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I have always asked this question when I was still a neophyte, and many have been asking this very question too in the groups I have been with and yet many answers have been given though not in the way I’m going to give mine.

We must know that the true mystic never prays to the Force or what you call God and ask or petition him to intervene in human affairs in accordance with a conclusion reached by the petitioner or prayer warrior.

The true Mystic in other word never tries to analyze human situations, weather personal or not then petitions God to intervene in a manner that will adjust situations in accordance with human conception.
The mystic knows that to attempt to do this is to attempt to assume the infinite understanding of our human problems and to put ones human self and human conception and understanding on a par with Divine Understanding.

The mystic knows well that it is necessary to go further to say “if it is thy will so and so should it be done”.

It is true that people feel that yes we should call upon God all the time but as a mystic I say it isn’t necessary.
Let’s say for instance you are a Christian, witches from your neighborhood are hunting you, then you feel its proper to cast and bind calling upon the UNIVERSAL GOD to send down holy ghost fire to consume those witches, my question to you is, “what then is the difference between the “YOU” and the “WITCH?”

Don’t you think you are putting the Universal Good in which you call GOD at the very lowest level of human understanding, you are asking GOD to side you and help you fight and if possible burn the witch to death with the HOLY GHOST FIRE.

Let me tell you all a secret, GOD, the great architect of this universe, the Somvvn Bonvvm and highest intelligence of “all that is” sees all His creation as ONE and Equal and therefore cannot side anyone. This is where the Christian religious movement and Islamic religious movement got it all wrong. They place the Great Architect at the lowest level of human understanding and comprehensive. They make it look like He the Universal Good is a man who who will side anyone and betray another.
So when next you affirm or pray, ask for the most rational and reasonable desires of your heart based upon your comprehension of universal law, order and universal justice. The true light seeker/bearer would not ask for that which he might need and yet realize that it is something he can easily stand on his feet and work hard for instead of hoping on miracles, because the true mystic already knows that miracles do not exist, you live according to the laws of the universal principles and what you give out is what you receive, tag it miracles, it doesn’t matter, you eat exactly the food you cook, that’s natural law. Give and it shall be given unto you. Your past deeds, either positive or negative brings you either what you tag as good luck or bad luck.

The true mystic would not also ask of something that if granted would deprive someone else of same thing.

I see lots of persons cast and bind their enemies, asking the Divine to destroy them by fire, I ask you, do you know that you are someone’s else’s enemy too? Imagine now if God had been answering people’s prayers, then we all should be dead by now, because in every single day Christians all over the countries (especially in Nigeria in which I live in) are casting and binding their enemies in every day of their lives forgetting that they too are somebody else’s enemy too. Now imagine that these so called prayers are being answered.

Take another instance, the condition that existed during the World War 1 when many Christian countries were lined up on either side of the battle field as enemies. Throughout all of the Christian countries involved in the war, there were constant prayers offered not only in the homes of individuals but also in the churches on Sundays and other days by representatives of religion. These prayers were often long petitions to the God of the universe to make the individual country in which the church was located victorious in the war. This means that during the war there were thousands of ministers in six or eight countries asking that GOD SHOULD BRING SORROW, GRIEF, PAIN AND SUFFERING INCLUDING LOSS OF LIVES AND VANQUISHED POSITIONS TO THOUSANDS ON THE BATTLE FIELD while in other counties ministers devoted to the same Christian religion or other religion were praying to their God that their people be saved from pain and so called death but that the other soldiers on the opposite side be visited with Goods wrath and judgment.
Now can any mystic or rational person believe that God took any interest in our human affairs at that time, to such an extent that the Divine would have listened to these petitions and granted victory to one side and disgrace to the other? And do you think that if God had any personal interest in us merely as human beings, God would have allowed the war to have been started or continued for a day let alone several years?
It is only when we understand that God was only interested in our soul’s evolution and realized the lessons that they would learn through such conflicts and violation of divine and human made laws and to such repudiation of the higher instincts of human brotherhood – that God permitted the war in the first place.
The mystic cannot believe that God is concerned in human experiences to such an extent that the divinity is watching what we eat and is ready to intervene in our partaking of wrong food because it may cause us ill health.
The higher Force or The Source we call God remains wholly indifferent and refuses to intervene and deliberately allows us to suffer that we may learn from it.
God is not interested in us as humans therefore will not grant us the petitions we utter as human beings and will not intervene in our purely human experiences.
GOD is only mindful of our constantly spiritual evolution taking place within us and He directs and guides our affairs so that this evolution may be maintained and increased in its value and ultimate contribution to our spiritual enfoldment and progress.

In conclusion,every drama we act here on earth is entirely our business, God doesn’t care or give a dahm about how you live and survive, how you fight your witches in your neighborhood and what you do to make money or not to make money, the only thing that concerns God is your Souls evolution and ascension. The universal laws are already in section. Whatever choices or decisions you make it’s yours to bear the consequences of your actions. The law of cause and effect must be put into consideration, Sir Isaac Newton’s third law: in every action we take, weather positive or negative comes back with an equal and opposite reaction!
If you need something, then try attracting it by applying the laws of attraction by doing to others what we want others to do to us.

Do what you will to stay alive but beware of the choices you make.
A prophet will see vision that the tree in your compound is evil and possessed by witches and after all the cast and bind pouring olive oil up and down, the prophet will still bring prayer warriors to use machete to cut down the tree, if prayers are the truth behind the defeat (if there was any defeat) why then did the prayer not bring down the tree, why use manpower to bring down the tree, why go about burning shrines with physical fires? Why not let the holy ghost fire sent by God destroy the shrine with the power of prayers, if after praying and pouring olive oil at the shrine and yet nothing happens until you had to pour kerosene or fuel to light up the shrine, then that means God doesn’t really give a dahm. If God doesn’t want witches or shrine or wars or any other so called negative or evil or bad things as they are tagged, God would not have let them exist in the first place.

Here in the 3rd dimension, it is you who answer your own prayers, it is your positive karmas that is giving you the comfort you are having today and your negative karma that is giving you the discomfort you are currently experiencing today. Sometimes we also attract our negative conditions by placing fear in front of us instead of faith. As man thinks in his heart so he is, like attracts like.
The so called bad conditions we have in Africa, cannot be intervened by GOD, rather it is you and I who will stand and say no to certain corruptions and wake up from our slumber to say no to the political frauds and religious deceptions and supremacy and control etc.
Nobody will save you, not one god in the sky will, your guardian angels are walking and watching behind you but will never intervene on matters they know you can handle, the least they can do is illuminate your path when you seek the Light because they respect our freewill, that is why they respect our choices and lets us face the consequences because they know it’s all a LEARNING PROCESS, or DO YOU PRAY TO GOD TO SAVE YOU FROM YOUR LESSONS, IS THAT HOW YOU ASK YOUR SCHOOL TEACHERS TO HELP YOU WITH THE ANSWERS TO THE EXAMINATION PAPERS? Don’t you know the negative conditions you think you are today will bring about great change for you tomorrow?

Therefore, accept, meditate and move on.
See the Light, follow the Light And be one with the Light, however, even when we have that still voice directing our path, we are so stubborn, we don’t always listen yet we wake up when the consequences of our actions has emerged to raise a petition to the Most High.

Love and Light


BY SYDNI WONDER – Metaphysical Teacher


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