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Welcome to another Episode of our Weekly Magazine publication on Spirituality and Spirituality related subjects, this is to awaken your mind to see the truth which you are or may be unable to realize by yourself, due to lots of distractions, and that is where a Mystery Teacher who is a Light Worker comes in. As we may have already known, the society today has been turned into something else and this topic will or may put us back on track!, if only we listen and take it serious, especially if only you can put what you read here to practice. Yes, many of you do not practice what you read, even if the truth stares you in the eyes, some of you will still read and dump.

We humans where made originally as the guardians of earth, we were made to protect “GAIA” Not to destroy her. GAIA is earth, she cry everyday for her children to stop destroying her lungs (tearing down trees). How about the depopulation Agenda? Whereby the elites intentionally reduce population by deliberately poisoning the foods we eat and the drugs we take (canned foods and vaccines), claiming that the planet is being overpopulated. They reduce the population by killing on purpose through the drugs we take in, and the foods we eat, including adding fluorides to our drinking waters and poisoning the air we breath with dangerous gasses etc.

This is why I always tell people that when a new disease pops out; just know it in your heart that such diseases were manufactured in the Lab for the purpose of intentionally depopulating the masses. This is completely wrong, bad and ill-to the planet;


If truly the planet is over-populated, the only way to save the situation is to extend our cities, create job opportunities and most importantly, control procreation, and invest more in agriculture and not by creating violence like triggering staged suicide bombing operations, or infected canned foods and deadly vaccines created to control viruses that they themselves created in the first place.

All diseases (most heavy diseases) were made by man for his selfish and greedy agendas; man wants to continue stealing resources for himself and only for his immediate families alone. For man to extend this love to the rest of humanity is the problem we are facing today because Man is unknowingly serving the Left Hand Path which is popularly tagged as Satanism, this path only practices “service to self’’ unlike the path of Light which contrary to the other, practices “service to others”. We always say “weapons like guns for instance are bad and dangerous though, a man is always behind the trigger. Guns don’t kill people, it is people who use guns to kill people, so this choice lies on our shoulders, love and unity is the only way, we know that yes, the negativities of life brings about balance but, not the ones we intentionally create, knowing fully well how many thousands of innocent women or children would die, yet we still proceed with our evil agenda anyway.

This is why I always tell people that when a new disease pops out; just know it in your heart that such diseases were manufactured in the Lab for the purpose of intentionally depopulating the masses. This is completely wrong, bad and ill-to the planet…


And the other ill-situation we have is that of humanity destroying the lungs of the planet (trees and forests), how about the hunting of innocent animal kingdoms destroying their homes instead of protecting them as it was originally planned, in Afuraka today there is limited species of certain animals while some have suddenly gone extinct.

Why should man, instead of extending help to the population, he decides to destroy them. And one unanswered question is why Africa should always be the center and target to this whole drama of depopulation.

This is why this message is most of all dedicated to Africa, It is written that divided we fall, united we stand. Why don’t we learn to love our own, Af’rakans do not love themselves, we hate ourselves and embrace another, we see ourselves as inferior and see the white race as superior, forgetting that we Af’rakans are the original people. Other races came from us; the very first woman who even walked this earth was a Black woman in Ethiopia, it was through her that other tribes and races were born.

Af’raka needs to rise again. Who told you that you are inferior to the white race that came into your land 300/600 years ago, stole your inheritance and enslaved your forefathers, rapped your mothers and sisters, and imposed a Religion on your ancestors? If a man should know that his past was great, he will then see the need to walk towards greatness. This is why we need to know our true history. Not to use them to feel pained and rage towards the white races, not for the purpose of turning yourselves into racists, but for the sake of awakening. Love is the only way forward. Hate cannot bring us home, only love will. In order to rise back to the heights we once were, we don’t need to turn into them, all we need to do is be ourselves.

Af’rakans must know that the entire continents are one and separation is nothing but an illusion, albeit, we must not forget our history.

The education sector was imposed on us, our kids, are taught daily what I call false history because our history did not begin from slavery.
The lie you were taught in Nigeria was that Mary Slessor stopped the killings of twins, that was a propaganda created by the European missionaries because I have done a thorough research and I have seen that our fore fathers never killed any twins, neither were there any gods who accepted twins sacrifices. My research made me to understand that it was the missionaries that actually started the killings of twins, not the other way round as they came to separate us from our spirituality and they know that twins and those kids born with dreadlocks where actually Divine children, touched by the gods, as a result the missionary groups and its leaders lied to our fore fathers during her evangelism that twins are evil and must be killed and those kids born with dreadlocks must be shaved. Since we had no love among ourselves, since we betrayed our selves already and decided to accept that which they gave us, so in return, due to our actions, we (our ancestors) decided to follow the missionaries and that was how we lost our pride and home.

But today, our people have now been brainwashed to think that it was Mary Slessor who stopped the killings of twins in Nigeria, because we gave them the right to pen down our history, and since it was written by them, they had the freewill to write whatever they wish and transfer them to our schools. There is an ancient African adage that says; until the lion tells his tale, the story of the hunting will always favor the hunter.

I now ask why our governments have refused to introduce our original history to our schools and colleges, why did they hide it. The answer is simple; Because we have not really gained independence, and those who invaded our land 300-400 years ago are still running our countries from behind, using the presidents as puppets to distract us.

We must be awakened, the time is now, the truth must come to the surface, for this is the age of the water bearer, we must awaken to realize that our history did not begin from slavery, we had scientists, doctors, astrologists and technologists while the whites where still living in caves. But because we hate ourselves, greediness made us to fight ourselves. The whites used our ineffectuality as an opportunity to invade and steal everything from us.

Afuraka the time is now for you to be the change you seek.


Written by Knight Fredel

Awake Af’raka Community


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