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The principles of Alchemy makes us understand that: “Great stars faces great trials and challenges to make its Light manifest, stars don’t shine in the day, stars only shines in the darkest hour”.

Always remember that gold must pass through fire to become the gold we know it to be, have you ever seen a raw gold? It is one of the most unattractive stone I have ever seen. The gold you always admire passed through fire, therefore in order to shine, one must pass through the process of transmutation because you are a soul inhabiting a third dimensional human body, in order to reach that state of perfection which makes you a God. As you begin this journey of awakening, you must know that there is no other God outside of you. As a soul, you seek a place to learn the lessons of being human, so to grow into perfection.

Af’rakans has a need to rearrange their thoughts for they are the God they have been looking for. They really need to readjust their consciousness and face reality, the Divine Consciousness is infused into man and cannot be destroyed, and neither does he need to regain the Divine as a “lost soul” because he can never lose that which is not nucleus of his existence. Man can only fail to REALISE his Divine nature, and when he fails to, He punishes himself by the consequences of his own action.

In the original version of the sacred scriptures (which was then rewritten and plagiarized as the modern day Christian Holy Bible), we find references to the alchemical fire of purification. But unfortunately, due to literally misinterpretations and wrong transliterations including many intentionally omitted passages not compatible to religious deceptions then lead to dogma which no longer has any connection with its original mystical meaning.

Most religious movements refer to the fire of purgatory or hell fire as realistic where the soul is purged of his imperfections. In accordance with religious principle, it is said that this hell fire or purgatory is in fact a real place where souls are burnt for eternal life (according to some Christian doctrine). This of cause contradicts a lot of natural/universal laws because the Soul of a man is energy and in accordance with these natural/universal; laws energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be changed from one form into another. Furthermore, the soul too does not exist in this physical realm, therefore, where ever the hell fire may be, possibly will not in actual fact be any form of physical realm which means fire will not exist in such place as fire is a physical 3D element and cannot in anyway exist above this 3rd dimension (physical realm).

This therefore means that, the religious (Christian) hell fire doctrine is an erroneous interpretation of the true symbolism of an alchemical fire of purification since such places (hell fire) are only symbolic and nonrealistic. The Christian clergies, pastors and their leaders misinterpreted those teachings because they read and understand them literally, instead of trying to decipher its hidden meaning, many of those passages of the Christian holy book were taken out of ancient mystical writings and teachings which were written with certain codes, symbols and metaphors for only the initiates to decipher, they were written in such method in order to preserve and hide its true meaning from those who might use them for the wrong purpose. Another reason why the true meaning is hidden from the church is because, the religious leaders and the elites on the other hand do not or have no intension of awakening the church in general, they used the advantage of the literal version of the passages in the bible to create fear which the church foundations are built today. Without that fear of hell fire, the church will collapse as well as they will lose its members. Therefore since they need the fear of hell to keep the church going and the people under their control, they will never tell you or anyone the truth.

This is the truth, if a man should kill; he shall come back to earth and be killed. Whatever a man does to another be it good or bad must be attracted back to him. Thus, from a higher perspective, earth itself comprises the purgatory and hell of humanity. It is during our earthly existence that people face the trials necessary for the divine perfection.
The material world is the place and only place alone the soul can incarnate to feel pain, suffering, and trials.
Our physical body is the cross upon which our soul is crucified. The soul of man is energy, and can neither be created nor destroyed. The soul of man cannot be burnt by fire because fire exists only for the material world. This is the symbolism of the fire you know as hell fire. Such places do not exist; your sufferings on earth already prove that you are in hell. Heaven and hell are only states of consciousness, if you are in a positive state (that is happiness, financial stability etc) it means you are in heaven, you reap exactly the seed you sow If you do good surly good will come to you. Whenever any of your properties are stolen, it sincerely means you just experienced hell, and if you search deep within, you must find a time in this life or in a past life where you also stole the same thing of another person. If someone sends you a surprise gift, then it means some time ago you too gave someone a surprise gift. It is that simple. The universe reacts according to the energies we emit. There is no such thing as good luck or bad luck.

When you find yourself in a negative situation in life, just know that you are passing through an alchemical purification phase, the universe is not punishing you, rather it is passing you through the fire of transmutation, transmuting you into a better version of you. Sometimes our big dreams calls for such purifications, when we ask and walk towards great dreams, there will be a need to first cleans you of certain negative energies you have attracted for yourself from a past, those negative energies must first be washed off in order for you to find that peace and become light enough to experience the big dreams you have created within your consciousness. In order to accomplish such, certain prizes must be paid, and that is the prize of passing through that fire in order to be purified. During those periods of purification, you learn certain hard lessons of life which makes you a better person. That lesson prepares you for the greater good.

A lot of propaganda has been freely available for ages to induce fear in the minds of people in order to keep them in chains. This is what we call mental slavery. These religious movements misinterpret the Bible in a literal sense, which is wrong because misquoting the sacred scriptures distorts its primary and original massage, and by so doing, it loses its mystical significance.

Today you must realize that, behind your fears lies your treasures.

Best wishes – Love and Light



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