery schools perpetuate today, however the knowledge these people teach today all has its roots in Af’raka. For example, the Western and Eastern esoteric schools teaches that there are 4 most important elements namely Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
These four elements are inherent in the incarnate man/Soul. Some people came into being via Water; some came through Fire and some through Earth and Air just like I said in the beginning of this lecture.

This process was also demonstrated by the Bible writers in the book of Genesis. It is very important to note that there was an explanation of how everything was created in the bible except WATER. Why did the bible not explain how water was created? Is there something mysterious about water that the bible writers couldn’t explain? Well, the world itself is full of mysteries and only the deep is called to the deep.


THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje

Ogbanje is not evil contrary to what Christianity says. An Ogbanje child from the second category possesses some sort of powers to heal the sick, bring fortunes and they usually come to the world as consolations to barren women who have been in quest of for the fruit of the womb. Some women especially the Ogbanje women who know themselves and what they stand for usually attract them consciously having known the type of people they are.The Ogbanje child has one very important task to earth people; the task to bring in healing to earth.

When I say healing, I mean it in every aspect of the word. Raising its (earth) vibration by awakening people just like I and many other Star Seeds are doing today, to heal and answer the parents prayers for children or to bring them good fortunes and wealth. The Ogbanje child is a special child with a special Soul and needs to be honored, not feared or discriminated.

The only thing is, they must not be angered, cheated or attempt to take their lives as they carry powerful forces that, just like every other human, they can get offended and may not spare you when angered.

Now the very thing that makes people sad about their stories is that the Ogbanje child usually does not live long enough because they usually have missions to accomplish too in other realms and other planets and so when their mission here or what they came for is accomplished, they go back to whence they came from.

But there are still some knowledgeable Chief Priests and Priestess who knows how to pacify them with sacrifices and asks their invincible powers of the marine kingdom to enable them live long enough for the highest good of all and the sake of their earthly siblings, lovers and those who so need them.

By such sacrifices and rituals, the Ogbanje child will live longer; another way to assist such Souls to live longer is by teaching the Ogbanje child to know who they are, hiding this truth from them and indoctrinating them with false religions will only worsen the situation.

Some parents ignorantly block their psychic centers and third eye through the priests and priestesses just because their child sees invincible beings that visit them at night. As they talk to people and share food with the invincible visitors, the parents at this point should let the Chief priests of priestess hand over certain knowledge to the child and soothe the spirits. By the time the child reaches adulthood or adolescent, they will be able to know why they are here and if such mission is accomplished, and their invincible beings comes to take them, they can, because of parental love and friends they have here or other desires they wish to complete for the highest good of all, decide to ask for more time to live longer and do more great things to earth people before they go. And those invincible beings will accept because they all understand the importance of freewill in this universe. They all respect freewill. So the Ogbanje child will even be in more control of their lives. They will no more just leave this world without notification. They will only leave this body when they want to because their psychic centers and third eye are not tampered with as they do to most Ogbanje’s today due to parental unawareness and the wrong advice’s from others who know nothing about spirituality.
In Nigeria, the Ogbanjes are very common within the Riverine areas of the country. States like Rivers State, Cross River State, Akwa Ibom, Abia, Imo , Bayelsa, Anambra, Edo etc. a traditional priest who is a friend of mine vividly told me that on his visit to a traditional function in the Fuga area of Auchi, that it was there he was told “Ise” means the same thing with Ogbanje.
The Black race is being deceived into embracing the white man’s foreign culture but they forget that white people will never accept any of the Black man’s culture and ideologies. Ask yourself this.

THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje

If Ogbanje is evil, how come some European or American Hollywood/Bollywood movies portray mermaids as benevolent creatures of the sea? Why do some churches go to the river banks for spiritual and physical cleansing? Why is Roman Catholic always attracted to the water to the point of naming their Virgin Mary as the “The Lady and Star of The Sea”?
It is when you begin to ask yourself these pertinent questions that you will realize that so many African traditions are still in practice today in most religions of the world especially, Christianity which lends credence to the widely believed postulation that states that “Christianity copied from Paganism”.

According to a social media friend of mine, Sire Kelvin S. N, He wrote and I quote: White Man’s religion which should have been antithetical to the supposed African culture is regrettably an edited version of African spirituality.
Black man should read to emancipate himself/herself from ignorance. We just love to be fed with anything and we just eat without questioning.


The serpent has always been the symbol of the mother goddess and the marine kingdom/world. This is because snakes or serpents are the symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

In one of the passages in the bible from the book of proverbs (which was an ancient metaphorical esoteric book distorted and plagiarized by Christianity) wisdom was depicted as Sophia, in genesis it was symbolized by the wise serpent.

In this case all Ogbanje came from the marine world and are all sons and daughters of the Cosmic Mother, the Star of the Sea, and this makes all Ogbanje especially the ones who know who they really are to be very wise and knowledgeable.

Look at an Ogbanje child, very wise and intelligent in school, mostly they always pick the first positions and always ahead of their class mates in one way or the other and they say things that always makes people call them old souls.

Many Ogbanjes, due to the fact that their channels have been shut down, they seem not to know who they are and they tend to see snakes in their dreams (whom are their messengers and guides) instead of accepting them, they fear them and fear the ocean or even the swimming pool not knowing that; behind that fear, lies their treasure of discovering who they really are.

Some of the even see themselves transforming into snakes, yes all Ogbanjes are shape shifter’s, but many do not know it yet, this is why if you see an Ogbanje today, the way they will look in the morning many be extremely different from the way they will look at night, etc. reasons are they shape shift unconsciously without knowing it, their faces seem to change periodically, and that I call unconscious shape-shifting.

Therefore an Ogbanje can transform to a different person if well trained and believe me, there are those who can even as I write this at this moment. They are in our towns and many don’t know why they do such while some don’t even know when they do because they do lose their memory or the memory of such experience will be flashy in that case most of them think it was only a dream when it was, in reality a true phenomenon.

THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje


Below are the forty three questions I have for you. If you can answer sincerely and honestly and get a YES (positive) answer to about thirty of the questions, then you will know that yes, you are an Ogbanje.


(1) Is your mom or dad an Ogbanje?

(2) Did your mom or dad go to the river or sea to get you?

(3) Are you extremely kind and generous?

(4) Do you have a way of bringing out the best in others?

(5) Do you like to know people on a deeper level and you do not like to waste your time trying to maintain hundreds of shallow friendships?

(6) Are you incredibly intuitive and do you follow your instincts?

(7) Do you dream frequently and most times the dreams come through?

(8) Do people find it difficult to understand you?

(9) Do you always like win and you feel very bad when you lose?

(10) Do you have strange and mystical dreams every full moon and are you affected positively by the full moon?

(11) Are you very creative?

(12) Do you fear rejection and like acceptance?

(13) Do you try reading people?

(14) Do you dream of snakes a lot and ones in a while?

(15) Are you afraid of snakes?

(16) Are you in touch with your spiritual side?

(17) Do you fall in love and fall out of love easily?

(18) Do you sometimes experience sudden miracles in your life when you need help?

(19) Do you sometimes just love to be on your own for a while uninterrupted?

(20) Do you so much appreciate honesty and sincerity?

(21) Do you have cold feet?

(22) Do you have high sexual urge?

(23) Do you search for your property and later find it?

(24) Do you burst into a frightful laugh for no reason?

(25) Do you sometimes discover that sometimes you look handsome and cute and sometimes you seem to look ugly?

(26) Do you have frequent stomach pains?

(27) Are you scared of swimming in swimming pool or river or sea?

(28) Do you sense the presence of someone with you whenever you are walking on a lonely street / road or inside a room?

(29) Do you hear your name being called without you seeing who is calling you?

(30) Do you hear distant music or drum beating or strange sound or strange noise?

(31) Do you feel you have supernatural powers but you don’t know how to consciously make use of these powers?

(32) Do you curse people when they hurt you?

(33) Do you care very less of your life when you are angry?

(34) Do you talk while you are asleep or do your lips move while you are asleep?

(35) Do you take strange sleeping position?

(36) Do you dream of making love frequently to a partner you have never met?

(37) Do you dream of eating and when you wake up you are full?

(38) Do you dream of participating in strange meetings inside the river or sea?

(39) Do you dream of having scaly of a snake or of a fish?

(40) Do you dream of finding yourself in the midst of snakes or fishes or crocodiles or other river animals?

(41) Do you have weird dreams of masquerades?

(42) Do you dream of seeing your body shining and radiating?

(43) Do you dream of somebody teaching you things, knowledge on something you may not be able to find in books?

Therefore, as stated above, if you can get a “YES answer” up to thirty out of those forty-three questions above, then you are an Ogbanje. And knowing that you are one today will prove to you that your element is Water and the Higher powers you should call upon at the time of need is not any other masculine gods or deity but the Goddess or the Cosmic Mother, the queen of Heavens or Star of the sea, or you can call upon the water maidens of the Mother goddess. They will answer you if you submit your request and invocation properly.

THE OGBANJE CHILD and the four elements. from the book by Knight Fredel air spirit ogbanje
The Book- The Ogbanje Child and the four elements

In summary, with this lecture I am sure you now understand the Souls that came to earth through water and their characteristics, this is just “a tip ” of the whole truth, I have fully published the full eBook titled “THE OGBANJE CHILD and THE FOUR ELEMENTS” “The book explains from a much deeper point of view the mysteries surrounding an Ogbanje child, this enlightenment compiled in this esoteric book differs from popular beliefs, this book explains the phenomenon of an Ogbanje child from a theoretical level to its practical application, the book goes much further into explaining the four elements and realms associated with it, gods and goddesses, reincarnation and karma, the symbolism of serpents, and many more. This book is a must read”, Click here and place your order right from Amazon store ( or send a text to +2348136464201. if you have further questions, click here and I will be there or here to answer your questions.

Remember, you can read the book directly from amazon if you down their reading app, or, you can buy the book completely, both hard copy.

Best Wishes
Yours Mystery Teacher,
Knight Fredel

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      Am not shocked cos everything u said here is just like as if u are discribing me and talking directly to me

      Pls I will love to talk with u in private pls
      And de place u said before the could answer u you must drop ur request

      Pls how do I drop my request
      Cos I know I am one

      1. Oh then I’m sure you are now fully aware of whom you are. Wait for the next article on Ogbanje child. More to be revealed

  1. thank you very much for this… my answers were up to 30. I will like to discuss so much with you Syndi Wonders on a DM. it really important to me

      1. Ok my question is
        Having known how to identify an ogbanje child from some of this questions. .. how do one know his/her element like Fire…air and earth?

  2. Thank you for the beautiful knowledge it further reveal my true nature and I hope with your health help I will get connected woman who is a die to heart Christian falls in this category also but she gets angry quickly and very harsh.

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  4. Yes it’s up to 30 positive yes… But I don’t feel the connection so strong like others too who don’t know they are Ogbanje

  5. Thanks for the article. Am a cancerian by birth, I have 23 but that notwithstanding I believed am from the water.what’s your advice?


  6. It’s up to 30 the rest are complicated but i already know am a big Prince in the blue sea. Till tomorrow i see things in my dreams and it will come to past especially if am in an organisation if anything want to happen i will see it. and it will come to pass

  7. Interesting but not certain if I am. However, I am of the water element through my horoscope reading and so. Is it every water element person that’s ogbanje? I also knew I inherited my grandpa. Tell me more

      1. Thanks for this wonderful message I’m sure I have up to 34 for an answer, with some of the signs playing out in my daily life.

  8. Mine is absolutely 38 I know about it,and all I want is to know how to control the powers I have,though from the Marine world they have shown me some powers I have and I have pratically used it and it’s works.
    My parents do come to me and ask me some questions and dreams.
    Even when am going to church with the mystical things my pastor see then about me, makes the pastor seat me do own and said to me that “what I have even him and most pastors seek for it in fasting for weeks and months but to no avail.
    Since from my childhood hood I have been trying to totally know am i, because then I know that am extra beain,but now it becoming clearer to me.
    Am a male and my goddess name has already be reviewed to my by her self I know her by name and she do come to me when I wish.
    And many things has been reviewed to me to rebrate myself.
    Your message or book is an eye opener to those who don’t know whom they are, because it took me years to know whom am was and whom am now.

    1. We can also train you on the path of spirituality in order to teach you how to control your abilities within. One thing is to realize who you are, another is to experience and be who you are.

  9. Mine is absolutely 38 I know about it,and all I want is to know how to control the powers I have,though from the Marine world they have shown me some powers I have and I have pratically used it and it’s works.
    My parents do come to me and ask me some questions and dreams.
    Even when am going to church with the mystical things my pastor see then about me, makes the pastor seat me down and said to me that “what you have even me and most pastors seek for it in fasting and prayers for weeks and months but to no avail”.
    Since from my childhood I have been trying to totally know who am i, because then I know that am extra bein,but now it becoming clearer to me.
    Am a male and my goddess name has already be reviewed to me by herself and I know her by name and she do come to me when I wish.
    And many things has been reviewed to me to rebrate myself.
    Your message or book is an eye opener to those who don’t know whom they are, because it took me years to know whom i was and whom am now.

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