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Welcome to another edition our Magazine articles, I know you probably seek answers on who spirit husbands and spirits wives are, who they really are and where they originate from. As a matter of fact, that search for answers has brought you here, therefore, I promise that you are right where you should be!

On his weeks edition we shall be talking mostly about spirits, spirit husband, spirit wife, and re-connection to your spiritual realm/worlds. And today, we begin with Spirit husbands and Spirit wives.

OK, there are persons, most especially women, as well as men who believe that they have been possessed by a range of spiritual wives and husbands from the sea. This experience sometimes leads to a kind of wet dreams whereby, the victim (mostly the men) wakes up to see their semen already released on their pants, although this sort of experience does not come alone as it is backed up with an initial vivid dream which pictures the victim having sex with a familiar face.

There are situations whereby the victims may experience lucid dreams and in such a dream, they find themselves living a full sexual lives, mostly they find themselves married to a familiar face who makes love to them, and this kind of sex dreams are in fact so real that the victims sometimes wakes up to wish they could go back there, and each time they sleep, they find themselves in this fantasy world of sexual intercourse with an unusual couple/mate.

Another situation occurs whereby someone is told by a pastor or a prophet that they are possessed with a spirit husband or wife from the sea, and they usually claim that the spirit husband or wife is the reason why they have not been able to stay in a real relationship, or the reason why they fail or always break up from their relationship or marriages.

SPIRIT HUSBAND, AND SPIRIT WIFE – WHAT ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel spirit husband

All the above mentioned experiences were taken directly from the details provided by victims of sex spirits, these victims always come to me for counseling and guardians and most times to give them a metaphysical aid in order to assist them break free from their spiritual husbands and wives, as they call them.

Now the question is, are spirit husbands and wives real or are they just a kind of fiction created out of a wandering mind through the art of superstitious beliefs?

Well the answer is yes, and the answer is equally no! Read through carefully as I explain the true reality behind this spirit mate’s issue. In order to solve a problem, you must first find the cause of that problem before you look at the effect.


SPIRIT HUSBAND, AND SPIRIT WIFE – WHAT ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel spirit husband

Like I explained in an older magazine article concerning realms and planes of consciousness, I said that humans live in a 3rd dimensional reality we know as the physical realm, now above this physical realm is the 4th dimensional reality known as the astral realm, the both realms are separated by nothing but frequencies, there are other realms above the astral realm.

Now, the ones living in the 4th dimensional realities are entities and spirit beings of various kinds, it is just like our human world which houses both humans and mammals, animals and insects and so on, that is how it is with the other realities, especially, the 4th dimension. Out of all the entities in the 4th dimension there are this two sex spirits, feminine and masculine entities known as Incubus and Succubus.

The difference between these entities and we humans are, they (entities) no longer feed on foods and fruits or any form of physical or solid substances, rather they feed through the process of directly absorbing energies, when they absorb these energies, it strengthens their astral bodies which houses their Souls/consciousness.

That is how it works, so there are entities who feed on the energies emitted by fear, terror and pain, these form of entities goes around seeking humans who possess them, and the more fearful the humans may be, the more stronger they get, this again is why they (ancient gods, entities) decided to make man worship them with creeds of hell fire thereby creating more fears in the world and by so doing, feeding those entities.

Now you know why the so called gods accepts human and animal sacrifices, the priests before killing the victim for the sacrifice, he or she will first scare the victim before they kill them in cold blood thereby causing that fear and terror to run through their blood which after they (victim) are killed, the blood of the victim is then scattered or poured on top of the mediums they use in communing with the gods, then the gods absorbs the energies created through fear and terror which is emitted by the victims before and after they die.

It will interest you to note at this moment that, there are entities who feed on the pure Light energy that emits from the vibrations of love. The more there is love in the society the more they feed on the energies emitted therein, and the more such entities of Light are attracted to come closer.

Now I am sure we now understand how entities feed, so let us now talk about sexual energy, what it is and the relationship between sexuality and spirituality, after then, we will then talk about the spirit husband, spirit wife phenomenon.


When our ancestors wants to pray, they channel their sexual energies towards their aim and ignite its full power through the art of concentration! Yes magic cannot take place without the presence of concentration, and sexual energy is one very most powerful and most important ingredient used in magick, if you must know.

Now what is this sexual energy? And what are they used for?

Sexual energies are the energies that envelopes you during sexual intercourse, this energy is usually abused during a sexual intercourse and by such actions, we unintentionally distribute them to unknown entities who feeds on them and who might just attach themselves with you from then onward, (we will come to that shortly).

SPIRIT HUSBAND, AND SPIRIT WIFE – WHAT ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel spirit husband

When you properly direct and channel your sexual energies during a sexual intercourse, you direct it to your root chakra where it awakens your kundalini serpent, which is usually in twos, a male and a female, it is when the both male and female serpents rises up to meet at the crown chakras of both partners that enlightenment takes place! (I will talk deeper and explain better on my next article on Sex Magic, the article will lead to my second book titled THE ART OF SEX MAGICK).

Thus, the art of channeling your sexual energy towards your heart desires in order to manifest it into this physical realm is called SEX MAGICK. There are rules, and there are principles that makes a perfect Sex Magick work! It isn’t the everyday wastage and misuse of sexual energies you all call love making, no! This will make you experience the universe within you, there are some of my students who testify of some sort of feelings of ecstasy which they haven’t ever felt before and cannot describe it, an out of the world kind of feelings, and whatever they channel their sexual energy to, always manifests in a couple of days or weeks, depending on what they wished for.


SPIRIT HUSBAND, AND SPIRIT WIFE – WHAT ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel spirit husband

They are not really a wife, nor a husband, neither do they love you or want to marry you, the woman or man you see in your lucid dreams making love to you isn’t really the one doing it,  for the spirits browses your mind and chooses the kind of man or woman you easily fall for, or through one of your masturbating sections which you masturbated on some pictures of a hot girl or guy , they browse through your mind and they find such images, so they make it come alive for you, those faces you see in your dreams are not the true faces of these spirits, and they are, as earlier said, called “Incubus and Succubus” They are spirits deities that feeds on sexual energies.


SPIRIT HUSBAND, AND SPIRIT WIFE – WHAT ARE THEY? By Knight Fredel spirit husband

First of all, they were called by no other person but you, yes you unintentionally invited them, it happens when you masturbate without proper channeling of sexual energies, at the time you release your semen, your sexual energy at such moment, if seen from an astral sight, appears as a firework that shoots/blasts up into the sky and then explodes with a very large spark of light, the size of the spark depends on your Cumming (releasing of semen), there are girls who releases so greatly, especially when they were horny before the sexual intercourse, theirs blasts are usually so loud and so bright with the color blue or purple.

So that is how you invited them, and it can happen either through masturbation, or sexual intercourse. Mostly the ones that truly attracts these deities is masturbation, you know why? Because there is no opposite partner to exchange their sexual energies with you, so you just release yours to the empty space, and other deities will be there waiting to absorb and feed on it.

Don’t feel too happy yet, because it isn’t just those who masturbate, if you do not know how to direct your sexual energies, definitely you will still invite those entities even if you are making love with a partner, but if you are inviting them intentionally for the purpose of practicing a sort of a sexual magick rite for the exchange of a sexual energy for a heart desire or a request, in such a  case you must let your partner know, if you do, then it is white magick, on the other hand, if you do not let your partner know, and you use their sexual energies secretly by directing it to a sex spirit for an exchange of a selfish request, then it means that what you are practicing is dark art, and as always, there is consequence for such art.




Do you know that; Sexual arts of any kinds are all spiritual practices, not a physical thing for fun alone, this is why the ancients believed that sex is sacred. Ones you start making love with a girl or guy, many things which you are unaware of begins to take place, oh yes, I said many. One of those is the exchange of positive karma and negative karma.

For instance, I have a 50% negative karma given to me in this life time as my lessons and dept to be paid, and 50% positive karma’s attributed to me as my benediction fort this timeline, and I was supposed to pay for them sometime in a future as well as redeem my  rewards for my positive karma’s, then along the line I meet a girl, and this girl has 20% negative karma and 80% positive ones, when we make love, our both positive and negative karma’s are fixed together or rather joined together as one, meaning that she will no longer just have 20% negative karma’s to pay and resolve, she will also have to resolve and pay the negative karma’s from my own part, while I too share with her some of her negative and positive karma’s.

Now imagine sleeping with as many girls as I can get, do you know the number of negative karma’s I would be accumulating? Because we will be sharing our karmic consequences, I take some of hers, she takes some of mine, so the idea of one man one wife thing wasn’t for the aim of selfishness, it was for the highest good, and the idea of wait till you get married before you break your virginity, too was for the highest good.

The truth is, if I should tell you what happens when a man breaks a woman’s virginity, you will shout, and if you are such man, you might faint, especially when you have broken the virginity of more than one woman! But I will reserve that knowledge for my book “The Art of Sex Magick”.

So the ancients knew that if a boy rushes into sex early in life, he would be biting more more than he can chew, in such situation, he will attract negative karma’s from different girls, karma’s he isn’t prepared for, and he will abuse his sexual energies because when the girl is not there he will masturbate, and that will attract Incubus and Succubus spirits. Some of these boys begins their sexual life with masturbation and that is how they invite their spirits.

Take a look at the streets today, look at our generation of youths and teenagers/adolescents, how do you see them? Many are ruined but still they thinks they are having fun, by the time they reach 27 -35 years old, that is when they will realize how frustrated their lives has been, either they find it hard to marry, or they are unable to resolve their financial situations due to unresolved negative karma’s collected from various girls/boys during their fun days, and also due to some sex spirits attached with them for years, creating chaos with their relationships and life in general, due to over drained sexual energies.




After they have discovered their new source of foods, (thanks to you), they come to when you are asleep to make sure you go into a very deep sleep, because lucid dreams requires a very deep sleep in order to work.

“Lucid or vivid dreams are dreams that  look so real that you cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is not real. 

In lucid dreaming, you are conscious in the dream, the lucid dream can start like, you return home so tired from work, then you decided to sleep in order to cool off, then you wake up, thinking that you are waking up in real life, not knowing that you are waking up in a dream, then maybe as you wake up in that dream thinking its real, you find a lady come visit you, to ask you questions maybe she claims to be missing and stranded but will appear sexy and  making you feel more and more deeply horny.

The next thing is; you both are making love, and you will so love it until something or someone bangs on your door from this end, that is when you wake up and become confused whether this waking mode is a dream, because in your subconscious, the sex part is the real life, when truly it is not”.

Thus, the lady who appeared sexy to you (if you are a guy) was the spirit disguised as a fine lady to get you enticed, they project into your subconscious mind a scene of you making love with a woman or a man, if you are a homosexual, they will know and give you what you expect, a man to man sexual intercourse, if you are a lesbian, they give you what you want; a woman to woman sexual intercourse.

Thus as you fall for them and start making love in your lucid dream, you will begin to psychically emit some sort of energy which is called sexual energies, which as said earlier, it is one of the strongest spiritual energies in the universes.


So when you emit these energies, the Incubus and Succubus spirit feeds on it. Yes like I said, deity’s feed on energies, however, these Incubus and Succubus spirits feeds on sexual energy’s alone.

You may see them as beautiful handsome guys because they can take any form they like, but if you should be opportune to see them as they are, you will be seeing a monster or beast-kind of being making love with you, someone ones told me that she makes love with a monster-reptilian creature, and in such lucid dreams she feels comfortable until she wakes up and become terrified. Yes, when the Incubus and Succubus spirits has really integrated with your soul, at that moment they sometimes appear on their monster-like body’s because it is assumed you will no longer fear them.


Well, like I always say, something can only be good to you when it affects you positively, but when it affects you negatively then it becomes bad or evil. So if I may rephrase the question, I would like to put it this way:

Do Incubus and Succubus spirits affect us negatively or positively?

At this point, the direct answer would be in two ways, one is: NO! they affect us negatively, if they are the dark ones, and the second answer is YES they affect us positively: as long as they are the higher ones which one can summons intentionally to offer them sexual energies in exchange for our needs or petitions,  although it all depends on how good you are in working with them.

But on the other hand, Incubus and Succubus spirits affects humans negatively as they have a negative effect they leave on their victims, from a mental level to a physical level.

If one or two of those spirits possess you or attach with you, what they do is that, the spirits will always make sure you feel horny so that you will be mad for sex, and they will always force you into masturbating when there is no partner to make love with. And when you are making love, they can be more than two, and they will be draining you of your sexual energies, because, if you were meant to release at least 26% of sexual energies, they can make you release 99% of such sexual energies at ones!

By such actions you are drained. When you are strong willed and refuse to masturbate, they use the lucid dreams, and they drain you from there, as time goes on, they become integrated with you, at that point they prefer to use the lucid ream to directly make love to you, then when they proceed, they make you lose interest from real sex, and they make you lose energies and create some sort of misfortune in your relationships, meaning that, you will find it hard to find yourself a proper long term partner and a true lover, as they will always find a way to make them leave you, so that they can have you all for themselves.


In conclusion, you should know that, once upon a time, some of us were spirit beings of various kinds ranging from the dark realms and lower levels of consciousness to the higher dimensional realms, and a lot of us are evolved spirits too or the ones you refer to as the messengers of gods.

Then, there was a time each of us were sent to earth in human form to over come a debt or fulfill a particular mission, or lesson, and after that, we became trapped in the wheel of reincarnation due to more karmic debt we attracted towards ourselves, and so we began to reincarnate life after life, and unfortunately, some of us forgot who we once were over many incarnations.

Among the spirits you once were, some of you were sex spirits as well, however, you are now a human being today. either a man or a woman, and if you from your teenage, to your young adult life, you were seen as a sex god or sex goddess in sense that you so much love sex and anything that has to do with sex, then it means that you were ones either an incubus or succubus.

And as we all know, every Incubus, and succubus always has its partner, as they can never stay without the other, they are always male and female working together.

So if you are now human, and you were the male, or the female, then know that your partner has been following you up anywhere you go from life to life, and mating with you at any given chance, either during your masturbation hours, or during a vivid dream section.

Thus you can disconnect from a regular incubus and succubus by following some strong dark art practice that concerns the summoning of the sex spirit and banishing it for good, such rite is always handled by an experienced Alchemist, which I am.

But when it comes to your spirit mate which you two have been together for eons and ages upon ages, and if it happens that you were a sex spirit too, then in such case, to appease the sex spirit in order to stop it from causing you harm (as it tries to get your attention), all an Alchemist will do for you at such case; is unite you both ones more, for the betterment of your life, and for spiritual protection and all that.

In order to understand more on this final part of this subject: READ MORE ON: ARC ANGELS, WHO ARE THEY? 

I hope that today’s article on Spirit husband and spirit wives seals a loophole in your life and illuminates your path. Enlightenment is the path to Greater Awakening. That is why Awake Afraka Magazine is here, we are her for you, and we are watching out for you.

Knowledge is power, trust me when i say that, and to practice any form of spirituality requires a lot of work and patience.

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Best wishes and light on your Path

Written by Knight Fredel

All rights Reserved…



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  1. Iam revited total memerized by your writings the fluid way you write pulls me in massaging evey cell ñ in my brain as thou to say this what has been missing in my life. i
    have allways known and felt a very strong sense of self and connection to my Africanism
    , and now iam thru the roof with pride.iam wind swept, eye open mind absorbing heart trembling in love with my yes yes

  2. What a beautiful piece of enlightenment.From here I could see reasons why I failed in relationship. I started masturbating early in life coupled with sex in dreams,it became a habit that I enjoyed doing.As soon as I closed my eyes behold these girls will fight for me…it really crippled my life and relationships.NOW I KNOW BETTER.

  3. I find this very interesting and inspiring, but how can one be free from this spirit wife and husband, since you said if one stops masturbating ,the spirit will use lucid dreams ,so how can one avoid them ?

  4. How can one be free from this spirit wife and Masterbation .I have affected seriously in my marriage and am no longer interested in sex with any girl.

  5. Good Write up.
    I innocently got entangled with these sucubi.
    I guess the real issue is how to banish them for good.
    Seems theyre difficult to altogether banish. They can go away for years waiting for one small mistake and their back with a force! How can one eliminate them permanently please?

    1. We can help you banish them as well as give you a procedures on what to do, however, you have read this article and that means you now understand why it happens, and how to protect your sexual energy’s. Good luck.

  6. Greetings Mr Fredel, I would like to purchase your books both the ‘The Ogbanje Child” and the “Art of Sex Magick” and I would like to know where I can get them. Thanking you in advance

  7. Greetings Mr Fredel, I would like to purchase your books both the “The Ogbanje Child” and the “Art of Sex Magick” and would like to know where I can get them. Thanking you in advance

  8. Hello! magazine is very useful and inspirational, and
    I do not think I arrived without a reason.
    That’s why I want to help you share your book that has helped
    me a lot in my life, its really wonderful and thank you

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