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Every day on Social Medias, they (blacks) lay attacks on religious movements and show hatred towards the European and American people, pointing fingers and laying blames, however what majority do not know is that, the major causes of this mental slavery and religious domination including white colonization that we may be suffering today was actually the African people themselves. The problem is that, we hardly look at the effects of our situation, and not the causes. One of the laws of the universe states that; in every situation there is always a cause before an effect. That is the law of cause and effect.

Now let us analyse the causes of our problems before we let the effects control our emotions and lead us the dark paths.

Do we know that in the days when the early civilizations of Af’raka was on power and the whites were moving from one cave to another looking for ways to dominate and control the black people, they had no chance because the people of Af’raka were bonded by unity and Love, they were also most importantly grounded by their spirituality. They never joked with it. It was their source of strength and power. The only way the whites could break us was to first make Africans turn down against themselves and disconnect themselves from their spirituality. The whites never hypnotized us. Greed suddenly grew in the minds of our people, the leaders became selfish and suddenly began to hate themselves and dominate each other’s lands, wars started. We fought and killed our own. And at the height of this chaos, the whites used the advantage to create doubts in the minds of our people and implanted in them a new religion intended to mentally enslave the minds of black people, they used religion to conquer the civilizations of Af’raka, and because the blacks don’t love themselves anymore so they decided to buy the whites idea of a new religion with the concept of a white god who will come back and save them if only they give their lives to him, they never knew that by submitting to this white image of a god, they were unconsciously submitting to white supremacy, therefore, this religion called Christianity was used to introduce slave trades to Af’raka at the time the people of Af’raka were already destroying themselves with greed, selfishness and wars, and before they could come to a realization, we lost it all.
Thus what I’m trying to say is that, as a matter of fact the people of Af’raka do not love themselves. There is no evidence of love and unity amongst the Af’rakans, this is the area we need to work on first, then we need to find out our history and the true history of the various religions imposed on the ancestors of the people of Af’raka. So we may know the area we need to work on in order to reshape and make Af’raka a better place.

That is my analysis on the causes of the negative situations surrounding Af’raka today.

We need love and unity among us. Even among our so called awakened brothers and sisters today, there is no love and unity. A brother can just betray a fellow brother like its everyday thing. If Af’rakans must really grow into an awakened civilization, then we must learn to love and live in unity, afterwards we must learn to accept our spirituality and at least honour our own traditions and cultures.
We also have a group who have chosen to become black racists in order to hate back the whites, since the whites are racists, as a result these group of awakened blacks have chosen to become racists too and are planning revenge as we speak.

The issue here is that we cannot be like the whites because we are not them and will never be like them, we are strong and revenge is for the weak. We are the children of the Sun, and not racists, so if you think they hate your people and if you feel they turned racists in order to stigmatize you and your people, then the right and wise thing to do as an awakened on the path of Light is to show them that you are better by being yourself with a display of love and compassion towards them. When someone hates you, all you need is to love them in return, because those who hate you need that love the most.
Pointing fingers and turning racists is not the way to get back Af’raka, this is not the way to ascension, neither is it the way to return your people back to its root, but instead it’s the way to self destruction and doom. And since Af’raka must ascend into a higher dimension and as well gain back its knowledge in order to return back to its position, Af’raka then needs to remain awakened on the path of Light, not darkness. It is only Light that can bring illumination to the time of darkness.

This is why we must not act like our attackers; we must remain strong and continue to raise the vibrations of earth in its entirety, not just Af’raka, because as an awakened, we need to know that there is no separation in this universe as separation is an illusion. All being is one. If there is one thing I have learnt in our school of thoughts and experienced in my private astral projections and out of body experiences is Karma and reincarnation, the Soul is not limited to any tribe and country, the Soul is above all physical realm as it only seeks for a place to incarnate and learn the lessons of being human from any angle it chooses. So one can die as an African today and reincarnate an American or Indian tomorrow.

I will elaborate on this next time. For now all you need to know is that, all humanity is one. No separation. We must set an example, we cannot turn bad because a group of people turned bad and did bad things to us, if we turn bad because bad things were done to us, then what makes us different from the individuals we call and refer to as BAD PEOPLE?

And laying blames and pointing fingers will not solve a half of our problems, maybe we should reduce the social media bashing, I can’t make you stop but I can make you see reasons, leave the effect and analyze the cause that is how to solve problems. Don’t let your emotions control you. Learn to be in control. Hating the Af’rakan Christians and bashing them on social Media’s is not going to stop them from being Christians but rather fuel their interest in dumping the Af’rakan way. Please let us be guided. You can bring change to your people if only you allow that change to begin with you.

Best wishes with Love and Light


2 Replies to “FINGER-POINTING IS NOT THE WAY – By Knight Fredel”

  1. So in the actual sense, slavery started before christainity!?

    If that’s true then how many years did it take and how many years did it took the whites to create the Bible and the fictional Jesus?

    Because the Bible mostly the old testament sounds more in favour of the whites and the new testament was actually telling the blacks to forgive the white which happens to be our slave masters.

    Another question…. I’ve been hearing of the Bible but being complete. Does that mean that there was actually a Bible? Or there was a man who lived the life of Jesus in the Bible? Please make me understand this part thanks.

    1. On your first question, the article MESSIANIC OR CHRISTIANITY Will answer that question in full, just use the search button on this site, however I’ll answer you in a short detail. The Bible and Christianity has Been written long before the time of slavery, the whites has been using that Christianity to control Rome and other near by tribes which they have claimed long ago, but Africa was difficult to conquer, even at the time of Constantine, they have tried to take over but no,, it was hard, we gave them hell until they realized that the that the only way they would take over is to disconnect us from our spirituality. Then to do that, we must first be disorganized. They waited in their caves studying us and pretending to come for trading, it was our greed and thirst to conquer that destroyed us. Who knows, the whites must have started the fire by setting us up and we started from there until our people became hopeless, only by then was it possible to introduce to us, a new religion which will be used to disconnect us from our root. If you are sincere to yourself right now I’m sure you will see that same greed and selfishness in almost all African. That was what killed us, that was how Africa fell. So yes slave trade started with us, before the whites took over.

      It took them many years to create that fictional biblical character, they came to Africa many times, learning our history and cultures, our science and sun worship. Even our sun worship allegories is part of the Jesus story.

      On your second question, sincerely yes, the Bible existed long before Christianity. It was only reedited and distorted to suit Christianity. There was no new testament as it was a single book with many chronicles, like the book of Enoch which has been removed along with many books which told the tales not in agreement with the whites agenda. The Bible was known as Helios Biblios. Meaning Sun Book.. It long existed before Christianity.

      And yes. There was a man who lived, has a resemblance with the Bible Jesus, but he was a black man, his name was Yehoshua Ben Yosef, he was Hebrew, and the true Hebrews were black. He as a Rabbi. His teachings were credited to the fictional Jesus. Though most of his teachings as Jesus were distorted in fitted to suit the Christianity and white agenda. That article MESSIANIC OR CHRISTIANITY will really answer your question in full detail.

      Thank you for anticipating.

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