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This article is going to be a boom! to those who haven’t had a previous clue concerning this path of esoteric studies because  people of this generation do not know what Sexuality truly is as they limit the meaning to some sexual pleasures and the everyday love making.

Although what they do not know is that; sexuality goes way deeper than just having fun or having a pleasurable activity for the purpose of making babies.

May I therefore at this point, be permitted to share with you this deeper truth which everyone of you out there should know.

You must note that the very first human never needed any form of reproductive system to make babies, they never needed to have sex in order to reproduce, because there was nothing like an opposite sex to begin with, rather there were only females.

This will sound absurd to some, and a shock to many as many religions today always claims that man was the first human ever created and woman was created out of the ribs of man (The Christian Bible).

However, what you should know is, lots of those religious society’s are patriarchs who are benched in promoting the masculine as Superior to the feminine when in reality, the opposite seems to be the case,

OK, the story of the first man and woman and how women reproduced without man back then is definitely a story for another day, nevertheless; you should know that women were the very first human ever created by the Son of the Great Queen of the Stars (Lord Enki).

I wouldn’t want to delve much into the fact that women are in fact the first human on earth, however, you should look at my previous article titled THE FEMALE SPECIE IS NOT A GOAT, and the one I titled THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE.

Now back to the topic, Sexuality has been in existence within many esoteric and occult practices since time memorials, if you go  much deeper into witchcraft (which is literary the craft of the mind) and if you look up deeply into Shamanism which had its root in the Ancient Spirituality of the Mother Goddess known as the Serpentine Religion, you will find out that truly, they all have Sexuality as a core branch in their Spiritual practices.

So why do you need Sexuality in Spirituality? I know that might be a question you really want to ask, OK, in Sexuality, you get to learn about the world’s greatest energy force and should I call it Power? It’s called Sexual Energy.

Sexual Energy is the strongest spiritual energy ever discovered by the ancients. Each time you have sex with  someone, you release a form of energy, which rises up to the astral realm  and to other realms, like a smoke rising off a fire.

Also, each time you masturbate, you release that sexual energy, and when that happens, you end up attracting a much darker entity to come feed on your sexual energies, and if such is allowed, they go on to stick with you projecting dreams which features love making scenes with someone you crush on or with your ex or lover, when you have such lucid sexual dreams, you release those sexual energy’s for them to feed on.

Although the ancients knows that, all deities and spirits do feeds on one energy or the other, just like there are deities who feed on the energies you emit through pains and suffering, and those who feed on the energies you emit through fear and terror.

This category (which feeds on energies emitted through fear and terror) falls under those deities whom priests and grand masters offers sacrifices to, such sacrifices like killing a human or lambs and sprinkling the blood on the medium which connects with the particular deity, the deity then feeds on the energies that comes through their fear and terror,

This is why before they usually kill the lamb, bird or human (in some rare dark cases), they torture them first, then shake them really hard in order to scare them and fill up their minds with terror before killing them at that very moment so their life force will be filled with fear and terror which releases the life force out of their cold blood, and that is what the blood thirsty deities feeds on.

Same happens with deities that feeds on sexual energies. The only difference there is that, in sex magick, no negative energies are released, and they are not needed either, negative energies such as fears, anger and sadness.


Sex wasn’t just created for the sake of love making and baby making, no! Sex is much deeper than such selfish reasons, “Sexual intercourse is an art of energy exchange”.

Knight Fredel

There are two types of sex Magick, however, you must first note that sex magic is an art of connecting your sexual energies with that of your partner, then channeling it to your root chakra where you then use your “WILL” to bring into this dimension, your thought-forms, I will explain more on this in the book, THE ART OF SEX MAGICK, writing in progress, and coming soon.

So with a proper sex Magick rite, one is poised to manifest into this reality your heart desires and your wants.

When a woman is making love, the moment she reaches her climax, she is spiritually connected to the four walls of the universe, which causes her to become likened to a charged rod, at such moment she has the ability to bring into this dimension, her desires, or her wants if she knows how to wield her powers.

The woman’s body is quite special and her womb and vagina; which in spirituality we refer to as The Yoni, are very special when it comes to spirituality, but its a pity that many women do not know who they’re or how to begin as they waste and defile their body’s daily and weekly.

A woman, when using her sexual energies, especially when she is doing it with a partner; in such moment her kundalini energy rises to her crown (if allowed), it manifests her into something that can be likened to a power vessel with lots of electrically charged energy.

This is one of the reasons why Sexuality is connected with Spirituality.

Sexuality in Spirituality teaches you the power of Sex, and its energy, and how you can direct your sexual energy with your partner or alone, towards a target or a desire, and then make it manifest into this reality.

As you already know, (that is, if you are a follower of my weekly and monthly articles), whatever thoughts you hold deeply within your mind creates settles as “thought-forms” and the more you feed this thoughts with more of that same “thought”, the more your thought-forms gets stronger and begins to come-alive in the astral realm, and after you use the power of your WILL to power it, with that the formation completes fully and it begins to exist in the astral realm, and if your mind isn’t in doubt and if you continue to feed it with same energy and thoughts, and if your WILL is strong enough, then before you realize it, that thought will begin to manifest here in the physical world, because as a matter of fact, the physical world (which is also known in Spirituality as the 3rd dimension), is a reflection of the astral realm (which is the 4th dimension).

Therefore this thought-forms do exist as you desire, only that you need a strong Will Power and deep Spiritually charged “Concentration” in order to make any thought forms reflect here in the physical world. Otherwise, instead of those thoughts to exist here in the physical realm, they will just end up in the astral realm (as thought-forms). Now I repeat, in order to make it manifest into this reality, you need a stronger energy force which when channeled along with your “Will or Will-power”, it would make your thought forms manifest into this reality. That stronger energy is the power of your concentration.

For instance, you needed 30 dollars so badly, what you do is hold that thought of someone giving you that 30 dollars, you hold the thought so clear and so strong within your mind, you do this three times daily, with no sad feelings or anger, instead fill your entire being with the feelings of achievement and joy, that is what you will use to create a thought form, then you engage in a rite, perhaps a rite like, maybe a sex magick rite/ritual where you then use your deep sexual energies to give life to your thought-forms and make it manifest into this reality, through your Will Power and Concentration. Interesting right?

This is why you were always told, if you are a student of mystical practices, that you should always keep a positive thought, because each time you hold a thought so deep, you create a thought-form which becomes a reality in an astral realm and sooner, with your fears as it’s fuel, it will manifest here on this physical realm, look, your negative thoughts always manifests faster even without you knowing because you don’t need Concentration or Will Power, all it needs as it’s fuel is your Fears, and Anger, watered by sadness and disbelief in self.

So be it positive or negative, when such thought is given life either through your own fears, or any form of spiritual/mystical or cosmic energies, it will manifest into this reality.

Nevertheless, you should note also, that those who wants to do you wrong can control your negative thoughts and force them to manifest into this reality. This is why I tell people, that a witch cannot hurt or harm you unless you harbor negative thoughts about yourself.

Those witches uses your self created negative thoughts (which you created out of doubts and fears against you) so keep your thoughts clean at all time.


There are other forms of Sex Magick which includes exchanging of sexual energies with a Sex and Fertility Deity, which means you give them your sexual energy to feed on intentionally and they give you what you want or ask for.

This pattern is dangerous to the newbie’s because every deity has a code in which you invoke them with, if you do not use the right code or symbol and passwords, you end up releasing your sexual energies to dark forces who drains you up.

Although the first category of sex magick is hard for many neophytes to practice successfully because it requires a bit of major knowledge on Spirituality and magick, for instance, knowledge on cosmic energies and energies in general, Will and Willpower, Astral realm, and certain mystical symbols and rites.

Another thing which makes the first procedure hard for the neophytes is that; they are yet unable to control their urge and sexual force, and they are yet unable to use the ability we call “WILL” and without your ability to “Will” something, magick cannot take place.

In the book “The Art of Sex Magick” I wrote deeper on this subject, the book is coming soon this December, keep your eyes open.


In our world today, Sex is abused, people think its just for pleasure and fun when its really spiritual, just like in the article SPIRIT HUSBAND AND SPIRIT WIVES I explained much further its spiritual aspect, and on what happens when you think you are having fun.

Further more I will be able to teach more on this topic in my upcoming book titled: The Art  of Sex Magick


Do you know that when you are having sex with your partner, you end up exchanging with that person some sort of sexual energy which carries with it karmic debt’s, meaning that as you make love with someone, he or she is transferring to you parts of their karmic debt while you on the other hand transfers to her; yours.

Sex with an opposite partner, brings the man and the woman together, this is the idea of “one plus one equals to one and two becomes one.

The real and true marriage happens when you have sex for the first time with a partner. Not the open ceremony with “may you kiss our bride” thing which you do at the altar.

Thus with an improper sexual intercourse, you create negative consequences for yourself, such as getting yourself drained up by Sex Spirits who get themselves attached with you from the day you decided to take a walk into the worlds of sexual intercourse and fornication’s, they drain you and when too much sexual energies are being taken from you, you look older than your age.

Secondly, someone might attempt to delve into Sex Magick on their own through masturbation, this way the person ends up inviting those deities to themselves too.

Thirdly, an improper sexual intercourse causes one to exchange with their partners, their Karmic dept. Like I said earlier, I have written much on this in the article: SPIRIT HUSBAND AND SPIRIT WIFE, you should check it out.

Now the full details and Knowledge on Sex Magick with its procedures will be given to you on my next book, THE ART OF SEX MAGICK coming soon.

If you also want to get a more advanced ways to practice spirituality, you should join our Community, register and subscribe for our monthly Magazine Discourse and begin your journey into a new world of Truth and Enlightenment.

Written by Knight Fredel

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