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Ohps! This might sound absurd to many patriarchs out there, but before you crucify me, please read the full article and his might just be your breakthrough as everyone who followed this rule and knowledge shared herein has never been backward in anything they do or seek! So before we proceed, I want to ask you:



I wonder how some men feel when they slap or beat a lady. I wonder if it makes them some kind of super hero or something. Why do men beat their wives? It was never in the tradition of the Ancient Af’raka that one of the couples become the head, it is true that women were meant to be loyal and submissive to their husband, but it was also agreed that men must love and respect their wives too.. None was the head, and none was the tail, both were like team mates, partners, companions, and friends. What is now trending today is the fight for superiority among married couples, thus; leading to a big fight, then followed by a break up which will apparently affect the children.



Do you know that the secret of the world is in a woman? Yes, I always go straight to point, women are the secret of the world, the failure, or success of any person rests on women, the love and hatred of any person rests on women”. (This is why women must learn to talk positive about people or keep quiet if they do not like that person or his/her character). The happiness or sadness of any person rests on women, the sorrow or disgrace of any person, rest on women.
Never underestimate a woman no matter how small or unimportant that woman may seem to be, women are the secret of the world, this is the African Secret, the secret that must be resurrected if humanity is to evolve and survive, the secret is not about sex, it’s about respecting the feminine principle that makes life possible, “The Mother Earth”.

An Af’rakan parable says “if the sky does not respect the earth, then it does not respect its creator”. Men may think they are above women, but it is a woman that brings men into this existence. There is no man on this earth that did not come into this world through the womb of a woman, women must be respected.

Obatala said that, people should always respect women greatly, if they respect women greatly, the world will be in the right order, just like I said in the article, THE FEMALE SPECIE IS NOT A GOAT.

The first lesson I have learnt in my years in the music industry is that, men don’t buy records, women do, if women embraces an artist, that artist becomes famous, if women embraces a trend of fashion, it blows up, it is women that gives a company an “organization”. it is women that breeds life into any idea that a man wants to create, so, if you are a man and your ideas are not coming through, look at the women you keep company with, if you are putting in your best but it seems like your dreams are not just getting off the ground, you may be lacking the feminine essence required to give birth to your ideas and brings them into the third dimension. Women are the secrets, so pay homage to women.

If you are a woman, and you can’t realize your dreams and nothing seems to move? Look at the girl friends you keep, the type of women you hang around with, maybe you need to check out the birds that is keeping you from taking your flight. Ladies, if you are unhappy with the success of your man, maybe you need to tap into your Divine feminine essence to give birth to your man his dreams, the ancient words of Obatala says: Nobody, children nor old men should ever mark a woman because the power of women is greater, women give life to whatever thing they give birth to and whatever thing a man may want to do, women must help them or they will mess it up, men are unable to do anything on earth if they do not obtain the hand of a woman. Obatala said again, every week, everybody must praise women for the world to be peaceful, bend your knees for women because women brought you into this world. Women are the wisdom of the earth. Have respect for women.

Oshun teaches us that, even if a woman does not yet in your face yield respect, she must not be underestimated; she must be ignored if she disrespects you. And if she abuses you, she only lacks the intelligence, have compassion for her, and pray for her to realize herself. No man should beat or lay a finger on a woman because the pains that she may harbor secretly in her heart can blast them into a force that can block whatever thing you want to do, even though what you were trying to do was good, it will fail, because you were not incorporating the Divine feminine essence that women brings.

To the Orisha Oba, we learnt that women can also be women’s worst enemy. Women must learn to love themselves first before they can love a man or they will get lost in that love, women must learn their abilities and therefore learn to be men’s best friend rather than an enemy. Women must not see men as their slaves because; the men too have a big role to play in humanity, just like the negative and positive polarities. An ancient adage said that men must pay homage to women for the earth to be in balance. Therefore, in order to arrive at a balance, the man and woman must come together in great harmony. Mother’s day, valentine’s lover’s day etc can’t just be celebrated ones in a year, starting from this week, every Wednesdays or Fridays, learn to pay homage to women. Not just our mothers, wives, girlfriends but those women in our jobs, our secretaries, our casual friends, our customers, all the women that have been working for you in one way or the other, whom you rarely take notice of, pay homage to them, those women whom are underestimated, our house girls, or employees etc, pay homage to them, as a man if you do not do your part in nurturing their womanhood? You will never fully develop your manhood.

All these imbalances and chaos are happening today because we lost our root, since we disconnected from our traditions, cultures and spirituality, so we no longer know the responsibilities of both genders, today we now fight for who will take control. Family fights, family quarrels, but you make it better, you don’t go about beating your wife like some kind of inanimate object. It was a taboo for a man to lay their fingers on women in those days because women where respected, in one of my articles I have discussed this at length so I may not go so deep but let me remind you that when it comes to reality, women are actually the secret of the world. Do not judge me yet, I’ll explain.


Take a look at this; the entire 96% of this universe is feminine, the earth we live in is feminine, we came to earth through a woman’s sacred gateway, the Yoni, the first human to walk on this planet was a woman, water is feminine your body is 70% water. One of the oldest remains ever discovered were those of a female in Ethiopia, dating back over 4-million years old. Meanwhile we were told that the earth was created 6000 years ago according to some religious doctrines, and that the first humans were Adam and Eve. On the contrary however, Women predate men for the reason that all the oldest fossil bones ever found were all women and all were discovered in the east Africa, Ethiopia to be précised, most of them were +million years old.

These primordial women could reproduce asexually without the assistants of the males. This was done by the “bartholin” gland which women still posses today. Did you know that a woman can produce semen in her bone marrow? Did you also know that the X-chromosome is five times larger than the Y-chromosome… a woman is a Goddess because she is the feminine essence that makes life possible on this realm; she is the gate-way between the nomena world (spiritual world) and the phenomena world (physical world).

Many men will disagree with this concept and theorem because of ego. Ego plays a huge part in the life of most men. They will reject this because it does not comply with their own doctrines, some men always want to rule and dominate and that was exactly how the men of old became envious of the incredible powers that women possess, and they wanted it badly, they wanted to rule over them and gain those powers too, many women in those days could reach the stars, they know how to connect with the KHA, that is the goddess realm, the blood of the goddess which runs in them helps them become one with the creator, which was/is the goddess, but these men wanted to take over. This was and has been put into fictional writings telling of the days when men were in war with the women of the old earth, there are many truths hidden in some of the so called fictional movies and writings.

What is really the duty of a man to a woman? Let us get this facts straight, yes women are special, men too have a special duty to humanity and to the Creator, men has a sacred duty to protect the feminine essence that makes life possible, the vessel of a woman embodies within her, the essence of the Goddess, the blood that runs through her and that which overflows every 28 day which we call moon blood is the blood of the goddess, every woman is a manifestation of the goddess on earth, they are a gate way between the two worlds (physical and spiritual) and it is the sacred duty of all men to protect this vessel, not to defile it.

Those men who defile those feminine vessels are not the true definition of a man; they are filled with greed and selfishness. It was not always a patriarchal rule on earth, there was a time in those ancient days when women ruled the world, and it was called the matriarchal regime. Despite the fact that the women of those days were so powerful spiritually they never enslaved the men, they loved all men the way a mother loves her children, look around you, no matter how wicked a woman is said to be, she always has that character of kindness in her. It is their nature, but the moment those men took over power, the first step they took was to create false religion which will enslave and keep women under the control of men forever, the purpose of such religion was to make the woman race forget who they were, they made anything “Mother Goddess” look evil, they stigmatized their “menstruation” in order to hide the truth and secret of moon blood.

This is why women of “now” must unite and say No to any religion that will keep them grounded. Any religion that will make a woman not feel free to express her true self, her freedom etc is a scam to womanhood. Any religion that keeps the woman below men is a scam to womanhood. Women must realize that they are the mother of all the 7 continents in the world. Today’s men are afraid to share powers with the women because they wrongly think that if they do, they will loose it to the women, forgetting that it is not a competition and that if we all share powers together, we all will become more powerful instead. Thus, the old adage: United we stand, divided we fall.

This is not a call to support females in anything that has to do with hate against men or disrespect for men, NO! A woman must always be the love and light that she is. The women must realize that, though, the men of “old” faulted, but as a woman, she must learn to forgive, she must remain kind and loving at all time. The world has been programmed to think that the women are lower species when in reality, they are not, the female, must also realize that two wrongs cannot make a right.


Although, on the other hand, men must stop beating their wives, it doesn’t add up. Beating your wife does not make you a man, it makes you a coward, it is true that women can be stubborn sometimes, they can be annoying too, if you can’t control yourself while you sit in her present, please take a stroll, go somewhere else and cool off. That is maturity; learn to control your emotions, or else you will be messed up. Beating a woman means beating a physical manifestation of a goddess and you know what that means. You must realize that no one is superior, the woman must learn to respect the man, the man must respect the woman, it‘s like one hand washing the other.

A woman must always respect people in general; tolerance was one of the virtues of a woman; tolerance, love, and sincerity. A woman must learn to mind her business and never dig her mouth on what that does not concern her directly, failure to do that may bring her great problems and she may not know it. Today’s women talk too much and their mouth puts them in great trouble, it is written that a talkative is a nuisance to the society. Sometimes women must learn to talk only when it’s necessary, and always love and respect people.

This is the reason why we all must return home, our source, our root, this is why we must return to who we used to be, a righteous woman can crown a poor man a king, but today’s women don’t know this. As at the night I was writing this paper, one of my neighbor was beating his girl friend, if not that the society is so corrupt, I would have called the police. First, the girl is not his wife and even if she was his wife, what did she do to deserve that? I learnt that the problem was because she cheated on him, even if she did, was that not enough reason for him to know that she does not love him or take him serious? No woman will ever cheat on a man she loves, if she does, then she probably does not love him. If any man should discover that his woman is cheating on him, at that point, the man should quite the relationship immediately.

Look, studies have shown that, a man can have sex with another woman without attaching and sharing emotions and love with her, but a woman cannot have sex with a man without attaching and sharing emotions with him, she will fall in love with him especially when the man “does it well for her”.

This means that, the moment a woman cheats on her guy, she can never love him the same way as she used to, except she controls her emotion. Please the reader must note: this is not a call to support men who cheats on their women, neither am I saying that men are the ones to cheat, all I’m trying to do here is expose the bitter truth that must be known. Therefore, about my neighbor who beat his girlfriend because she cheated on him, you must know at this point that this same guy beating his girlfriend is a number one cheat in our neighborhood. I mean when ever am around, I see him daily with different types of girls, he carries different girl friends whom he always has sex with in the absence of the girl whom he beats, but none of the girls, neither his main girl could ever beat him for cheating on them.

Now you get the story? It is too bad, pathetic indeed. A man can beat a woman for cheating on him but a woman can not beat a man for cheating on her. That is the crazy society we live in; women of today are really in a kind of slavery.


On the side of women, I must point this out. The Woman must realize her worth in the society. They must know who they are because I see most of these ladies follow distorted religion; their brains are filled with distorted ideas about life. Sometimes, I see lots of young ladies sit down for hours just to discuss other people’s business, they do this all the time, instead of these ladies to talk about how they will evolve in life and their career, these ladies will just sit down for hours to discuss and castigate other men or women, most of these ladies have no respect for themselves talk more of respecting others.

This type of ladies are the very type that loves to quarrel people, they attack people or men precisely with abuses and insulting words. They are too quick to abuse people especially men, who try to awaken them from their misery, these sets of lost women are a big disgrace to the universe and must seek change with immediate effect. When you try to enlighten them by reminding them of who they are, they end up judging you to the core and leave you with insults.

These set of women are the type that lacks patients in life because they believe that, life is a bed of roses. At the beginning of their life, they tend to appear good and nice, as they begin to grow, they begin to change because of the indoctrinations from a distorted religion which they follow, most of these ladies begin to gradually grow lazy, and they feel somebody else should set things right for them. Most of them put their trust in an imaginary God in the sky expecting miracles to come from heaven because they lack the understanding of self. They end up allowing themselves to become a vehicle to be used by hungry men, all because of fickle fortune.

They fail to realize that “it is only through hard work alone that seeds can be planted, and it takes only patience, passion and determination alone to wait for this seed to germinate and produce a better fruit tomorrow”. They fail to realize that the secret of the universe lies within them because their religion have taught them that someone in the sky is a miracle working God who blesses everyone who believes in him. Most of them do the worst and pretend to be holy. You will see a little girl of 15-25 years old collecting money and recharge cards from guys on social media platforms and other social medias, having countless boyfriends whom they do visit ones in a while, at the end they get rapped and some used for money rituals etc.

I may not encourage men, who beat their women, but most at times women have always been the source of their problems. It is true that most men derive pleasure in beating a woman; however, others may beat their women due to lack of self control. The later beats women, maybe because they lied to them, or cheated on them, making them look foolish, then out of anger, they beat them seriously. Women needs to change their attitudes, they must remember that love, sincerity and respect for others has been the true virtue of a good woman, the mother of humanity. They must remember their worth, they must remember that they are the secret of the world, without them; there would have been no humanity.

If a woman is still young and under the guardians of her parent, who may either be her biological parents or her step parents or maybe living with her uncle or aunt etc. she must remember to be loyal at all times. She must remember to be respectful and obedient to who ever her guardians are. She must try not to be stubborn, because most women I have met became stubborn when their guidance decides to shout at them for their wrongs, and maybe beats them, due to their stubbornness and adolescent arrogance, they become even more stubborn and rude, and eventually they one day begin to have boyfriends, from one boy to another hoping to find happiness.

Some may eventually sneak out of their houses to live with their fellow friends of the same feathers who may through lots of gossips, deceive themselves the more: can a blind man lead a blind man?, if you watch their topics closely, all they will be discussing is sex, clubs and men, and money (they discuss and gossip about the men whom they claim crushes on them, and the men who did this and that, most at times their assumptions are all wrong because we do have some men who seeks genuine friendship from most women, so just because there is this guy who always comes around, cares about them even buys them gifts, they now begin to feel the guy is in love with them and can not express himself), and that will become a topic for gossip. Most ladies only know about romance, men, best foods, outing, and dreams of illusions, they lack the understanding of life itself.

Ladies must realize that in order to transcend beyond limitation she must think beyond fun, money, sex, romance, watching movies, comedies, etc and begin to upgrade her self by reading books about life, knowledgeable books, she must think outside the box, she must learn to research and think for herself. She must learn to starve the ego and feed her soul. The most successful people in the world today are not religious.

Women must know that religion will only limit them because religion was created to enslave the women in particular, but when she begins to think for herself, she will begin to discover her natural power and abilities. She will begin to realize that, she herself can make a successful man even if she does not have millions or thousands in her bank account. She will discover that there is no perfect man, rather, she herself can choose an imperfect man and then make him perfect for herself. This is the knowledge that most women lack.

So Af’rakans, children o the Sun, return to your root and learn the wisdom of your ancient ones, men, respect all women for they are the portal in which you came to earth, women, love and respect all men, for they are your partners and protectors. I know that if all the men could change their attitudes towards women, the women’s attitudes towards men will change too. That is the law, according to Sir Isaac Newton, whatever action you put into motion comes back with an equal and opposite reaction.

Best wishes for peace profound.

Written by Knight Fredel © 2018

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    1. You are welcome Emily, the Great Goddess is ever present, and you are her Vessel, for she is ever in you, and you in her. If you need any further help and more knowledge or questions and enquirers based on this topic, do well to contact our helpline on whatsap on +2348059300127 Blessed be

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