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This article is not a sort of weapon against any religion, and neither was it written as a means to attacked Christianity.

I, Knight Fredel, who is the writer of this article, only have one sole aim and that is; to enlighten you all; to show you the truth so that you will understand the true purpose of your religion and why it was created in the first place.

I am knight Fredel and I am a beacon of light and hope for our generation and the ones to come.

My point here is to enlighten you, not to darken your heart towards your belief,

So to point out the light that your paths are illuminated ones more,

So that you understand your religion better than even your pastors and clergies,

So that you will understand that you have been lied to,

So that your eyes will be opened to see the truth even inside your Holy Books,

So that you will awaken to awaken the others,

So that you can never be used or enslaved again,

So that your moneys and lands will never be stolen again,

So that you will be spiritually strong again,

So that Africa will rise again.

Happy Reading…..


Another special season is here again, a season of celebration and jubilation, a season of gifting and charity, OK, I am trying to think out a better way to present this article, in order to make it sound better, I don’t want it to sound harsh “smiles”.

But how can one present such deep and exposing truth to the religious fanatics without the article sounding naturally harsh, oh that harsh sound is what I intend to run away from, but trust me I will try my best to make it work for you, so in case you are a fanatic reading this article, you will not feel insulted, so trust me on that and read on, however, no matter what,truth must be said. 

Christian all over the world cerebrates this season, pagans all over the world are not left aside, however the question that sparks out of the conscious mind will always include questions like. THOSE WHO CELEBRATES XMAS, DO THEY REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CEREBRATING?

Why such question? The thing is, because if the tradition of Christmas is more than 5000 years old then it means that, truly Christmas predates Christianity. What that mean is; Christmas is older than the Jesus Christ story, and even the Jesus himself.

Thus, this leads to a contradiction in the entire religion of Christianity, which further leads us into asking the question; “how can the birthday of the messiah become older than the messiah and his religion”, and; “why then was Christmas associated with Jesus /his birth when obviously the tradition is older than him. It seems adopting pagan holidays has been a regular tradition for Christianity as they are good in it. I remember a similar article on this magazine platform where we wrote about Ishtar and the celebration of Easter.

The question to why Christianity has decided to adopt almost all pagan holidays and claiming them as theirs is one good point to raise.

As a matter of fact, it is also a proof that Christianity is not what they made you all to believe. It is in truth a pagan religion converted to something else.

Take a look at Christianity and all it stands for, not excluding their holy book both new and old testament which were all taken from an older scroll and older texts from the Sumerian tablets, the Sumerian scroll and more recently; the Babylonian Talmud. All these ancient spiritual texts were, and are older than Christianity, Judaism and Islam including their saviors and messiahs.

The need for awakening has come, our people perish for lack of knowledge, and this is why I present this to you on this day, to read and to know what you are celebrating, to understand the scientific and mystical symbolism of the Christmas you celebrate today, to note that Christmas isn’t all about slaying chickens and eating stew rice and all that, it is not all about defiling your body’s through sexual intercourse and toxic intakes, but rather a time of reflection and understanding of the true symbolism of Christmas and what it truly represents.

They say knowledge is power, but trust me when I say; Knowledge cannot be power if you do not read.

Now before we proceed into exposing the symbolism of Christmas and what it represents, first I’ll have to show you a few things about the old gods who had similar and synonymous resemblance with Jesus Christ of the Christian Bible.

Nevertheless, after exposing all these knowledge to African Christians, some of them will still call the article a fallacy or a makeup story, just to continue claiming and defending their various religious groups, even if they are not all united, they do not care, but truly, this is another reflection to write on, why the christian religion isn’t united, and why they all have different types of Jesus and why they all have different beliefs of heaven and after life, well that’s story for another day.

Afraka have believed a lie for over 400 years now, it is time to wake up from that fallacy. However, if all your life you grew up believing a lie, the day the truth will be presented to you, you would not recognize it as it would become strange and if you do not think deeper, you may end up mistaking the truth for a lie.

And those who are born slaves all their lives do not know that they are slaves until they are told, and even if you tell them, they would at first think you for a liar and fight you, not realizing that you are only trying to free them.

A certain slave ones said, that he freed about 100 slaves from a plantation, and he said that, he would have freed more than that figure if only they knew they were slaves.


If you followed my magazine pages, you would understand that I have already written articles concerning the logos, Jesus Christ and have given my exposure which obviously made it clear that that he wasn’t really a white to begin with and his true name was Yehoshua Ben Yosef, and he was an African, black, I shared his true image before he was replaced with that of Caesar Borgia’s and he was never born on the 25 of December neither did he die on a cross, nor resurrected on an Easter day.

The Christianity version of the story of Jesus Christ who was born on the 25th of December, who began his mission the age of 33 years old, who died and resurrected on the third day who ascended to their heavens, and promised to come back to save the righteous and then lead a destruction on the sinners; all these were the European version of an earlier story relating to a couple of Sun gods.

These Sun gods were not more than one although, each tribe and and country had their own version of the same Sun god with their own name according to their languages, however, the stories are all the same.

The original names of these gods which existed long before the creations of Jesus myth are listed as follows:

1.   MITHRA – DEUS SOL INVICTUS (The Unconquered Sun god)

Before the story of Jesus, before Christmas, before the existence of Jesus and its followers, we had MITHRA, born on the 25th of December, began his ministry on his 33rd year, had 12 disciples crucified and resurrected on the third day, then ascended unto the heavens with a promise of his return for the righteous, and the destruction of evil.

The mother of Mithra was known as Anahita, the virgin mother of God. This was exactly the way the Christians refer to Mary, especially the Catholics. As we know, Catholic Church were the founders of Christianity, they own Christianity, thus if you should visit the Vatican Library, you would find a lot of truth hidden away from the public, even the Pope do not worship the white version of Jesus and Mary, rather he gives honor to the Black Madonna and her son, Yehoshua, the Black Messiah..

Of all the Sun Gods, Mithra was actually one of the first to be in existence, his mother was also a virgin who miraculously gave birth to Mithra, before his birth his coming was first announced many years before then, and that is just like Jesus story. Although we all may have the right to worship any God we choose to, nevertheless, it will be wise for you to know the true origin of what you are worshiping. It’s really that important, and you must know that Christianity was never built on a foundation of salvation, rather it was created for the benefit of control and conquer, to be used as a weapon, and it was with Christianity that the West was able to control and colonized a large number of countries, that is the point. As you can see through the image of Mithra posted herein, the image of Mithra are on stones, tablets, and statues, that shows you that, The story of Mithra is in fact, older than Christianity and Jesus.

Someone might want to know what tribe or people had Mithra, well you should know that Mithra wasn’t the first of the Sun Gods born of a virgin Mother. The origin of Mithra was in Persia, and that was 5,000 years older than Christianity, He was a Persian God, and as time went on, the Romans adopted it.



Before the story of Mithra, and before the story of Jesus, there was one named Tammuz, the Sumerian Sun God known by his followers as the only begotten son of Enki, (their God).

Tammuz was born of a virgin mother known as Semiramis, or you can call her by her popular name: “Ishtar” (pronounced as Easter), yes, it was through the name of Ishtar, (the virgin mother, and the Goddess of Sex and Fertility), that the founders of Christianity adopted its Easter festival, defiled today as the celebration of the death and resurrection of Christ, when in truth Easter referred to the day which Ishtar the goddess of sex and fertility, through her powers resurrected her son, the Sun god Tammuz from the dead, as he was crucified, oh, was that familiar? Yes it is.

It is a little pity that today, Christians all over the world still have no clue, even when the celebration of Easter in Christianity requires the use of eggs and Bunny to represent it, yet they never asked what the eggs and bunny got to do with Easter and Jesus.

Thus in reality, when the Christians are thinking that they are celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ, they are in actuality celebrating Ishtar, the Goddess of Sex and Fertility.

This is a serious thing which all Christians should be aware of. however, even if they worship Tammuz and Ishtar unknowingly, their connection cannot go through because they are doing it in a wrong way.



You all might have heard of Horus in one way or the other, the Sun God of Kemet (ancient Egypt) worshiped about 5,000 years before Christ, and known by His followers as the Sun of God, oh yes that was where the founders of Christianity adopted the name Son of God, isn’t that ridiculous?

Horus was represented with two symbols, one a falcon and two, a triangle with one eye, both symbols represents insights and enlightenment as they claimed, that Horus had a special gift of using his third eye to see, he was sometimes considered the Egyptian prince who used one eye to see. To read more about Horus click.

The ancient Egypt equally wrote that Horus was born in a manger, every year on December 25th the Egyptians at that time paraded throughout the streets of ancient Egypt, carrying with them a symbol of a child in a manger to represent Horus and his birth, this was done every year, the festival begins on 23, but the major day is 25th, the festival was made to last for three days.



From the east, we also have KRISHNA, born on the same 25th December, and born of a virgin Mother Devaki, who was said to be chosen to be the Mother of God because of her purity, and that was exactly what Catholics said about the Virgin Mary.

His birth was announced hundreds of years before he was born just like the others, there were prophecies which claimed that their God would come to earth through the womb of a virgin mother to redeem the world.

After his mission on earth, Krishna was said to have died and resurrected after 3 days, he was said to have ascended to the heavens and before he finally vanished, he left with a promises to return again for the sake of the righteous, who he will take with him to the heavens, then condemn the sinners to perish in the underworld.

Oh I almost forget the most interesting part which says that Krishna, turns water into wine, healed the sick and even raised the dead. Does that really sound familiar? and was it not through the name Krishna that they got the name Christ? and yes, Krishna and Christ means the same thing, which is; a very high level of consciousness, enlightenment. 


Another legend has it that Gautama Buddha left Paradise (heavens) and came down to earth through a virgin whose name was Maya.

His life story too was similar to that of Krishna and Jesus and Mithra and the rest of them Sun Gods.

Now you can see that there are many of them from various tribes and countries with just the same story but different names, thus those who claimed that Jesus Christ of the Bible was kind of the most special messiah, such people truly lie or are ignorant of the fact that Jesus is not that special and he is the same with the rest of the Sun Gods.

The only thing is, Jesus was made much popular because of the fact that the Christian religion was ruthless and had a number of Knights called the Crusaders whose duty was to go into the towns of those who worship Mithra or the rest gods, they go there to kill and slaughter them all mothers and children, fathers and daughters are raped to death, they keep alive only those who agree to accept Jesus as their one true savior, and they do this out of fear. 

This was how Christianity gained its popularity and made to seem like the highest and Jesus made to look like the greatest of them all, it wasn’t by merit that Christianity gained its fame, rather it was through blood and fire. There is just so much that many Christians today do not know about Christianity, they just follow blindly.

Star of Ishtar

There are also lots of these Sun Gods, trust me when I say there are really lots and lots of them that if I am to write about them all, a book of 500 pages wouldn’t be enough, and if I am to write their full stories without skipping a word, then a large book of 20,000 pages would still not be enough to contain them all.

There was Zoroaster, there was Hercules, There was Plato and lots of them too numerous to mention,the ones i mentioned herein are only the most popular and the earliest as well as the most spiritual. 

Now my point here is, if you are a Christian, you need to understand the true history of what you are worshiping, on our next article we would expose who the one you call god truly is, you can check a previous eye opening article to get a hint of what is to come, the article is tiled “GODS or EXTRATERRESTRIALS”, click here to read.

Symbol representing Horus and the third eye

Why all these exposures?

So that you get to know what you have been worshiping, and so that you get to find out your true source, and then go back to your root,

So that when you celebrate Christmas, you will know that, it isn’t the birth of your savior, but the birth of a European version of a Sun god, 

So that you get to know that the tradition of Christmas and Easter does not belong to Christianity but rather they belong to the ones you wrongly refer to as pagans.

So that you will realize that you as a Christian is not so different from the ones you call Pagans,

So that you know that what makes you slightly difference from the pagans is the fact that you are ignorant of the truth and they are not, because they know what and who they worship, but you do not know.



The history of Christmas trees goes back to the symbolic use of evergreens in ancient Egypt and Rome and continues with the German tradition of candlelit.

How Did Christmas Trees Start?

Long before the advent of Christianity, plants and trees that remained green all year had a special meaning for people in the winter. Just as people today decorate their homes during the festive season with pine, spruce, and fir trees, ancient peoples hung evergreen boughs over their doors and windows. In many countries it was believed that evergreens would keep away witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and illness.

Did you know? Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska.

In the Northern hemisphere, the shortest day and longest night of the year falls on December 21 or December 22 and is called the winter solstice. Many ancient people believed that the sun was a god and that winter came every year because the sun god would die on the 23rd and to resurrect on the 25th, which is equally the same day the Sun Gods were actually born.

Evergreen boughs reminded them of all the green plants that would grow again when the sun god was strong and summer would return.

So there is really nothing so special about the Christmas trees, and they weren’t part of the tradition of Christmas in the ancient days before Christianity adopted it.


As a matter of fact, father Christmas was created to add the symbolic art of giving, because in the old days, during this festive season, people exchange gifts among themselves, even the ones you call enemies come to you with apologies and a gift, it was a season of love and charity, food is surplus because the entire neighborhood will cook and at the same time give to one another as a symbol of love and kindness, that was the symbolic purpose of the father Christmas, to remind you of your traditions.

However, Christianity today has defiled this tradition, as they have made it all seem like the tradition belongs to them and them alone, and so it makes those whom are none Christians feel as though they are left out, or must be a Christian, as Christianity has personalized it to the birth of their savior, thus making whomever is celebrating to think they are celebrating the birth of Jesus, when in reality, the tradition predates Christianity, and it’s really the rebirth of the Sun Gods, not even their birth day per say but their symbolic births.


Christmas, is older than Christianity, and so, it is a tradition that honors the rebirth of the Sun God. Therefore, we all must note this, and Christians must understand the religion they subscribe to, they should note that this religion they loved so much was created in order to be used as a weapon to take over countries, colonize and enslave their inhabitants, the Christian religion was built with Fire and Blood, and their building tools were Swords and Shields with the symbol of a red cross on it.

African Christians must understand that this same Christian religion they hold dear to their hearts was used to colonize them, especially West Africa; they forced this religion on their ancestors, rapped their mothers and enslaved their people 400 years ago.

Baby Krishna and Mother

The white community today who practice Christianity are only faking it as they all have and honor their ancestors, the ones who take it so serious are those who lived within the areas where slaves were kept and thus, grew with them, and these set of whites are usually the poor ones.  

It is time to think outside the box, think outside one book, and realize that this tradition and religion you subscribe to isn’t at all what you think it is.



Many have asked this question and I am sure now is best time to answer it.

First and foremost the teachings of a black messiah who was known as Yehoshua Ben Yosef was adopted in order to make-up the teachings of Jesus Christ.

That is to say that, the teachings you know today as the teachings of Jesus Christ all belong to the Black Messiah Yehoshua Ben Yosef.

Many Christians today think that the name Yehoshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus, but that is not true as they are two different characters.

Now, after the teachings of Yehoshua was taken, the birth, adolescent and adult life, and the death of the Ancient African/Sumerian Sun Gods listed above were also adopted to make up the character of Jesus Christ which ow makes the Jesus a European version of the ancient Sun Gods.

Though the character of Jesus wouldn’t be complete without an image to prove his race was white, thus for white supremacy agenda to come true, the image of Caesar Borgia which was artistically drawn by the artist Leonardo DaVinci, was then used to replace the image of Yehoshua.

Borgia’s picture was used to represent the picture you all know today as that of Jesus Christ.

And to rap it up, all the holidays and festivals of the Sun gods were all adopted and attributed to Jesus and Christianity, the ancient Sun Book rewritten to fit into their new religion of Christianity, and books that exposed the truth were all removed, and that new book was the one you all know today as the Holy Bible.

Thus, nothing about Christianity is true.

Man, know thyself.

Many mystics today feel that since we mystics know the truth behind the Jesus, we can just ignore the name and secretly worship or focus on the Sun God aspect and at the teachings, while we ignore the Christians to remain in ignorance but I say NO! I say we go back to the Original,  I have taken an Oath to illuminate the world, and many of we mystics did, but lots are afraid to speak even to their kids and family, the truth must be spoken, we cannot ignore the original and begin to adopt the plagiarized version, we have to embrace the truth, and that truth is what I have exposed.

Awake Afraka! Celebrate the season with Love, and kindness, remember the true symbolic representation of this Tradition of Christ consciousness Mass and may peace be still.

Please share this article to as much contacts as you can.

Love and Light, always…



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