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The only thing people needs to hear these days is the truth and not some fairy tales, especially when it has to do with Death and the After Life, because they really need to know what happens after they die.

Because, there are group of people who are still afraid to look  deeper into lectures and articles like this as they are still afraid of anything that has to do with death! Subjects like this scares the hell out of their life.

However, the more you grow and get mature, the more you witness and experience the death of loved ones, friends, or relatives, you attend their funerals and that scares the hell out of your life too.

This is one of the many reasons why people are still attending churches and mosques, because these religious establishments has given them a strong threat of hell fire and a promise of a beautiful and peaceful life after they die, this has given false hopes to those who haven’t found peace on earth, those who are poor, those who find themselves in a situation so uncomfortable, the promise of a heaven or a paradise becomes a “prayer answered” to them each time they read their Holy Books, not realizing that those passages has some hidden messages within, as they are not just mere words or sentences but codes that needs some form of special decoding.

It may seem like its nothing to many fanatics, but the truth still hunts them in the dark; they really want to know, even when their religion tells them of a hell fire condemnation if one is unrighteous and sinful, and a paradise and heaven, if one is righteous and obedient to the laws and principles of their dogmas, still they seek a more higher truth.

The seeker, who is yet a member of a church will always ask; why the stories of those who claim to have died and came back all seem so contradicting, as some will claim that they have seen heaven and others says hell, at the same time there are those who claim they saw nothing of such (hell or heaven) but found themselves in a realm which looked exactly as ours, only that they cannot communicate with those who are still alive even when they can see them.

Now the seeker gets more confused when he/she finds an atheist who claims that humans have no Soul, and they further claim there is no God and no spirit world so when you die, you just die and seize to exist.

Thus, how do we put the puzzles together? How do we find the truth, for even though many persons will not admit it, deep down within their heart they are afraid of death and seriously wish to bypass it in any way they can.

This fear of death has been the demon hunting lots of religious and none religious persons. Yes, even the Christians who want to go to heaven and the Islam who wants to see their paradise are all afraid to die.

Ok, without excluding the bold and brave atheist who claims that there is no life after death, and claims that there is no God or gods, are all, as a matter of fact afraid and unsure of what really happens when they die.

Therefore this is where I come in to illuminate your path with my light, as you already know: Knowledge is Power.


There is deep esoteric knowledge out there, and many pieces are found on the net, but the whole cannot be found online, this is why I decided to give you the whole in a very simplified manner, yet I reserve the higher and deeper path of this knowledge for those who are interested to learn more, from a theoretical perspective, to a practical application.

However, for the time being I want you my dear reader and follower of Awake Af’raka Magazine to note that; Death is not the end of a life, oh yes your life will end definitely but your life isn’t you.

Your body is like a cloak, a suit which you put on in order to exist in this physical dimension of our planet Earth. For instance, look at the space suit which astronomers wears in order to land on the moon and other planets, the space suit has the ability to provide the person with oxygen and a normal body temperature so that they don’t suffocate or die of either too much cold or too much heat and of no oxygen.

This is exactly how it works with your physical body. Without your physical body, your Soul, which is the real you will not be able to experience this physical reality. In order to come down to this physical reality of Earth, you needed a physical body and a portal to go through in order to arrive here, the portal is the Yoni of a woman (vagina), her womb is the incubator for the building of the suit (body) preparing it over the period of nine months, getting it ready for your arrival.

In order to come down here you pass through a portal which leads you through the crown (the energy center at the top of a woman’s head is known as a crown chakra) of a woman down to her 6th chakra to the 5th chakra located at the throat, 4th chakra known as the heart chakra, then to the 3rd chakra, to the 2nd and then finally it passes through the root chakra, then into the physical body prepared for you (newly born baby).

This is why I said that women are a special kind of being; they work hand in hand with the higher consciousness we call Goddess. Women are more like the Vessel of the Great Goddess on Earth, created for the sake of bringing Souls into this reality. Learn more about the mystical perspective of a woman, click here and here to learn more on that topic. 


There are many forces which comes together to make man a living Soul. Man is not only made of Soul and Body, but Body, Life force (spirit) and Soul.

Before we incarnate into a physical body, our body must first be prepared within the womb of a woman, when the body is well created, then she, the woman will deliver this physical body which in the process other forces comes in to make that body a living being.

At the time of birth, the Life Force or Spirit as some calls it, then comes into our body in order to power the brain, the heart, the lungs, liver and charge up all the cells that makes the body to work, in order words these life forces are the very thing that keeps us alive.

After this process, the next Entity that comes into the body is the consciousness of the Soul, which is you.

When the Souls Consciousness enters the body, man becomes a living Soul, and that is when the baby either laughs or cry’s.

When that life force enters the body as man takes his first breath, then the Soul enters immediately and man begins to live.

Sometimes in many cases the Soul enters first and the Life Force delays to come in, in such case the baby will shake, move but not breathing, not crying, but the moment the baby takes it’s first breath, the Life Force (which some call Spirit) will immediately enter and circulate throughout the body charging up all the cells and powering all the organs like the heart which once it’s powered on, it begins to circulate blood all over, especially first to the brain, many esoteric writings refers to this life force as the breath of life, and many others calls it the Spirit, while some others refers to it as the Vital Life Force.

This Life Force is continuously powered daily from the day the baby comes to life till when he or she takes their last breath, the Life Force as some calls will then exist the person’s body via the air we breath (not oxygen), yes oxygen alone isn’t the force that keeps us alive, rather there are some higher forces which exist inside that air or oxygen in which science has been unable to identify, however they just know that we need oxygen and sunlight in order to be alive. Both the plants cannot do without the Sun, because the Sun emits the Life force which gets itself into the air we breathe in daily.

Now in some mystery schools I know, it is taught that  man needs this Life Force, and they said that this Life Force is divided into two, positive and negative, the negative comes from Earth and Water, the food we eat and water we drink, the positive comes from the Air we breath through the Sun energy/heat we take in daily.

Thus meaning that man survives by taking in the Four elements which without them, we will never live; now that is deep. 



When you die, so many forces leaves your body, the Life force which exists through the breath you take, that life force is called Prana (by some Indian mystics), the bible called it the breath of Life. It is when the breath of Life enters the body at birth that man becomes a living Soul, already stated above.

Yes some bible translations have removed the word Soul from that passage which I just quoted from the book of Genesis.

When the Life Forces departs from the physical body, then the heart stops pumping and circulating blood, the brain dies, the cells in charge of moderating temperature goes off making the person colder, all these happens while the Souls consciousness is still there in the body lucid dreaming how he or she has lived their current life.

At that moment, scenes from his or her childhood, down to the present day, will be replayed within his consciousness, with that the dying being will start judging himself on where he or she did wrong and right and what he or she should have done differently, this moment is very important to the Akashic as it takes into account everything in order to assist him or her resolve those issues in another life. This is why the ancients refers to Akashic Records as the Book of Life!

These processes can take so many hours or days, before the person who is now in it’s true form as a Soul, then finally leaves their physical body completely on the third day after his or her death, while there are those advanced Souls who leave immediately.

Sometimes the persons Soul leaves immediately because their life has come to an end in this very life time, while others truly wanted to see if they could come back, in this case; some persons even after they are said to be dead, their body’s still moves, and there are twitches even when they have been pronounced dead, nevertheless at such moment there is no Life Force within that body to help it function fully as it should.

Although there have been many recorded incidents which the person successfully come back after some couple of hours (24 hours), some unenlightened and skeptics might argue this fact, however I know and I am very sure that many others do succeed by coming back to life after they have died; I do not question this because I’m one of those persons.

I think you should see this video below, and let’s see what this Indian Mystic has to say about the process of death and what the afterlife is all about… It is very important you watch this video.

With all I have said, you will now agree with me that death is not the end of you, instead it’s only the end of one phase or timeline, so in order to begin another.


This life isn’t the first time you have been a human, you have come to Earth many times and if you study this subject so deeply, you will be able to know who you were and were you lived in your past life.

Life is so mysterious, but such mysteries can be resolved if only you are ready to know the deep truth which your religion and the media will never let you know.

The straight answer to the question above is: yes, you have lived before, this is not your first time as a human, though lots of you might be new to earth, but not new as a human because this is not the only planet with life.

The planets like Saturn, Venus, and the rest in this solar system all have life, but not in the 3rd dimension, we are currently in our Earth’s third dimension and that is why we can not see or comprehend what or how they truly look like, thus we end up seeing either a planet of gases or lifeless, when truly they all exist in a higher dimension.

I am not only sharing this knowledge from my mystery schools study materials as some of us have truly had countless “Out of body experiences” and “astral projections”, so when I speak, I speak out of experience.

There are other planets like Mars whose 3rd dimensional reality was destroyed and their life form destroyed and so the 3rd dimensional inhabitants relocated to earth, they were also part of our ancestors in Africa (long story, and story for another day).

The inhabitants of some of those planets (like Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune etc)  all ascended to a higher plane of consciousness not accessible to us inside this flesh suit, it is only when we leave this body we will be able to comprehend and experience life from other dimensions.

In as much as this  has been said, you should also know that there are many other planets far from our galaxies and solar systems, which exist in a far Star System.

When their inhabitants visits Earth, we always call them extraterrestrials or aliens but in truth none or most of them are monster-like and they don’t appear as the movies depicts them in many cases in order to confused you, in reality they truly look normal and human, just like you and I, only that they are far more advanced than us as most of them have mastered their spirituality and also, have far greater technology than our generation.

This is a truthful hope I’m giving you now, not a false hope of a heaven or hell after death. I want Africa to wake up from the deep sleep they have been put in since 400 years ago of mental slavery.

If you believed otherwise before you started reading this page, then you should-know now that there is life outside earth, there is life after death, and there is life beyond the stars, then to round it up, you should now know that death is not the end, and you have lived before and will continue to live after this life comes to an end. You should also note that; there is no hell fire in the after life and there is no heaven as your religion tells you, for your hell is your negative condition which you created in a previous timeline through you actions and deeds, same to your heaven. The next sub-topic will say much about this. Keep on reading on.

When we wake up from this deep sleep of hypnotism, we will again be greater than our past, and we will again learn to be together in unity, we will again never fight or kill our own brothers, and no country out there will come in and make us kneel before them because we are the greatest.

But look around you, our truth and histories have been hidden from us, and we are now like robots, we just follow a rule and a religion without question, this knowledge on life after death will clear your mind if truly you are ready to awaken from your sleep.


Before we proceed on this sub-topic, there is something I would really like you to know first, and please, do not rush spiritual knowledge, read slowly and take in one after the order, if possible, read each paragraph twice or more, it might sound funny, but that was how I studied during my days in the mystery schools, which of course I am still active.

I discovered that there are deep meaning within every single words in a mystical teachings, so I read and mediate deeply on them and to my surprise, I will receive more Psychic Impressions and expanded knowledge on that topic, with that style of study, I became ahead of my mates..

So before we proceed, you have to digest the following:

The bible and the Koran both predate Christianity and Islam. They were only adopted by the creators of those religion, they first adopted it from the Sumerian tablets and translated it into scrolls known today as the Babylonian Talmud.


This Babylonian Talmud was adopted by the Jews and re-translated as the Torah, the Torah was re-translated as the new testament of the bible and the new testament was adopted from the Egyptian Book of the Sun and the Book of the Dead.


These books have been in existence many thousands of years upon years before Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

So they founders of those three Abrahamic religions only rewrote certain passages, added their own passages and chapters, and then removed many deeper esoteric books from the bible in order to further hide the truth, even the book of Moses was more than eight, but only five books of Moses were allowed in the bible, same to the book of Enoch which was removed because it exposed who the biblical gods truly were.


Thus, many of the passages in the bible and Koran or Torah had its root in the ancient teachings of Kabbalah. Kabbalah is divided in to several parts, one of the parts is called the written kabbalah, this aspect of kabbalah teaches how to encode deep knowledge into metaphors and parables, and how to decode them.


Kabbalah first of all deals with the study of natural and spiritual laws through symbols, numbers, and metaphors.

So the Three Abrahamic religions are all kabalistic in origin.

Now after digesting that, I am sure you are now ready to know what the heavens and hell of the bible truly represents. Now let is decode:

Heaven, in accordance with some mystical knowledge represents the stars, or beyond the stars because in the old days, men were taught to come from the stars and these men was like Gods before the common men.

Therefore they worshiped these men and when they left through the sky and beyond, the men of old then said, that the gods have gone back to the heavens.

This knowledge was written down by Enoch in the book of Enoch as he agreed that the Jehovah and the Angels were all Extraterrestrials who came to earth from outer space to rule over mankind.

THE BOOK OF ENOCH… If you are interested to get a copy, do let me know through our email:

Those men who came from the sky, were the ones you or rather many of this generation today are worshiping as Gods hoping that one day they would come back and end wickedness and sufferings then take them the righteous to the stars which we today call heavens, while some claim that they would make the world a paradise ones again…

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This was the origin of heaven as hell was associated with earth, a place full of sufferings etc.

Be it as it may, this isn’t the heaven the biblical new testament passages referred to, few passages from the Koran and all pages from the New Testament Bible were taken from the ancient book of the dead, and mostly from the Book of the Sun the ancient Egyptians call the Helios Biblios which is today coined as the Holy Bible (translated in English as Sun Book).

The Old Testament was, like I said earlier, was taken from the Sumerian Tablets, which also has its root from a system of mystical practice which today is known to the Jews as Kabbalah, also related to what the ancient Egyptians call Alchemy.

Kabbalah refers to some ancient system of mystical writings which conveys mystical knowledge in form of symbols and metaphors, in order to protect such knowledge from intruders and scams so that only the initiates can understand.



According to kabbalah and Alchemy, Heaven refers to someones positive circle, created by the person’s positive karma’s, while the Hell refers to the person’s negative circles created by the person’s negative karma’s.


This knowledge made it clear that if for instance you are a killer, and you killed someone in a past life, you will have to come back to earth and your entire reality in that life will be directed to a situation where you too have to be killed.

If the person defrauds people all his life, he will be sent back to earth to be defrauded and used all his life, such life in such incarnation becomes his hell.


But if one resolves his karma s and finally after doing so much good and remained pure all his life, then if he died halfway, he will be sent back here to reap the good fruits which he has planted in a previews life.

Such situation and reality which the person experiences throughout that lifetime becomes the persons Heaven.

Your realities are molded by you through our actions and deeds. This is the true definition of the true heaven and hell concept of the New testament Bible.

OK See this video below and watch the After Life Facts from an Egyptian Mysticism.

It teaches you all about the many ancient Egyptian facts that has to do with the afterlife.

Some of this beliefs and ideas talks about the belief in the 12 gates of hell, which are all allegories. it talks about Souls whom when they die they had to cross through the 12 gates of hell, these gates are in reality the 12 dimensions which a Soul has to rise above before they pass through into the realm of Light, which begins from the 13th dimension.

Some of you out there who still believes in a master or in a messiah to come help save you, who still believe in heaven and hell and in good and evil are all at the 4th dimension, when you die you will get stuck in the 4th dimension, which is the realm of illusion.


When you manage to pass through, you will be sent to earth again and continue your evolution, when you live in the path of light and love, study higher knowledge and believe in yourself, and try to get to a means of souls self realization, you will be rising above the 5th and 6th to the 7th dimension.

The more you evolve the more you rise above the lower dimensions, and truly, Souls who have now passed through the 6th and 7th dimension, are all free from reincarnating on earth unless they have unfinished business, they are supposed to continue their evolution from a higher dimensional planet as we know earth is still a 3rd dimensional planet, take note.

Ok watch the video:

Ok, I hope this Metaphysical Knowledge  has added a light unto yours today, if you might have any urgent questions or doubts regarding this or any other lecture article; feel free to email us on


Or to request for a higher level of learning, do well to contact us for your Monthly magazine Subscription. Also watch out for the next part of this article for more discussion on this topic. I bet that would be very much insightful…

Best Wishes

Written by Knight Fredel

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