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What will our world become in a generation to come?

As the human race is evolving, and time is passing, the sages are asking but no one is talking

As the Sun scorches the heart of man, so our soil gets ticker than grains.

Mankind has existed in the state of wonder since the beginning of time,

He stands between what is, and what could be, yet covers his true ambition with the cloak of master-ship, giving false hope to the hopeless and hollow help to the helpless

The world is filled with clouds of clandestine; we are covered by it yet afraid to look because the answers lie in the eyes of the serpent

Although some eyes have seen and some ears have heard, but their mouths are sealed with their tongues withheld

But the fruit has been given, yet the fear of the unknown has kept man naked 

Now their pits are filled with boxes of truth covered with the sands of lies

Who will bail the cat?  Thus says the Sun!

Poem written by Knight Fredel 

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