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This lecture was inspired by the popular opinion I hear lately from student mystics who claim that the idea of honoring the Goddess is a lower level of spirituality. My point is, if there is a God, then there is a Goddess because nature respects the balance of all things at all level. This is why we have it symbolized by the ying and the yang remember? Therefore none of them “God or Goddess” is lower or higher than the other.

Nevertheless, at this point I call upon those who claim that my teachings are in conflict with the principles of “The Order” (name withheld), to please read this article to the end without skipping any line and tell me how this ideas of mine conflicts with the principles of “The Order” and esoteric sciences which we all subscribe to.

Now this is a very sensitive issue, please read carefully. Many mystics I have encountered misunderstood the teachings of “The Order”. This mystery school taught these mystics to always direct their petitions to the “God of their heart”. And for this reason they now believed that every man and woman has a God of their heart which they need and must to pray to (just like religious people do), they claim that this God of their heart is their master within and the master within of all mystics. Some refer this God to be an equivilent to the Igbo peoples Personal Chi. This was/is a misunderstanding and misconception of “The Orders” true purpose of conceiving that idea of a “God of my heart”. You need to know that “the master within”, “our personal Chi” and the ” God of your heart” are three different things. Let me explain.

When the masters of the mystery school talk about the God of our hearts. What they mean is this: every man and woman has a version of who this universal intelligence is. Some call and know him or her by various names. Some say it’s Allah. Some say its Jehovah. Others call on Sango, some call on Olokun, Oshun etc.. Therefore in order to bring sanity and unity among the student mystics, the mystery school conceived the name “God of my heart” which is to be used by all members to call or refer to the God which you conceived in your heart and mind (your own idea of your own creator or god). That is, it refers to your own concept of God, this will in turn bring religious tolerance among each student mystics since the mystery school wasn’t against the personal beliefs of her students as their only concern was the evolution of their Souls.

Now you understand? The Order is and will never be against the feminine principle of life which I call the Goddess. The Order recognizes her too but didn’t concentrate on teaching about her since the purpose of the Order was limited to the Souls evolution and the teachings of the mysteries of life and the practical application and study of natural and spiritual/universal laws, and other esoteric knowledge. So please, let’s not turn a freethinking organization into a religion. That organization is a brotherhood/sisterhood, therefore it is not a church. The God of my heart can be my Goddess, and that is very much ok with “The Order”. And my knowledge on the Goddess and her version of teachings on spirituality was handed down to me by an ancient Gnosis. And yes its ideas are in alignment with “The Order”.


Haven’t you ever wondered why certain petitions or what you call prayers are not answered. Sometimes the prayers were not answered because you intensionally don’t honour the balance of life. You divide the creator into two, God and Goddess, then you go on to condemn one and then honour the other bringing politics and human ego into spirituality by so doing channelling the right prayers to the wrong diety. Now in such a case your prayers or petition will not be answered because what you might have requested for was not something that the God manifestation of the Creator would provide but something that requires the duty of the Goddess (vice versa). Most times we create problems for ourselves when we know something yet still choose to make the wrong choices because of our human ego. Those whom are unaware of this knowledge are not to be blamed, this article is focused on those who are mystics yet act and do things so religiously.

Though, I am not imposing my ideas on you. I am only sharing my enlightenment as it will add a light to yours. My plan is to make your light shine brighter, now whether or not you accept it or reject it, is no more my problem as I have succeeded in passing this knowledge to you.

Be it as it may, the undeniable truth is, you don’t need to tag the goddess as bad or evil for she is the feminine principle that makes life possible. The water you drink and bath and use to cook/prepare delicious meals with are all part of the Feminine Essence, the earth you stand on/build your house on, plant on, harvest on, drive/ride/walk on are all part of the feminine essence. For these reasons I believe she deserves your respect and honour.

The Goddess does not belong to a lower realm of consciousness as She manifests on all levels of existence. From the earliest times we have received lots of knowledge on the Goddess spirituality worship. This pattern of worship was known as the Serpent Religion. It was the earliest and the Gnosis of all Spirituality. This was the first gathering where knowledge were shared to initiates.. The symbol of this ancient religion was the serpent. We can still see traces of that symbol in the Egyptian pyramid walls and other ancient place’s. Back then it was only women who were accepted as initiates and their high priestess were the mouthpiece of the goddess to her people. It was from this form of spirituality that shamanism was born. The early shamans were only women initiates too. It was from shamanism that men were now given the privilage to become initiates and then recieve these spiritual knowledge (the metaphorical serpent giving the fruit of knowledge to Eve who represented women, from her, as time passes, she gave to men, Adam), as time passes, shamans expanded and other paths of spirituality like witchcraft (deals with the craft of the mind), kabbalah (study of secret writtings and mystical symbols using them to explain the deeper things of life) alchemy and so on.


What I am trying to say is. All mystical organization has its roots linked to the goddess path of spirituality. It was when the patriarchs (men) took over leadership from the matriarchs (women) that everything concerning the feminine principles were hidden from the public. All these political strategy is to make the masculinity to look superior to the feminism. To suppress the feminine personalities and make them forget who they are so that they will continue to be ruled and controlled with religious movements created to control others especially women.

How many of these religious movements can you mention which does not suppress the feminine. None for all of them teaches rape and control of these women as slaves, Islamic religion is worse as it totally enslaves the girl child. This is why the Goddess as a creator has been hidden and painted back. Do you know that the ancient Hebrew texts on the Genesis refers Yahweh as a She? Do your research. Remember. Research is not surfing the Internet and scanning through books for that is rather called “Search”. Research on the other hand requires organization, resourcefulness, reflection, synthesis and time. Research is a method of study that through careful investigation of certain evidence will allow one to arrive at a solution and result. Therefore just searching on Google is not research but searching and scanning through books are not research either. A good research requires reflection on that topic. It needs your time for investigation, you need resources etc to arrive at a conclusion. This is what I do to get each article done. Therefore if you must prove me wrong you must first follow the true processes of research and find that answer that counters mine. Otherwise mine still stands.

Now back to the topic, Gods and Goddess. If there is a God then there is a Goddess and both work side by side to achieve a common goal. This concept of Goddess and the knowledge on spirituality which she offers does not make one a lower dimensional mystic student. The concept of the Cosmic Mother has always been and has also been seen as superior even if its followers do not see it so because the Cosmic Mother or Goddess seeks the balance of nature at all time. The Goddess doesn’t think herself higher or lower than her other Masculine half. The both come together to form what we say its the Prima Creator. The Love and Light of this Prima Creator flows down to all creation and for those at that frequency to tap into that energy flow. She is manifested in various realms and level as different entities all to serve the evolution of her creation. She manifests as Ma’at, the Goddess of truth and justice, a fifth dimensional entity poised at keeping balance to all creation.

All manifestations of the Divine intelligence has different duties assigned to each. The creator manifests herself at different levels in order to carry out different duties for the highest good of her creation. The Goddess focuses on Balance, Fertility, Wealth/Prosperity, Light and Love. This is why we have the Goddess of Truth and Justice to bring upon balance to all life, e.g: Ma’at. The Goddess of Love to bring upon love and happiness to her creation, e.g: Oshun. The Earth/Water Goddess who gives wealth and prosperity e.g: Olokun, Goddess of fertility to bring fertility upon the land for the growth of good crops for the farmers and She also helps women in making them fertile to be able to get pregnant e.g: Ishtar. Sun Goddess to bring Cosmic Light and illumination to those who have endured darkness and seeks to reach their limelight.


Same to the God manifestation of our creator. The Gods or God is assigned with the duty of protection and illumination. And this God has different manifestation’s too which operates at different levels of creation. We have the God of War, he’s known as Ekwensu in the Igbo cosmology. This God does not necessarily causes war as the name implies, it brings protection to its follower at the time of attack or imbalances. We have the God of thunder and Lightening e.g: Sango, still a protection God. There’s the Sun God, the second half of the Sun Goddess already listed and defined above e.g: Horus and there are lots more. All the manifestation of the masculine path of the One Creator.

So let’s not get things twisted. None is lower or higher than the other. They are different manifestation’s of the one Creator. And even the lower elementals are all manifestations of one Divinity. However in as much as we have the feminine elementals, do not mistake them with the Cosmic Mother, for she is not an elemental.

Best Wishes


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  1. Thank you for enlightenment. So in essence does it mean we call upon a particular God/Goddess when we need to petition,e.g Goddes of Illumination when we need to be enlightened etc. Thank you in advance

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