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Dear Suns and Sea Stars on the path of the SUN, I welcome you to this weeks episode of our magazine articles, today I am going to teach you something about Aura and Telepathy.

Today I’d like to talk a little about a very important energy field we all possess; the aura, plus give you two simple practical experiments to carry out.

The Hermetic and Rosicrucian traditions call this your “energy body.” This energy body operates on multiple planes of existence once developed. In fact, the sum total of the layers of your energy body is considered as your “Soul,” the energetic part of you that survives the death of your physical body.

No doubt you had plenty of occasions to observe a streetlamp on a foggy night and around the lamp you would have noticed a kind of radiance.

You can call this a form of aura. Everything possesses an aura even though some aura are so weak that they are almost unnoticeable, but however they are still aura.


Living creatures likely possess a much more radiant emanation of which we call an aura, however unlike the one that may be seen around a light, the aura that surrounds animals, human beings and plants is not typically visible to the naked eyes under normal everyday circumstances.

Now no doubt you would agree that just because something is impossible to see with the naked eyes does not really prove or mean that it doesn’t exist or isn’t true.

To use a simple analogy, it is impossible to perceive the magnetism which emanates from a magnet.

Yet we know that such magnetism exists and absolutely nobody can deny that it produces tangible effects on certain substances.

Without dwelling too much on a nature of the human aura I’m going to say that the aura is an electromagnetic field that results from the fusion of two major energy sources in the human body one being bound to the physical body itself and the other to the inner layer or the soul.

These two major energy fields generate other minor energy fields, some of them, for example the nervous energy we emanate under stress possess measurable electrical qualities.

Others however are of much higher frequency and as such the properties can be made conspicuous only by observing the influence they exert on people and things.

Just as the existence of magnetism produced by magnet can only be proved by observation of its effects, it is therefore possible to experiment with the influence that the aura can exert outside itself, nevertheless this is a question for you… Have you ever entered a house for the very first time and you have found that though its appearance seemed attractive, you nevertheless felt strange or ill at ease?

Or conversely, have you ever felt a pleasant sensation as you entered a room which nevertheless, was untidy and not really attractive to look at or be in? Yet this room felt so comfortable for you.

Such experiences are explained by the fact that the aura that you possess affects the places in which you live in, these energies often remain stored in materials or the room itself.

Conversely these places exert a certain influence on sufficiently sensitive people, bringing about precise emotional reactions and activating definite responses within them.

Moreover you’ve probably happened to meet a person for whom you immediately felt either a strong attraction to or a strong aversion to, even though that person hadn’t spoken or hadn’t done anything negative, to explain such an impression on you.

This type of phenomena also has its origin in the psychic influence which the aura of others can have upon us.

Every type of energy fields especially the electromagnetic energy fields are influenced by another type of energy to some degree whether be at a greater degree or a minor degree.

Now let’s talk about telepathy:

The transmission of thought is a form of magical practice and is a precept to your magical training actually dates as to the most remote times in antiquity.

It was used quite commonly by members of various mystery schools and in general, by initiates of all traditions.

Not so long ago, such a practice was condemned by certain religious dogmas, and therefore superstitious people link this phenomenon to malevolent forces.


Scientists also took a very long time to recognize the authenticity of telepathy, for this art was totally beyond the boundaries of their research and confronted them many still yet unknown principles.

For Magicians and those doing the great work the transmission of thought as a practice,in its existence and effectiveness cannot be doubted.

Therefore by following a very well defined method, it is absolutely possible to establish a mental connection with other people.

As is the case for most of the faculties labeled as extraordinary and a true sense of this term, telepathy is based on the use of the unlimited powers of human consciousness.

The Hermetic and Rosicrucian teachings of the Alpha Ωmega Mystery School which you belong to as a valued member of our mystery tradition will expose you and reveal to you techniques for communicating mentally with other people, allowing you to send them urgent messages.

The result of this simple exercise can be experienced as intuitions, visions, or feelings of certain people.

To help you develop this faculty more I propose that you perform the psychic exercise as this will demonstrate to you the validity of the mental influence we can exert on others through projected energy. (though cannot be posted or shared here cos its deeper and we protect our ancient knowledge from intruders)

Want to know how to use telepathy? Want to learn the exercises and its practical application?  Well, you’re in luck. SUBSCRIBE FOR OUR MONTHLY  MAGAZINE DISCOURSE AND BE TRAINED IN THE CRAFT OF SPIRITUALITY, send a mail to and request for your discourse registration form and how to subscribe for your monthly Souls Ascension discourse, its not entirely free, but its affordable. In addition to this weekly article, this week we have also prepared this special lecture for you all, keep staying tuned to this magazine, and you will gain enlightenment and illumination.




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