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My mother was and is a teacher, I can’t help but think about the different children she has molded up to become a man and a woman today for the past 20 years starting from the Port Harcourt private school where she started her career as a teacher down to the federal secondary institute she currently is.

A teacher drains up themselves to add their light unto others. This is where I got that my personality from. That I am a teacher today wasn’t by chance, the thing is, I picked up that trait from her. The only difference is, due to her religious background, she doesn’t like what I teach. Neither do my father.

They both wanted me to be an ordinary normal son. But it’s not my fault that I’m a weird type of person. It’s not my fault that I’m abnormal and too insane in characteristics to fit into the society I was born into. The truth is just like one of my friend puts it on a post she calls “Bipolar” on her Facebook  timeline, she was right because we all have that inner self which we show only to ourselves and our lovers. And the other outer self which we show to the society, however in my own case I choose to show my inner self to the society. And I don’t have an outer self. You see why I’m too insane to be part of this very society? It’s just who I am. I am not a pretender. I’m just so pure and so original that the society we live in don’t allow persons like us to fit in.

Most of my friends in the music circle all kept a distance because I don’t post about my music and new beats again. I have received illumination brothers and sisters, the thing is, as I saw the Light, questions came from within me asking, after all these and I become a celebrity, what will I gain? Wealth and Fame and then end up like the others,, how does that add to the betterment of the society, does that raise the vibration of Af’raka and take off the chains off their brains ? I had to do what I’m called for. This does not mean I am no more a musician and producer, no, it means I am now a musician with a difference, and when I finally become that celebrity, I will not just sing for clubs drugs and sex, I will sing to awaken the Soul. Adding a Light on the people I meet daily is now my priority, and since I am a good writer, I think writing the messages given to me by the Universal Inspiration in order to enlighten Af’rakans and feed them with the fruit of knowledge will become my hubby.

Now I have one very good advice to every mothers and fathers and to all mother to be and father’s to be. Listen carefully.

“All children, before they are born unto earth, first and foremost chooses their parents”.

When you were young and growing, the kind of things you loved and did attract deities and entities you call Souls to you. In this case you give birth to what you are. Today you might be so religious, but ask yourself, where you so religious before you gave birth to that child that today you neglect because he or she is not religious?

As an advanced Soul, I needed two very advanced Souls to use as a gateway to come to earth. And I met my parents. My Dad was a choirmaster and my mom was in his choir also. They were lovers of Bob Marley and in fact lovers of music and spirituality. Especially my dad, he was a very good researcher of ancient knowledge and he never stopped seeking more of this knowledge. He was into studio recording and music disk Jockey (DJ). I needed those vibes to fulfill my mission on earth thus I came through them.
Fast forward to this day. It all seemed they both don’t like what I’m doing. My mother called me twice “Hail Krishna” because of my hair style and I can’t help but remember books and ancient writings and pictures of this Krishna in my childhood family house. Like attracts like, It wasn’t my fault that I am what I am. It is who I am and I’m never going to stop.

Another advise to mother’s to be and father’s to be out there. If what you are doing does not fit into what you would like your kids to do. Then stop it. My mother loved Bob Marley, and Bob Marley came to her and today she’s running away. My father loved spirituality and knowledge, he is an encyclopedia of knowledge and so an encyclopedia of ancient knowledge came to him, but today he is running away.

Now to enlighten others and to heal the soul with soft melody’s of my tune as well as with the truthful knowledge from my Soul through writing is what I came here to do. I am happy that hundreds of humans has left religion and are seeking the greater knowledge because of my teachings. It’s a selfless service to humanity. I cannot see that this is a lie and just because of fear of what the society will think of me then join in and continue teaching those lies. My quest would have been more difficult if I were dependent on my parents. But it seems everything happens for the highest good. Mother runs away from me and father denounced me from being his son, first it was taught that I would be frustrated enough to return to religious lies so that I would be welcomed back into their arms as a repented christian, but as it all seems, I was never alone, for the gods and the goddess are with me. So I’m free! Free to do the work of the Antichrist, as they would call it! however, it all seems that they are the ones with no choice to accept me as I am.

No matter how you try to force your Kids to do your wish and act like you want them to. One day those kids will grow up and still be themselves. Because even now in your absent, they are doing their wish.

Advice numbers three to mother’s to be and fathers to be. Listen. Train up your children in the way they were born, so when they grow up they will not rebel against you.

If your child brings in traits of intelligence in solving problems and investigation/research, you should know where he’s going, follow him up, take him to detective school and other similar institution where the child will be trained and his talents will be valuable..

If he or she loves acting and demonstrates these talents at home, bring him up in that field. If they love music then don’t try to choose the kind of music they want to sing, allow them to be themselves,, in that way they will bring up the best of themselves.

The reason why some parents today are languishing in poverty is because they refuse to train up their child in the way they are born. At last there will be family rebellion, and the house will be divided. Some parents like some fathers will want to use their children’s talent for their own selfish interest. They will exploit their own kids and use them to make money build house and then when the child finally wants to be free they disown the child and send him into the street to surfer. They forget that the child didn’t come alone into this world for he in him is greater than he in the world. For as the child survived and made it without them, they start telling people that’s my son (laughs) isn’t that funny..

So dear mothers and fathers to be, Learn from the experience of others and do not force your children to believe in what you believe. Allow them to be old enough to know what is right and wrong. If you were a Muslim, 2.2 million Christians would be going to hell fire for not believing in your own Islam. As you are a Christian today, the 1.5 million Muslims are the ones to go to hell fire. However, since I’m not religious and don’t believe in anyone of them religion, as you can see, in my own perspective none of you all are going to hell. If you are not religious nobody has to go to hell fire. You see? Think about this. And may the universe bless and illuminate your paths as you journey through life.


Best Wishes

Written by Knight Fredel © 2019

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