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Hello and welcome to yet another day on our journey to awakening and enlightenment, your success is very important to me and that is why today I shall share with you something very important, especially for you this season.

You know quite well that this is the period people die anyhow, and or, they visit their hometown to celebrate the season with their families and relations and when they come back to the city, they end up finding themselves mysteriously broke and if time is not taken, an unexpected hardship will begin to wipe out their once glorious life away.

You must note that it isn’t superstitious to think that such is caused by witchcraft, although you too must realize that witchcraft isn’t all that bad, for it is a craft of the mind and and a deep knowledge on spirituality and spiritualism, also, it is the manipulation of this physical reality and of the spiritual, it is a craft and a science of nature, however, there are many persons in our society who just got the chance to have 30% of such knowledge, most-especially on the aspect that concerns the manipulation of realities, thus, when they find such knowledge, they begin to think that, he or she is now all powerful enough to deal with those they call enemies.

PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM - An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel         mechanism

What they do not know is that, there are consequences reserved for those misusing and abusing the craft, they also do not know that, every aspect of this craft has its do’s and don’s, and every aspects  and subjects related to the craft all has their uses, although, none of such uses includes taking a life, or mystically frustrating people as they wish, because it isn’t in for them to change a man’s fate, or to take a man’s life, and if they learn deeper, they would have found out that this craft was passed on into this reality by the Great Masters to our Great ancestors, and it was to be used for the greater light of all universal good.


How many times have you attempted to protect yourself from spiritual attacks and you couldn’t? Maybe, you have been attacked severally each time you visit your village and you have no means to help yourself, well, that which has the power to take life, also has the power to give life, just like it is with snakes, the antidote of a snakes poison lies in the snake that has the poison, our ancestors left back so many psychic defense mechanism for us to use against those who may want to do us wrong.

However today the foreign religions we subscribe to which was forced upon our ancestors 400 years ago, all claim that our spirituality is evil, do you know why the claim all that? it is because they do not want you to know who you are, they want you to demonize your root so that you will be disconnected from your source, but I am sure you all know what happens to a tree when it has cut off from its source.

Do you know that there are many persons today who have lost their lives all because they put their hope on a foreign god which isn’t real, but imaginary, which was created for the purpose of “control and conquer”. But to this set of people, the god is real, however, what they do not know is, such reality only exists in their mind.

There are those who visited their villages during Christmas, and after Christmas, they go back home to the city only to discover that; their life has become a complication, from job loss to financial depreciation and so on.

Today they surfer because they think it’s nothing, but only a hard time, others think it’s the work of a devil, and they keep praying and binding, going to various churches and so on but nothing happens as the matter seems to get worse, so the  question arises, which is; what is really going on? What went wrong? In a straight answer, the victim was attacked with a sort of charm we call “Leak Pocket”.


PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM - An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel         mechanism

Leak pocket is a type of electromagnetic apparatus, which some of you refer to as charms, created by a dark art practitioner which is used to affect the mind of the victim in misusing his savings and also, making him think that the money isn’t valuable, and so over spends, and by doing such, he gets broke, and finally poor.

When leak pocket is prepared for you, all your moneys will begin to devalue for no reason, even when you are not overspending, you get stuck in your mind thinking and feeling depressed, yes that depression is part of the side effects of that charm, to make you feel that there is no other way out, and by so doing, you lose so much moneys so easily because ones your mind is stuck in an alternate reality that makes you believe that you are getting poorer and there is no way out, such a belief eventually powers the charm as it works like a magnet, yes the charm is filled with some kind of electromagnetic energy that attracts itself with your thoughts, your negative thoughts on yourself powers it more, but your physical and metal strength on positive thoughts weakens it more and more and eventually makes it fail. More ways will be given to you on how to break this charm, or how to protect yourself from it.


Now there is this set of witches and wizards in villages who have learnt this craft of projecting certain stones into your bones or muscles.

I read a post once on Facebook which claimed that, such a possibility was a scam, and those who engage into the art of removing such stones and even nails from your body are scams, the truth is, there might be scams out there, but that does not mean that this craft isn’t real, many Facebook users out there are mostly good in spreading fake opinions, some of them have never crossed into their hometown, nor lived in a village were this kind of witches really exists, thus, they sit at home, recharge their phones and subscribe to cheap data plans, then begin to write on topics which they are not acquainted with.

Many of them go as far as claiming to be atheists, even when they are not using their real names and profile pictures, some of them creates two Facebook accounts, in one they are loyal Christians and responsible mothers, and fathers, in another fake account with fake names, they are atheists and some spiritualists making misleading posts and articles.

Thus, this art of projecting a stone into the body of another, mostly into their legs, arms, and even heads, have existed for long, when a stone is projected into your head for instance, it causes you serious headaches and if you scan or go for medical tests, they will claim is a tumor, and yes, eventually, if the stone stays for too long, it becomes cancer or tumor, and if the stone enters newly and you go on to take English drugs, you will end up either killing yourself literally, or the pain gets worse.

So, this art of wickedness mostly takes place during holidays, that is the period when you go home for holidays or for celebrations of any kind, some of them do use this craft to test how strong you are spiritually, there are those who form groups, and when they stone you ones and you fall sick, they laugh at you in secret, sometimes it kills people and they just see it as a game.

But there is a good news,  and that news is that there are defense mechanisms available, and such mechanisms can protect you and your families from all these wicked arts practiced by those who abuse the crafts, or whom are corrupted by the dark side of the craft.

Truly, I can not write about spirituality without at least teaching protections from these dark paths.



PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM - An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel         mechanism

Now, you must understand that witchcraft isn’t all evil and devilish, rather it all depends on the person practicing the craft, it is his use or abuse of the powers granted to him or her that should be either tagged as good or evil, it’s just like a man with a gun, the gun don’t kill people, it is the man who uses the gun either to protect, defend, or murder in cold blood.

Thus we must also understand that, before Africa was conquered, the western world really attempted so hard to destroy and capture the great wise men of Africa as slaves, so they would force them to teach them all they know, but each attempt always comes with a failure.

Nevertheless, as time went on, there came a certain team of greedy and selfish Africans who collected bribes in order to assist the “West” find our weak spot and our “source of power” which they used in defeating us for good.

Thus, when you fast-forward to this present day/generation of Africans, you will discover that, such people who carry with them such darkness and evil minded attitude still exists around us today, they have that same attitude of betrayals, especially when they are your relations related by blood, or friends, yes those who will hurt you when you visit your village are not strangers, but people you can never think of as witches and wizards, these are people you call cousins, friends, nephews, uncles, aunts et all.

They all have that darkness still alive within their sub-consciousness which makes them to feel that deep envy which in turn triggers them to hurt those whom they are jealous of, or those they are envious of, especially when they are making success much more than them, in such case, they think of a way to use their witch powers to kill or destroy them, or perhaps make them remain lower than they are by using charms like peak pocket, or they strike the person with illnesses through the art of projecting a  stone into their muscles (as explained above).

This kind of people always exists mostly in the village and rural areas because they are unable to handle the huge city expenses and costs of living in a town, and they are always backward in terms of education, career, and they  usually drop out of schools along the way, and its usually not because there was no money, but because they do not want to,and because they love fun and flirting much more than education.

But then, when they grow older and they see the progress of their mates, they begin to feel jealous and envious, they begin to harbor darkness within their hearts and that leads them to go practice dark crafts, in order to feel powerful.

On the other hand, there are those who use these charms to destroy their brothers sons, or their husbands children because they feel their brothers son or kids are doing better that theirs, it happens, and it is happening right now as you read this.

This kind of people are always aspiring great yet they cannot go on to work hard enough towards such goal, and when they see someone who does and succeeding, they always have this sort of envy/ jealousy which makes them want to do evil.

This kind of people, because they are not usually powerful in the social, political or educational aspects of the society, thus in search for power, i.e something to make them feel powerful/boast their egos, they go on to join a coven of witchcraft, and this system of craft has no much spiritual knowledge but just a few for the benefit of destroying people and also, for the benefits of dealing with people and forcing them to provide them with cash or other fickle fortunes, and this alone is how they survive.

So it is right for you to always protect yourself from such kind of unnecessary attacks, I know that, some of you do not visit villages anymore because of this, and your pastors will even worsen the matter by telling you that you mom or grand mom in the village is the witch, no they are not the witch, however, someone else is, and note: is it even important to note who the witch is? All you need is to protect yourself at all time: To be untouchable.


PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM - An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel         mechanism

How many of you are grounded with your ancestral root? How many of you are well connected with your elemental sources? Do you know that the day you were born, down to your infancy, you were connected and well grounded back then; If you could remember vividly when you were little, you used to see things, have some kind of vivid dreams that looked so real and in such dreams you were either flying, or swimming with fish tale or flying with large wings like that of an angel.

Many of you will be able to remember because you used to have such dreams even up to your adolescent.

Thus, if you have a long term memory you would remember that you used to see things before they happen. You could predict, and some of you were extra intelligent in your school days.

Although, all these things may feel like its normal but its not, they are proofs,  and they are trying to show you where and when you came from.

Conversely, the need to reconnect is very important as it makes you grounded, and before you reconnect with your source, you first have to reconnect with your ancestors, your ancestors are the saints of an African man or woman, they were ones like you and I, however, a time came when they evolved so much that they crossed the threshold of reincarnation, meaning that they are no longer liable to reincarnate, they are now known as Cosmic Masters, as some Mystery Schools refers them.

Your ancestors are your root, your foundation, if you do not stand on a strong foundation, you will fall over a little wind or push.

Thus, your ancestors are your ROOT, while the realm you came from along with the Goddess or Gods who is the ruler of that realm is your SOURCE. This you must not forget.

When you reconnect with your ancestors, you are then free to reconnect with your Source, by doing this,you are strongly going to be tightened and protected at all times, no harm will befall you, as you will be very strong and if you go into spiritual studies, you will then begin to learn to use your abilities once again.

This is the secret of the many successes of  which you have seen, even if a witch calls your name through a crystal gaze or mirror gaze, he or she will see your back instead, or instead, see your light.

And your business and life will improve one after the other, this does not mean that you should in any way, rush in and rush out, these things take a while, first step is  re-connection and protection which will surly come immediately, then the rebuilding of your life and career will take place gradually and soonest.


Someone I know once joined and had the re-connection ritual started, then when it was done and dusted, the person expected change in one week and since the change did not come immediately, the person requested to be removed, that is insane you know?

Never follow such step, and you must follow all procedures as far as spirituality is concerned, its principles are very important, and you must follow them one after the other until you finish them, I also have someone who couldn’t finish the procedures due to laziness, and another who asked for another simpler method, all these persons all wanted change to appear so quickly but were unable to follow the principles involved.

Some persons do not have trusts and so doubts the processes, forgetting that the priests or the mystic do not heal through his own powers but uses your own powers to heal you. So when you doubt a process, you are then doubting yourself and by so doing, you block your own success.

Nevertheless, in as much as there are those who do things wrongly and get a negative feedback, there are also those who were very good in following the principles of nature and all principles and procedures given to them without doubts and they end up very successful, coupled with the fact that they have known patience, which is a very vital part of the procedures, as rushing in will only end up rushing you out, its as simple as that.

These set of people I cherish and always love to work with, I have them many, and I have assisted them reconnect successfully and today they are happy.

Therefore, if this is what you want, you are free to reconnect, I can help you do that, send a message to my 24/7 Whatsap number on +2348136464201 or you email us on

Now, that is one way to create a defense mechanism in order to protect yourself, now let’s go to number two.


PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM - An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel         mechanism
A Charged Mystical Ring, Available in our Online Store herein

OK, here is another way to create a defense mechanism against negative attacks, and this has to do with using a charged ring or amulets, this is a piece of jewel which has been charged with certain mystical electromagnetic energies and forces, and there are some higher ones which is charged with a medium which connects with a particular deity, in such case when its activated for you, you are then being guarded by that deity, you also use the ring or amulet to speak to the deity by following a procedure I will teach you, this is one of the most popular ways to create a protective aura around you for the sake of protection and good lucks.

An example of such rings and amulets (the ones currently available) can be found in our Awake Afraka Shopping Centre, thus, if one is needed, then click here to make your order. you can click here.

That is two, now lets go to number three.

PSYCHIC DEFENSE MECHANISM - An Ancient Way of our ancestors -By Knight Fredel         mechanism
Charged Ruby Ring, for Good lucks and protection of all kinds, available herein


There are those who do not want to use any of those, and who seriously need those protections and mystical aids, but instead wish to create those strong auras within themselves and become a master of their own destiny, those who wish to belong to something big and be guarded by the highest beings in the universe.

There is always a way to do this, and this is one way to become a master of your own destiny and that is to learn the craft of your ancestors, in order to follow the oldest spirituality and grab deep mystical knowledge of the Goddess.

This is the only way, there are no shortcuts, all you need is get trained in the art, and you will not only be protected, you will learn many other things, unravel the mysteries of the universe, learn the knowledge of the Goddess, become a Light, purge yourself of all negative darkness within, and evolve or ascend into a higher realm or dimension, and also learn some herbs for some illness, and all that to keep you healthy and wealthy.

To do this there are so many mystery schools out there, and all originate from the mystery school of Ancient Kemet (Egypt), however, only a few are genuine, so I will advise you to join our Awake Af’raka Community (Inner Circle), and register in order to receive your Monthly Discourse, which is more than just a magazine but a deep mystical training created in such colorful, beautiful and friendly format so to aid you on your journey through spirituality.

Click here to learn about our community, or send a message to to request for your registration form and procedures on how to subscribe for your first months discourse.

We will be very happy to have you in our midst.

The time of awakening is here, the age of the water bearer has arrived, the new Atlantis is reborn and you are welcome to JOIN

May the Greater Light always illuminate your path, Ase

Watch out for the Part Two of this Psychic Defense coming soon



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