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The wisdom of the ancient ones, whom we call the shining ones from the sky, that wisdom which came from the stars, were written down on stones for the children of the sun to see and understand whom they are. That knowledge is the knowledge we are trying to communicate in words and on black and white. That knowledge is given only to the seekers of truth and one at a stage needs to ask thyself: “am I worthy”. “What have thou seen and known that thou deserves such privilege to be among the sky people”? as they were called.

What we should know is, your DNA has the answers, for they are your ancestors. They are called the ancients by some or the “ancient of days” by many. They made you in their own image. They understood the wisdom of the universe and they transferred that wisdom to those who came before you. And that wisdom has led us to this day. Yes we were conquered, but we only lost a battle, not the war.

Many people will read these messages and articles and they will begin to lay Judgment upon I. Yes I already know that, even before embarking on this journey. I am only one out of many Star Seeds who have taken it upon themselves to raise the frequency of this planet, most especially Africa. There are many of us who even passed through all the levels of studies and illuminations in various mystery schools, yet, Light bearers refused to have the guts to seed this Light into the world for all Light seekers to see. Whereas many are still waiting for who will bail the cat. On the other hand, others have come and gone, some even left this realm with bunch of knowledge which would have inspired the world in one way or the other. Others are using this Ancient Knowledge and power for their various selfish interests, they forgot one thing, that persons like Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Aristotle, Isaac Newton, Albeit Einstein and many more are only humans like us who gained the light but refused to bury their knowledge with them, instead they used it to add to the world. Even though the majority chooses the Left Hand Path of this knowledge, I and the rest of the Light Bearers have chosen to follow the right Hand Path of mysticism in order to enlighten our Suns and Sea – Stars of Afuraka. I choose to use my energy to remind them who they are, where they came from and where we all are heading to.

Someone once asked me; He said; “How do I follow up my musical career with Metaphysical and Mystery teachings?’’ I simply replied him thus: Being a Light Bearer is not a career but something that comes from the Soul, it’s who we are, and have been through the course of many incarnations of studies and lessons. And being a Recording Artist (A Musician) on the other hand is nothing but expressing my inner self in this material world. First of all you need to know that, the entire universe is a combination of various vibratory frequencies. All these vibrations, plus the sounds of the ocean waves, the whispers of the birds, the hums from trees and winds all come together to form a beautiful tune. As the universe is speaking to us through these mediums, we hear and interpret these sounds as melodies. When we put these sounds together, we create music. The most important thing in a song is its tune, not the lyrics (in most cases), the lyrics can be important sometimes, but not all times, because the true meaning behind those music is hidden within its tune. Some musicians don’t need to even sing to their tune, they use instruments like violin, saxophone etc, to mimic what they receive from the universe.

A mystery school I know calls this tune, the “sound current”. When next you find yourself on a quiet environment away from the noisy towns and cities, relax quietly and take a deep breath, exhale slowly, then listen attentively, you will hear the Humming tunes of nature. If your Ability is well enhanced, you will begin to hear this “humming” transforms into a beautiful sound which in turn can be developed to become music, this is how most musicians get their music. If you have the ability of a good composer, you will then begin to hum along with whatever sound nature is presenting you, within few minutes, this sounds and tunes can then be converted into a beautiful melody, with little effort, one can meditate to attune to the frequency by using concentration, through mediation and you will begin to perceive the words, this is how you get the lyrics, this is how music is born, some people don’t always have the patience to meditate on those tunes in order to get the lyrics, they fix any lyrics they feel is ok, this is why I say the most important message from the universe lies within the tune of the music.

Most artistes, like myself, when we are singing a love song (not erotic songs) we are actually singing for our higher self. Most times we sing for our goddess, the universe, the queen of the stars, the mother earth, expressing this love with melodies, to show her how much we love her, how much we need her, because she is our wife, our girl friend, our mother and our protector. Most at times, my love songs are channeled towards the earth goddess or the universe because the universe is feminine, and her manifestation is the Queen of the Stars, (whom some religious movements call the Virgin Mary, though this truth is hidden from the masses). However those who are unaware will always think I sing for women. We use women in our music because they are a true manifestation of the Star of the Sea; this is why we call them Sea-Stars shortened as Si-star or Sister! I encourage and appreciate the universe and the goddess whose fire is continuously burning within me on every day of my life. I am married to this universe and the 96% goddess energy and therefore she is in me and in her. The earth we live in, is housing an evolved Soul called Mother GAIA, which is why you always hear some persons refer to Earth as “Mother Earth” Because she is a feminine, a Goddess, carrying the entire humanity.

Therefore Music, originally, is not of this world, it’s a way the Soul expresses itself here on Earth. That is why I always say that everybody is a good singer; what makes one better than the other is the time and energy one puts into it in order to train and build the skills in other to perform better and professionally.
Another point you need to know is there are certain pitch and tunes that can awaken some inactive and some damaged DNA strands in your body. Now you know why certain mystery schools always advice their students during their meditation to chant certain mantras or vowel sounds which awakens and repairs some of our twelve chakras which in turn connects to our twelve DNA strands. DNA not only reacts to the sound of music but also can be repaired with certain frequencies; this is why music is good medicine.
Have you ever wondered why certain music awakens our moods, some times one may be down with health issues or someone must have made us sad. The moment a certain tune is played, it raises us from that low state of being (fear, anger hatred, sadness) to a higher one (love, ecstasy, happiness etc) high frequency energies like love and happiness activates many more DNA strands, that is why it is always good to remain positive, we should always listen to nice melodies, especially music played with high pitched frequency with instruments like flutes and violins, cellos, and certain pianos and maybe guitars.

Certain star gates here on earth can be opened with certain high frequency chanted vowel sounds. Someone may want to ask me what star gates are. Well there exists various different openings on this planet which when you push yourself through them, you find your self in another star system, another physical reality or world. Yes, it’s all over the place most of your highly respected global elite are aware. These openings are called “stars gates”, most of your Hollywood Adventure movies have said much about them, and you just feel they are fictional because you were told it’s just a Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) story, however I will tell you this, contrary to popular opinion, 95% percent of these Hollywood American and European Adventure and Sci-Fi films has a lot of truth hidden behind those cameras. I will not emphasis much on that on this article but I will shade a little light. On the Areas of Aliens or Extraterrestrials invading earth, Hollywood has been exposing them for years but people just feel they are fictions, those who where actually abducted by Aliens have made countless confessions but humanity seems to be blind and deaf to see and hear. Many are worshipping these beings today as gods; most of these so called gods they worship are not separate from what you may call Aliens. There are several species of them out there. They have been here through those stars gates from the very beginning and are still here with us today. Few among them are shape shifters.

They can take any form they like to avoid being noticed by Hu-man. The benevolent extraterrestrials knows that humanity is lost and needs to return to the Divine state we used to be before the invasion of those malevolent ones who tampered with your DNA and made you forget who you are, who reduced the frequencies of this planet and kept you as prisoner for eons.
These malevolent extraterrestrials wanted to be seen and worshipped as gods, they wanted to be worshiped. There was this special group from a royal family, among this group were genetic engineers who manipulated us, they go by different names as they used different bodies to visit different places and continents on earth just to rule and control.
However, there are many persons who will not believe these articles concerning these beings from space. But let me take for an example with will end with a question and which has not been answered till date.


“For instance you have the opportunity to travel to another star system, and then you land on one of its planets with an unevolved species of humans. As you get there you found out that these people from that planet are still evolving, they do not have a single technology, not even a battery touch light, nor a mobile phone, maybe they were only farmers and herdsmen, the only thing they have is knives and stone weapons, but you came there with all and all including your silent solar power generator and you went there for the purpose of controlling them, you want them to worship you as a God. When you arrive there for instance, what do you do first? You will need to select one of them who will be you mouthpiece, your prophet, priest, then to make your priest believe, you need to set him up, maybe the one you have chosen is a former, you target when he normally visits his farm in the morning and wait for him there behind the bush inside his farm, set up your security lights or those types we use for movie shooting, cover them carefully behind the bushes to avoid being noticed, also set speakers under the sands or cover them with grasses, then set your thunder effects and those effects we normally use for film making, make sure you go with a group of special effect supervisors in other to make it look more convincing, then as the young man approaches his farm, immediately he gets closer, you flash on the light and put on the audio thunder effect and lightening effects in order to frighten him. Of cause, he will loose control and fall to the ground, then you can then immediately before he fearfully runs away, speak with your loudspeaker (Still Hidden) asking him to fear not for you are his god, tell him that you have come to him because you have found favor in him. After all these dramas with your message passed on to him, will he not believe you? Will the inhabitants of that planet not see you as a kind of God or something Superior? And before you embark on such journey, definitely, you must have knowledge on spirituality and mysticism; you must be a scientist and also trained in sorcery or shamanism so that you will be able to perform what will be termed as “Miracles”.

Approximately someone may be sick of leprosy, you may then have the required medicinal substance to give him and he will be healed. And the people will begin to see you as a god, you will impact the knowledge of healing, herbs and medicines to your prophets who will do the healings on your behalf and by so doing, projecting your fame and making you superior day by day. Now do you get the picture? If you do not get the picture of this entire example I placed in front of you then you are one of those people who see the truth staring them in the eyes and yet they choose to believe a lie.
This was exactly what those so called Gods did to our fore fathers and great ancestors, meanwhile those evil gods or God were trying to dominate and control, however, there were other Good extra tera ad astral beings (extraterrestrials/gods/goddesses) that came to assist mankind by raising their frequencies. But those malevolent gods hate those benevolent ones because they were telling most humans that they are not different from the gods. The good ones told us that we are Souls, who came to earth to learn the experiences of being human, they taught mankind many things including Science, Mathematics, Physics, Spirituality of the goddess and gave mankind technologies. The good ones built temples and place of study, taught mankind all they need to know. There were technologies everywhere in those days that cannot be compared to our recent technologies today. Scientific research improved, there was heaven on earth and those evil Gods did not like it.

These Christians never ask themselves why the very people who was said to have killed their so called Jesus now own the Christian church today. Christianity was founded by Emperor Constantine in Rome Circa 325CE.
Therefore the head quarter of Christianity is in Rome Vatican City. And the same people, who formed Christianity, also went around forming Islam, yet Christians never ask themselves why, because of fear of hell fire.
But I am pleased with those Ancient Mystery Schools who preserved this knowledge including the original images of Yehoshua Ben Yosef and his teachings. The benevolent extraterrestrials did a wonderful thing by coming to live among us in flesh so that they can awaken humanity. However, these evil ones, incarnated also in flesh and tried to scatter these knowledge’s by destroying some, stole some etc to avoid people from waking up. These good guys still came in the flesh as one of them, just to preserve and awaken humanity.

The evil ones are doing a lot in spreading propagandas to scare the children of the Sun away from the truth by demonizing some African symbols and demonizing the shining ones so that the people will run away from their source. All that the evil ones knows how to do best is put fear in the minds of the people, fear of hellfire, fear of dyeing etc. Meanwhile once a man leaves this body, he returns back to the Divine-state which he/she came from, Soul is energy. Energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. I said in one of my papers that fire only exist in a material plane and therefore, cannot burn or hurt something that is of a spiritual nature.

In as much as the truth is revealed, many will still choose to believe that lie because they are afraid that it could be the truth, some persons already know this truth but still go to church even after reading Act 17 which says that God is not found in the church but in you. Truth is staring them in the eye but they are afraid to leave that lie given that they live their lives based on people’s opinion forgetting that what other people think of them is really not supposed to be their business.

I put it to you that 90% of the pastors in Nigeria and Africa already know this, that is why churches of the 21st century has turned into a business centre, many people who found out that Jesus Christ and hell fire never really exist now decided to call themselves pastors in order to brainwash the masses by collecting their tithes and offerings, what a pity. Using the ignorance of the masses to fill their pockets, look at all the so called rich pastors in Nigeria, lots of them invites people from another country to come and pretend to be blind and lame so that they can stage miracles on TV to win more customers (Souls) to their churches. Albeit, there is never a day these pastors go to a hospital to heal the sick?

Afuraka! Awake!! Awake for the time has come. Awake!!! You have been lied to. It is true that people are so afraid of things they know nothing about. But know this today, that behind your fears, lies your treasure.
Best Wishes for Peace Profound.

Love and Light- Blessed Be


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  1. Dear Knight Fredel,

    How’re you doing today?

    Its indeed a pleasure to connect with you and I must say that I appreciate your time and efforts in teaching light to the world.

    So I need to know:

    1. How to join the soul ascension program.

    2. The benefits of this program and what I can take home to advance my spiritual journey.

    3. The dangers associated with such heightened spirituality and heightened spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

    Thank you for your interest in taking me in to the program.


    Chinedu Udeh.


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