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I welcome you to another interesting edition of your favorite Magazine articles on Af’rakan Spirituality, as you already know, my name is Knight Fredel, and I am your Mystery Teacher.

I might no longer know the native names of these things but the fact is, we lost it all but I am here to help us get them back!

Like I use to say, our ancestors never shed blood in the name of sacrifices. They can offer a bird to the gods or a white bunny to the goddess of fertility but will not kill them, they will just offer it to them with love and light and then allow the innocent dedicated animal to go! From then on it will now belong to that god or goddess it was dedicated to, a mark of the goddess or god will be on it and woe to the one who will kill and eat such offering.

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OK that’s not what I want to teach you today, however,I want you to know that our ancestors focused more in awakening their inner faculties and intelligence.

They could communicate through their mind, and astral project to a very far distance place, very far from where their physical body is located. Now tell me, how many native doctors and dibias today can communicate among themselves through the use of their their minds. none! That is because they are not truly educated on what spirituality really is (from the perspective of our ancestors). I’m sorry if I sound a bit disrespectful but I have taught about it and can’t find a better way to phrase this!

Our dibias and native doctors of our generation today, and not excluding the traditional spiritualists all focus on the art of killing! killing! and killing! Their hands are full of bloods! They are surrounded by the 4th dimensional entities which I personally call demons and if you join them too, then you too can never ascend because he who gives credence to such lower dimensional entities will always be trapped within the fought dimension.

What is Ascension?

There are 12 major dimensions or what you might call the spirit worlds, I guess you might have heard that somehow somewhere, now each dimension is said to be higher than the other by frequency, the higher the dimensions the more realer and higher the vibration of that realm will be, the more higher, the less illusory it becomes.

Like our physical dimension is known as the 3rd dimension, which is full of illusions, above this physical world is the 4th dimension known as the astral world. That is where you find the consciousness of many native doctors, pastors and dibias. That’s where their souls consciousness exists and cannot cross any further, even when they die, their Soul personality will not be able to cross this dimension.


Those who live their lives based on fickle beliefs and fanaticism, lies and deceits, 419, those who indulge with blood ritualism’s and so on, do not evolve higher because; the realm, which your current belief, gods and understanding of life resides, that is where your consciousness too will reside, if you embrace higher dimensional entities with a higher form of Pure Spirituality that don’t base their existence on beliefs and sacrifices of flesh and blood. Then your consciousness too will Ascend upwards towards the realm and dimensions where such higher entity resides and pure energy dwells.

Its as simple as that! No magic, no tricks!

Your mind-set too is very important in ascension. If you are the kind of person who fears a lot, imagines things like being quick in assumptions and also if you have beliefs in imaginary gods like Christians and Islam’s, then your consciousness will never cross the lower dimensions of the 4th.

And when your consciousness exists in that 4th dimension, witches and native doctors along with their blood sucking demons can easily affect you or attack you by using your own fears and thought-forms against you, because you are in their domain. Charms can’t work on you when you have risen above that level.

It’s all about frequency.

How can a charm created through the vibrations of the 4th dimension affect someone like myself who is vibrating from a higher frequency like that of the 11th-12th dimensions. Its totally impossible.

Sometimes a native doctor can create something so strong, yes and when it hits someone on such high level, he/she might just feel the effect but will not fall or die!

That is how it works.

So what is Psychometry

This is a craft our ancestors use in finding something or someone who is guilty by just accessing the person by holding a key holder, a key or a door handle to find out who held it last of look at a room to know what happened previously in that room.

Some school of thoughts refers it as Vibroturgy! it is more than accurate if you learn this properly and practice it as it should.


Psychometry was the way of our ancestors, it was well known in West Africa and in East Africa etc, for instance I go out and someone stole in my room, all I have to do is go to my room, and follow the procedures of Psychometry and i will see everything.

According to Wikipedia, it defines Psychometry as a form of extrasensory perception characterized by the claimed ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history by making physical contact with that object.

There are two types of Psychometry, in the first process which is the most popular process, you need to have a physical contact with a metal object which you wish to use and find out who held it last, if you do this well, then you will immediately, after five minutes or so begin to see flashes of images, people who has held that same object, it goes on until you see the last person which is the one you want to see, or know, this is accurate because all metals, iron or steel records vibration from each contacts it makes with anyone, not just steel but something natural too like woods, and an object


The full exercise on the awakening of this ability lies in a private study with our Community Advanced class, which can be achieved by your registration and your monthly subscription.

However, for the time being, you must note that, in order to achieve results, you must first and foremost awaken your palm Chakra’s, and your third eye.

The Palm Chakra is used to awaken your extrasensory perception and energy fields within your palm and that makes Psychometry possible.

In order to prove to you that your palm has an Energy center which emits electromagnetic energies, I will have to ask you to do the following exercise, patiently:

Bring your both palms together, very close to each other as though you want to clap your hands. but do not clap, but bring the both palms so close, and hold it there for a few minutes, if you do this well you will discover, to your amazement, that the both palms are emitting a sort of magnetic energy fields which is attempting to magnet or repel each other.

If you don’t do drugs, and if you don’t drink much excess alcohol, you will see perfect result, but if you are not clean, definitely you will have to keep your alms like that for a while and it will prove itself to you.


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