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FREEDOM - Written by Knight Fredel freedom


I see many blacks are looking for freedom, they want to be free, they seek freedom, but they do not want to let go of the chains that holds them back. It all seems like they love the chains that locks their brains, the chain seems to be their protection, however they cry for freedom. 400 years ago we were enslaved and chains were put around our hands neck and legs, but today the chain is upgraded, it’s now locked inside our brains, I call it mental slavery. Africans refused to open their eyes to see the fact that they are still slaves. In my country, they think they have gained independence, they celebrate Independence Day every 1st October but no, the colonial masters only changed strategy, they installed puppets as presidents and they work behind the scene. The Independence Day was a scam. It is same with many other African countries; these countries cannot make decisions without taking orders from their colonial masters. They installed religions (Islam and Christianity) in order to divide us and keep us mentally enslaved and under their control. But yet, my people cry for freedom, looking for a savior to come save them. Look, I cannot free any one, neither will you find a true freedom fighter that will appear as a Christ, to pick you up and move you to “your” promised land.

Any man who stands to call himself a freedom fighter who tries to free you and your people by force is a fraud! He has a hidden agenda deep down his heart. A true freedom fighter will only show you the door; and give you the keys but will not open it for you. It is “You” who will open the door by yourself and discover what lies ahead of the door.

Many so called freedom fighters are puppets of your slave masters, they are only acting according to their scripted drama, medias have been paid to hype them and make them look realistic, yet they are only fake and used to reduce your population, how many persons have lost their lives during the time of Nnamdi Kanu who was paid to agitate for the division of Nigeria and the creation of a dream nation of Biafra, they used him to deceive the Igbo’s and many sons and daughters died carelessly because they refused to be sensible enough to see the drama, when the heat came their savior was taken away to Israel while the innocent where killed.

What a pity. Nnamdi Kanu also claimed to come to free the Igbo’s from mental slavery yet he introduced Judaism to his people and claimed that the Igbo’s are descendants of the Hebrew people, now many Igbo’s are converting to Judaism and claiming Hebrew as their ancestors, these people lack the knowledge to see the truth, they see themselves as inferior and they forget to notice that the same British who formed Islam, and Christianity are the same British who founded Judaism as well as created Israel nation in 1948 in order to make belief the bible story, the same people who created Israel are the same people who created Nigeria and now they have brought Biafra into play for the purpose of depopulation, they want us to kill ourselves, they are the same persons who will sell weapons to the both parties to fight and kill themselves, yet we are buying into their scripted dramas.

Now many are awakened, few are Light Workers like me trying to awaken and free them from this mental slavery. But the thing is how can you free people who do not want to be free? Yes, it is true that they cry everyday on Social Medias and in the streets that they want to be free but they are not ready to drop that chain which have kept them in-bondage for decades. Since that chain is so precious to them, ironically it all means that they are not ready to be free!

When will our people learn to believe in themselves? When will our people stop looking up to a master or a savoir to save them? Any man who calls himself a savior, who claims He is the one called to save you and bring you to a promised land is a fraudster and has a hidden agenda.

No one will save you; it is you who will save yourself, If you want freedom, nobody will give it to you it is you who will stand on your feet and recognize the “chain” that holds you bondage, break it and follow the door shown to you, nobody will open that door for you! It is you, who will seek the key, open the door, and move into your promised land. FREEDOM IS NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE GIVEN; IT IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE TAKEN. You will have to believe in yourself to be a master of your craft. Allowing others to bring you into a so called promised land is like turning your “promised land” into yet another prison yard! Man, know thy self!

Those who have ears let them hear, those who have eyes let them see. I and other Light workers will only give you that key and show you that door, but it is your responsibility to open the door yourself and walk in. I Repeat! Looking for a savoir and a master to look up to in order to save you and bring you to your promised land ironically is like turning your promised land into yet another prison yard! Freedom is not something that can be given, it something that must be taken. If anyone claims to give you freedom, he or she is only transferring the height of slavery into another level, just like the British and America claimed to have given Africa freedom from slavery, albeit, in reality they only transformed the slavery from the physical slavery to mental slavery via religious indoctrination and distorted histories.

Afuraka must learn to come to a realization of self and return to its root.
Afuraka must rise again.

Love and Light

Written by Knight Fredel


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