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Close thy eyes and open thy mind and ye shall truly see things as they are.

There was a day I was sitting in my compound, and suddenly a butterfly flew closer, a beautiful one and it landed right on my left shoulder, I could feel some positive energies, like a kind of aura, I just had to close my eyes in order to open my mind and the feelings I felt deep down inside of me was beautiful and amazing, it was like a message, if one cold decode that feelings by converting it to words, it would sound like “I am with you, always”. Or something like: “You are not alone, for I am watching over you”

Many times we pray for protections and hearts desires, we ask for cosmic guardians and all that but when they (messengers) are sent to you, either to bring you a message through dreams, or maybe to offer protection as prayed for, instead of recognizing them as they come, or accepting them when they approach you, or instead of letting them do their jobs, you instead kill them, due to some religious dogma and credulous beliefs.

These spirits uses insects like dragon flies and butterflies, and creatures like snakes, and birds to bring you positive energies and messages. If you mention anything concerning fairies and nature beings to some skeptics, they always feel it’s a joke but the truth is that these things are no joke or fiction, and only those who has experienced and seen beyond the physical reality will understand that there are other smaller worlds within our realm, and only those who live within natural environments will understand, because such persons will confess that they had seen a lot events which only could have existed in a fictional story, such places like I who has a house in the same compound with the streams, with tall trees and forests within, with monkeys and different species of birds, and how about the most feared, like a snake? I have seen more than enough, let us go down a bit to dragon fly’s, many various species, I have seen and caught giant birds and I have seen the falcon and caught it but set them free, nature, spirits uses these creatures to bring you messages, either positive or negative.

If you read through the works of the German philosopher and alchemist, Paracelsus, you will find that he made a great impact in this subject matter as he was the first to give them the name “elementals”. According to Paracelsus, he said, that each spirit kingdom falls under each of the four elements, the water, the air, the earth and the fire.

Each of these spirits has its rulers, and they all exist within the presence of that element. He further states that that each one stays healthy in its particular “chaos,” as he terms it, but dies in the others. Paracelsus conceived human beings to be composed of three parts, an elemental body, a sidereal spirit, and an immortal divine soul.

This further proves my ideas from my book The Ogbanje Child and the four elements, the idea which states that each one of us are born with an elemental deity from the elemental realm where we came from, each soul, like I said comes to earth through water, air, earth or fire, so when you arrived this physical realm, you did not come alone, you came with an elemental who was (is) meant to help you through life, but during our incarnation on earth we forget and neglect these beings due to certain religious dogmas we have decided to subscribe to, this is the same reason some of us surfer, the only way to opt out from such situation is to reconnect back to your elemental deity and pacify your ancestral root, and things will be well with you.

Now at times the elemental spirits visit us or follow us anywhere we go through these spirit insects and birds (falcon) or snakes. But what many of you do is kill them out of ignorance.

Sometime ago I noticed someone was visited by bees, these are your source coming either to give you a sign, warning, or goodness/will.

In such case there is no need to panic, all one needs to do is proceed to visit an oracle and the message will be brought to your understanding.

Now throughout my experiments and experiences on this subject matter, I came to conclude that when these Spirits wishes to come in contact with humans, they use their creatures, for instance, an Air elemental spirit will always use insects like butterfly or dragonfly’s, from this concept came the fictional stories of fairies. The fire elemental spirits will use birds like falcon the sun bird or they use the fire salamander which is their symbol too. Water elemental uses cobras or other form of serpents to visit their sons and sisters in this physical realm. Earth elemental uses bees.

Now let’s talk about snakes? Pythons, cobras

And other smaller snakes have been used by the higher spirits to visit our worlds and offer protection to whomever they want to or wish to assist or bring message to.

Many of you will remember that, certain towns in Anambra State of Nigeria do not kill snakes, especial a python and this community pythons are seen as messengers of the goddess, they can visit your home in broad day light, and at night, children can play with them, and they don’t bite either. This is a very good example of how our ancestors lived their lives in the past, they honor their traditions and respect nature and her spirits. But today, fear has been initiated into the minds of the people, causing them to fear everything, and at last loose every form of spiritual guide.

Let me tell you a story:

“Ones upon a time I was resting (lying down) by my frontage and I dozed off right there, during my short nap I woke up right in that very frontage at that very time in a lucid dream, and saw a lady on blue bright rob, she smiled to me and brought me a message from the marine realm, the world the Lady of the sea, she came to educate me on a subject I was trying to write down that periods, the message she gave me will not be given here, however, some of my articles on this site contains some of her thoughts. Now I was distracted when someone approached my house, then she says, wake up! I asked, wake up from where, she said, wake up! I was confused as I taught I was awake, until I blanked of and opened my eyes to see my friend shouting snake and trying to raise voices for me to stand up so he can kill it but I intervened. And let the snake be, do you know the snake refused to go away, it was acting like, trying to bow, and my friend was astonished”.

These things happen daily, weekly, monthly and yearly at times but many are yet to understand the principles of nature. We do not give them chance to do what they came to do. We always eliminate them before they have the chance to do so.

We watch movies and we think comic films like Alice in the wonderland are nothing but the work of a fictional writer, of cause he was writing based on his imagination, nevertheless it will interest you to know that such imaginations had their sources, meaning that they were inspired by something somehow.


First and foremost, what is good and evil? Why do we say this is good and that is evil, well if I may give the answer to that question, I would say that something is good to you when it affects you positively, and that thing becomes evil when it affects you negatively. Thus in response to that question, there are no good and evil therefore no elemental spirit is evil.

Ok, one of my students asked me, he said and I quote: Are all the elemental spirits good for me? Are all of them safe?

My answers are as follows:

Sometimes, though its rare, but it happens, someone might want to trace you in order to monitor your life through psychic means making sure that you surfer due to whatever grudge they have with you, perhaps the person aim is to destroy your life, what he or she does is visit a witch doctor who is into such dark art, they use these insects to track you and bring towards you negative vibrations that makes you sick and make you fail in whatever thing you do, this is the truth, although I will give you insights on how to note which from which, and so you can get rid of the ones sent to destroy you through monitoring and psychic attacks, or the ones sent to o you harm.

This is Africa today, since they lost their pride, they continue doing that which brought them down, people in Africa delve deeply into dark arts unprepared, and in such process it corrupts them and darkens their Soul, this is why certain mystery schools I adhere to begins by introducing Light and Love to the seeker through enlightenment and illumination, then as they are well trained, the deep and the dark path which is the advanced mysticism can now be taught and introduced to such seeker, by then their light will be stronger to accommodate anything, by then they are strong and prepared enough to face anything as well as transmute any darkness into Light,

But these witch doctors and their followers delve in straight into the negative and lower paths of mysticism, and so it corrupts them and makes them a virus to the society as all they do is use mystical knowledge to kill and to frustrate a person which is wrong.


The ancients dating back eons ago has always been associated with animal and creature worships because they noticed and observed that these beings are always used by the spirit elementals to convey important messages from the spiritual realm into this physical realm.

This prompt them to begin the animal worships and superstitions believing that certain animals brings bad luck and others brings good lucks.

Just like the owl is believed to bring bad messages and bad omens, however, as a matter of fact owls are normal birds too, nevertheless, due to its high vision and intuition, the elemental spirits always make use of them in bringing us messages and good vibrations, owls are not just used for bad omens.

“There used to be tribes who worship the bats and snakes many eons ago. They were all mistaken. Because you do not need to worship them, the animals are only a medium of communication; they are not the elemental spirits or deities”.


Nothing is impossible as long as we put our mind into it. All you need to do is be aware of yourself and surroundings, as the philosopher SOCRATES rightly puts it and I quote: know thyself and ye shall know the universe and its gods.

Now noticing or realizing which is the benevolent from the malevolent is very easy when you pay attention to your surroundings.

At this point you must know that there are normal creatures out there that are not used by any form of elemental spirits. Thus one must bear in mind that these natural none-possessed creatures will always be around but their attitude towards humans will be very different from the possessed.

The normal creatures are mostly fearful and if you scare them off, they go and never come back unless something attracts them back, and they aren’t as intelligent as the possessed creatures.

For instance a usual colorful butterfly will not fly into your house at night, and neither will a bat come to your room, whether night or day, no normal bat will land on your bed, if they do, its message that needs to be decoded.

If a butterfly land on your shoulders, or hands or face, does not kill, allow that creature, and close your objective consciousness in order to open your mind, and inner consciousness. That is the only way you will understand and feel the message. If you find a butterfly by your room at night, do not kill or throw away, before morning the message will come to you.

I hope this adds a Light unto your path.

I shall update this article soon with more exciting subtopics within the week, stay tuned.


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