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Dear reader, you must bear in mind that I am a man, and therefore I have no atom of hate towards the masculine specie, I am only doing my job which is to wake you up to the true reality of Life which you are unable to see due to a clouded Society filled with religious indoctrination, and to tell the truth in order to return the feminine essence back to her rightful place so that balance can be returned to earth. So this article was not written by a woman, and neither was I compelled to write it, I wrote them from my heart on receiving great knowledge throughout my years and experience on the path of practical spirituality and alchemy. And by my contact with the spirits and my ancestors a lot was revealed and as an Ordained Knight of the Goddess, I stand to protect the feminine essence of nature, to wake them up, and to speak the truth at all times, even if the truth hurts.



If you do not read this article to the end, or if you choose to skip through sentences in order to run off fast, you may not get the full picture and also, you will get a false perception of my idea, so kindly read through, word to word. And the women will find this article very much interesting especially towards the middle to the last sub topic as it reveals some deep truth about who they are and the powers they harbor within their bodies. Now read carefully and attentively:


This is a call to all men and women of Africa and the world at large. This is a call to make you all see things better, as well as understand the deeper aspect of the feminine essence and why she must be returned back to her throne. There is chaos everywhere, the world is not in harmony and balance with itself, to return that balance, the feminine essence of this universe must be returned.


There are many reasons why we must give the female specie a “sense of being” rather than the humiliation, insult and mental slavery imposed upon them through religious indoctrination’s all in the name of marriage and false dogmas we call traditions.

The powers and knowledge you receive when you practice spirituality or mysticism can never be complete unless you recognize the feminine essence/principle of this universe and your course on spirituality is incomplete if you know nothing about sexuality (from a mystical point of view).

Every true spiritualist, mystic, dibia, herbalist, alchemist etc knows that the source of life is a feminine principle, and they also know that the Mother Goddess is the most important Divine consciousness in this entire universe, and that her spirit, and Light runs through the veins of all woman on earth. They equally know the mystical significance of sexuality in spirituality and they know how connected it is with the feminine essence.

This is why the attitude placed towards women of this generation has to change starting from the art of buying and selling of  women through a means known as bride prize which has no place in our ancient African cultures.

Yes such an idea was inserted corruptibly by some selfish and egocentric men of that era, it has nothing to do with tradition or whatever culture they claim it came from, and all is fallacy. The African woman especially is priceless and cannot be measured with money or any means of exchange, he who wants to marry in those days were agreed by the gods/goddesses through the priests/priestesses and adhered by our ancestors that such a person will have to present gifts to the woman’s parents to show gratitude and encourage them for having brought into this world a beautiful woman.

Every woman was and is seen as an earthly manifestation and maiden of the Divine Mother on earth, therefore, certain rites were carried out before her time of marriage and paying bride prize isn’t one, rather bring her gifts and appeasing the goddesses as well as giving gifts to her family were included.

Meanwhile, the indoctrination and dogmas propagated by many religious movements today creates a form of stigma to many aspects of a woman, such dogmas were used to make women feel lower at the same time loose themselves as well as who they are.

This article will explain a lot on assisting the women out there to realize who they are, their history and origin, and their duty at the same time expose certain hidden injuries being caused by the so called patriarchs on their evolution, as well as explain the true origin of bride prize known as dowries, the symbolism of her Yoni, and her womb and so many more.

Dear readers, you all must understand that even our cultures were corrupted and distorted by our slave masters, you can see this through the so called reference to Ekensu as Satan when in reality, Ekensu wasn’t referred to as Satan by the Igbo ancestors but as a God of War. Same distortion affects other areas of our cultures and histories and one of those areas concerns the feminine essence of nature, the goddess.



Have you ever asked yourself what makes a woman so special and attractive, not only to men but to all beings? Do you think it’s because of her breast which entices men or her nakedness which all men, old and young wants to bath upon, or is it the fact that they are naturally beautiful? If that is the case then why are transgender women not attractive to men?

The truth about these mysterious beings we call women is that, they are in alignment with the prime creator/Divine source of all creation, the Kha, or the dark matter, which is the source of all being. The blood in their veins are very much special as they vibrate at a very high frequency and that makes it powerful, no wonder occult men who demand human sacrifices for rituals seeks the blood of women rather than men. There are lots I would have loved to say now but I will as we proceed.


Today there are many negative happenings on earth, the world is passing through some kind of chaos, the world is not at peace even if they pretend to and all that is happening because the world is not in balance, the earth has been polluted through the abuse of females and misuse/corruption of sex and her yoni. Now the title of this article is “The female specie is not a goat”, yes and you will be wondering why I said, she is not a goat, now read attentively:

Marriage is supposed to be a pleasurable, lovable, joyful and peaceful initiation of the sisterhood and brotherhood into the level of motherhood and fatherhood and not a curse to the female species. In marriage, a woman is supposed to enjoy love, compassion and respect because she is a link to the mother of humanity.

But today the things we do daily in our society are very disturbing and terrible because we have consciously and unconsciously turned our women into slaves and we have made them feel like they are lower specie of human.

Now if she (women) is a link to the Mother of Humanity, the Mother Goddess, then, the big question arises, which is: why do we place a price tag on a woman? Is she an animal or an inanimate object that you can easily own and trade for some amount of money? Of cause not, many will not and never agree with this idea due to some egocentricity.

They are so materialistic that they preserve their female daughters for an inner interest of selling them to a man or a family in the name of a sort of marriage that comes along with a bride price or whatever name you call it in order to make you feel better all in the name of a traditional right that does not align with the universal forces that guides the feminine principles of nature.

It is truly a pity and I am sorry that this topic is thought provoking. Truth they say is bitter. However, you and I need to know that certain traditional rites were imposed and forced upon our ancestors for the selfish motives of some selfish individuals at that era. Even though the white men who invaded our land 300-400 years ago distorted our traditional rites nevertheless we must not blame the white race for everything, because we Africans are the ones who gave them such chances and powers over our land.

We Africans were the ones who sold ourselves. We turned ourselves to slaves. The buying of women in the name of paying bride prizes all began at the very time the trans-Atlantic slave trade came on track. And yet the learned men of today do not want to say a word. They foolishly refuse to amend these traditions that dehumanize our women.

These beliefs were created out of freewill, since the universe respects freewill, we then choose to misuse this freewill just because it was given to us, and we then think that because we are on power over others, we can impose laws on them neglecting the natural and universal laws of nature. Balance must be attained in anything we do, if the women can be bought with money, why can’t men be bought with money too by another woman. You see what I am saying?

In this universe, nothing ever goes for zero; there are always consequences for every action we take. Without the positive and negative polarities of nature, there would be imbalance.

The world has lacked the touch of the feminine aspect of nature for a very long time and today this very world is in chaos. The only way to bring about that balance is to return back our feminine essence into its rightful position.

It is true that men are afraid to share this power with females because many men among the elites knows the deep and most powerful powers that women possesses and this is why they try all their best to dehumanize all women so they will not discover what they have, by so doing them alone gets to know what and who they are, and so they use them (women) spiritually through blood sacrifices and through dark sex magic (dark sex magic is the type of sex magic you do with a woman to use them fulfill a spiritual quest without putting her through), even these women, majority do not know that they are taken as nothing, as slaves and as none human, and they do not know that they are only being used by the men, they are unaware and blinded by a religion imposed on them from childhood to indoctrinate lies and turn them inferior to the male species.

The men do not know that, if the truth is not told and the women given their right, one day these women are going to find out on their own, and when they do, they will be very upset with the patriarchs and their system, and that means more chaos, because the awakened women would want to take over from men, they would want to hate men an turn lesbians, they would even take up a new trend of feminism. Does that sound familiar? Oh yes because its already happening isn’t it?



In those days, if a man wants to marry a woman, he brings with him a number of cowries and expensive clothing material/gifts to the woman’s parent, and which was why it was called “dowries” from the word: “cowries”. The cowries and our clothing materials including the other items that follows, like palm wine and dry gin that makes up the dowries where all symbolic. It has its origin in the “Old religion of the Mother Goddess” which was the very first religion and first practice of spirituality, later known as Shamanism or the serpentine religion.

This very old religion of the goddess, contrary to popular and egocentric opinion, was the root or Gnosis of all religious movements and mysticism today. Back then, the word religion meant “connection between man and the Divine”, but today there, the word religion has be associated with its Latin counterpart “religare”, and which means: to tie down”. Thus, the founders of Christianity still worship the mother goddess through the name Mary the queen of heavens, we call the mother goddess the queen of the stars, yet stars, or the Latin word Astra meant the same thing with the word heaven. Therefore the Catholic and its Vatican headquarters knows this truth.

We can still see the importance of the female specie in most cultures of today. Like in most parts of Nigeria and Diaspora, if a queen is not found, a man cannot be crowned king; this alone ought to show you how special the female species were and still are today, even if we refuse to accept the fact, we must still believe that our ancestors were wise men and cannot give the feminine essence so much attention for no good reason.

In those days, Females where adored as the physical maidens of the goddess, the queen of the Stars or heavens as the catholic calls it. Especially in ancient Egypt; around 5000 years ago, they believed that the blood of the mother goddess flows through the veins off a woman and over flows every 28 days (which aligns with the moon circle, and the moon was adored as the symbol of the goddess, therefore the overflowing blood was referred to as moon blood), , in one of my last articles titled “THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE”,(click here to view) I explained in depth parts of the importance of that moon blood and its connection with healing and immortality.

However we have made the female species to hate themselves, we made them see their own over flow of the goddess moon blood as dirty and contaminated; nevertheless the elites secretly use this same blood for their selfish purposes and rituals of prosperity and power.

The females’ menses (I repeat) contains what science calls “stem cells” which has the power to make a man young forever, it has the power to heal lots of diseases and improve one’s immune system. A lots of chemicals used for manufacturing certain drugs are gotten from the blood of the woman (menses), a certain 80 years old scientists used this same blood to heal himself of old age, his white gray hairs turned black within 6 months of taking this blood (name of scientist withheld).

So what stops these men that normally kill virgins for money ritual from finding a girl they can love, and ask her kindly to willingly donate their blood for them to use in helping themselves so they can overcome whatever threat they are facing?

Why kill these innocent girls for what they can willingly give to you? If the masses comes to “the know” and the realization of that which we call the “elixir of the gods” and they discover that this elixir can be found in the yoni of a woman, don’t you think that diseases like HIV,AIDS,EBOLA,LASA FEVER and eventually, old age etc will be by-gone because the blood that over flows from the Yoni of a woman every 28 days contains stem cells that can regenerate any dead cells, and so heals diseases and when used for ritual purposes, it is more than powerful.

In an ancient religion, it was said in a metaphor that, the gods looked for a place to hide the “tree of life”, but decided to hide it within the center of the Garden of Eden (the yoni of a woman)

The woman needs to know the truth. She needs to know how powerful she is, her duties, where she came from and her rightful place on earth. In order to bring peace to humanity, the female species needs to realize that they are the original inhabitants of planet earth, not men. She needs to know that “She is the Feminine principle that makes life possible… this in no way belittles the men, do not misunderstand this point. And note that the men too have their place but, today, the world is in chaos because there is no balance.

The men needs to know that “the women are the feminine essence that makes life possible” while the men are the “masculine essence whom are the guidance of the feminine essence and its principles”, therefore the men needs to know their own special duty on earth and to this universe. However, since men don’t know their place, and the women don’t know who they are, that is why the world is now in chaos.

Now let me prove something to you from the ancient scriptures, like said earlier, I told you that the elites changed everything that has to do with the feminine essence into masculine in order to suit their iniquitous agenda of a patriarchal rule and control so anything connected with the feminine goddess/spirituality/principles etc are suppressed.

Let us look at the word Adam, the bible lied to you that Adam represents a man, that is kind of funny because Adam was a personification of a woman who came after another woman known as Lilith (Lilith was talked about in the Koran but removed from the old testament Bible) let me attest it to you at this instant that Adam was a personification a woman, read carefully:

“In the ancient Greek language and other Sanskrit words, Dam means a “mother”, when you say Dam, you are saying, mother or referring to a woman, from the word “Dam” came the word; ma-Dam (madam), so ma-dam means my mother. How about the word “Damsel” (Dam-Sel) which also means “a fine mother or fine woman “Therefore Adam which was originally written as A-Dam means and always meant a mother”.

On the other hand you must note at this point that the Adam and Eve story were all metaphor, Adam being a woman was only a personification of not just one woman, but all the successful genetic experiments of the first women created at that era whom were successfully infused with real Souls (that were awaiting incarnation).

Thus, the breath of life was infused into them and they became a living soul, through them many thousands of years later the men were cloned out of them (metaphor of the rib taken from Adam to make Eve, the rib represents a strand of the females DNA strand), you see where all these were taken from? Even looking at the male’s reproductive organ, it is same with the females only that the clit becomes the penis.

This knowledge was suppressed so only the initiated are given this truth, although even if you are an initiate, the truth will not be revealed to you until you reach an advanced temple degree (adept).

You must note here that it was the females who first received the secret of the universe and its knowledge from a serpentine light bearer from the star system of Orion (pronounced Ora-yon) personified metaphorically as the serpent who tempted her to eat the “fruit of knowledge”, these women many years later transferred this known to the men of that era (Eve giving the fruit to Adam), but the Christian bible was distorted  in sense that the metaphor was made to look literally story, and because of that, the true esoteric meaning became lost.

Thus, one must note that, this is the Age of the Water Bearer, this is the 21st century. The age of believing is over; welcome to the Age of knowing. 15 million years ago, there were no males on earth only females. A woman gave birth to another woman through a process similar to cloning that was how the first man came to be, the bible made it pretty clear but it was written in metaphor, that was what the bible meant by “Eve being created out of the Ribs of Adam”.

These primordial women could reproduce asexually without the assistants of the males. This was done by the ‘bartholin’ gland which women still posses today. Did you know that a woman can however produce semen in her bone marrow?

Did you also know that the X-chromosome is five times larger than the Y-chromosome… a woman is a Goddess maidens because she is the feminine essence that makes life possible on this realm; she is the gate-way between the nomena world (spiritual world) and the phenomena world (physical world). The body that women possess is a special one, the universe itself is feminine, the planet we live in is feminine, the moon is feminine everything is feminine except the Sun.

If you dig deeper into the hidden knowledge of this world, you will discover that the universe is divided into two, the 96% universe which is made up of dark energy and dark matter; it is this 96% universe that gave birth to the 4% light universe.

We live in the 4% light universe, neglecting the 96% universe which we call darkness or dark void because science told you that the 96% dark matter is void and nothingness. Albeit, I put it straight to you that science is wrong on this. Light comes out of darkness, darkness appears void to us due to our inability to perceive it.

How can science which has not been able to explain all they can “see” and touch in the 4% universe call something they cannot see as void, it does not add up. In this physical realm science hasn’t got all answers yet, the ones they don’t understand they refer them “mysteries” yet they claim that darkness and the dark universe is nothingness.

Now you must know that the Bible is a symbolic book, it predates Christianity, written with allegories and metaphors: Anyone who wants to understand the bible must first and foremost learn and understand how to crack symbols, allegories, metaphors, ironies and idioms. The writers of the Bible did not just say things the way they were, they used lots of metaphors to explain their thoughts for only the mystical initiates and masters to understand. The bible was written using the kabalistic secret writing.

Let us look at another example, the Bible said Eve was given a fruit to eat, it never referred to an actual fruit, apple or whatever you may call it. That fruit symbolizes knowledge; she was given the knowledge on spirituality, mysticism, astrology and all the knowledge and secrets of the universe etc. Now this knowledge was to keep Humanity on the same level as the gods that is to raise our consciousness.

Through this knowledge, the first spirituality of the goddess which includes only dedicated virgins known as priestesses was formed; this was the serpentine religion, the old religion which later evolved as shamanism, from hence came the mind craft which is known as witch craft today. These are the gnosis of all mystical organizations perpetuated today.

“Genesis 3:22 reads; And the lord said, Behold, The man is become as one of us, to know good and evil and now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat, and live forever”.


OK, on today’s article, women are wonderful creatures and must be loved and respected. Women must rise up and say no to such ill-treatment in the name of bride prize which I call ”bribe” prize, if a man wants to do an extravagant wedding ceremony for his woman, that is not my business, but the idea of paying big amount of money for her head in the name of BRIDE PRICE must stop! With such a corrupted tradition, it means that a woman can be bought with money?

That is wrong, even many women who are brainwashed will see nothing wrong with this, but  must let you all know that you are your fathers daughter, you are as important as the male child, even more important, you are not your hubbys property for he is only a partner, a team mate, you have no right to remove your father’s name in replacement with his, because you are not his property, you are only allowed by our ancestors to  add your hubbys name or sur name to your name but not to remove your father’s name therein.

Those who fashioned that word BRIDE out of the word BRIBE are not even paying Bride Price in their own countries, which shows you how brain washed we Africans have been.

I have one American friend; she has a daughter who married a Nigerian man. Her Nigerian in-laws came to pay for her “bride prize” but she sent them back telling them that SHE IS NOT selling her daughter.
I have another Indonesian friend who married a Nigerian, the same event occurred and her parents turned down the offer.

You see those persons who refuse to accept money in the name of bride price; they are the smartest persons, because they are indirectly letting those in-laws know that, no matter how rich they are, they can never buy their daughters, because their daughters are PRICELESS.



Our ladies need to show the men that they are really priceless. Those who sleep with men for money should change in order to show those men that they are priceless. Have sex if you wish, but do it out of love or fun not because of money. Sex is a beautiful thing; it cannot be bought, it connects the woman as well as the man to the four walls of the universe and it takes them to the stars if you have the tips on sex magick.

Sex is sacred, because the yoni (virginal) of a woman is the gate-way or star-gate between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. At the time of birth the soul consciousness of the one to be born passes through the crown of the woman and moves down through the chakras to her root chakra where it moves in straight to her Yoni the sacred gateway, there it now travels through and into the root chakra of the child, then it moves straight to the sixth sense of the child where it rests upon. This is what happens during a woman’s labor.

The African woman must note that the YONI is a sacred gate-way, and like I said, it’s a passage between the spiritual and the physical realm, don’t sleep with men for money, do it out of love because sex is a spiritual thing. Always keep the SABBATH DAY HOLY, and when I say SABBATH, I mean your BODY, yes your body is SACRED, AND IT IS THE TEMPLE OF THE GODDESS.

Your sexual energy and your climax can be channeled to a specific desire and make it manifest in this realm, its called sex magick, don’t waste your sexual emerges in the name of making money.

The womb of a woman has great powers, it is not just for making babies, when your womb is fully charged, it holds great powers that can be used to accomplish anything your tongue is another powerful spiritual organ then your Yoni too is the strongest and most powerful. There is a way for a woman to lock a man she loves to herself forever using her Yoni, the man will never leave her and would love her for eternity

There is a way for a woman to use her moon blood to make her mans wealth grow and make them successful.

There are many powers within the womb, yoni and breast of a woman, so do not abuse your body, keep it holy, do not hate your moon blood, and love yourself at all time.


Women truly possess great powers as explained in an earlier article, I am not here to sugarcoat my word, I am a Light worker and I have taken an oath to speak nothing but the truth. I shall tell the truth to the fullest. For those who wish to know the deeper truth about life and its mysteries, the knowledge on the goddess spirituality and occult knowledge and also the powers that women posses and how to unleash these abilities to manifest their desires have to subscribe to our Magazine Discourse.

There are many things I cannot say in a public article, it’s against the laws of our mystical traditions which have existed for ages, and I am not here to betray our masters who have reserved these knowledge from imposters. Not everyone is prepared to receive these teachings. Subscribing and registering with us proves how ready you are. It is said, that only when the student is ready that the master appears. This program will train you from the basic and prepare you for the adept on this path to pure spirituality and a return of the goddess religion. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free by seeing and realizing the lies holding you bondage. You shall know the true path to happiness and peace.



Women must love themselves before they can love a man. Women must recognize that they are the original people and it was them who gave birth to the entire humanity.
They must realize that they are special people; they are the manifestation of the mother goddess on earth. Thus, price tags must be removed from a woman’s head. As we know, those traditions where created by man, and therefore can be amended.

Women allow themselves to be used by the ignorant men. They feel they are inferior to men. I, as a Light bringer, I am here to spread the Light, to make all women and men realize whom you are and let balance return to earth.

When the females are given their rightful place and the males are given their rightful place, then balance will return to earth. If you are a woman and you allow yourself to be paid for, used and abused sexually in the name of money, then you have defiled your feminine principle.

You are not inferior to men, if we are to check, you are even superior to men but we wouldn’t like to put it that way because the goddess spirituality teaches balance, not superiority as the men and their masculine gods do, rather, all you should know is, you women and you men are both unique species that should come together in love in order for that light to manifest.

Be the change you want to see.

However, I can only show you the door, but I cannot force you to pass through it.

Best wishes.

WRITTEN BY KNIGHT FREDEL © Dec 20, 2018 @ 15:30

Updated October 20, 2019. And February 3rd, 2020.


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