My name is Knight Fredel, I am a writer, publisher and author of the books “The Ogbanje Child and the four elements”, “The Art of Sex Magick” and “The Realm”, I am also the publisher of the Wonder Planet Newspaper.

In this life time, I hail from Ahoada West LGA, Rivers State, Nigeria.

In 2017 I founded a group I called “Awake Af’raka Community” whose sole purpose was to spread the light of arcane knowledge  to all Af’rakan man and woman, illuminating their world with the truth, it is this community that evolved into his magazine platform.

As the quest for illumination continued, the need for the magazine platform came and Awake Af’raka Magazine was created.

We also created chances for membership into our Community, every registered members are allowed to subscribe for our monthly Magazine Discourse which contains deep knowledge and Mystical training on Spirituality for the illumination, enlightenment and protection/happiness of the student.

I am, as said above a writer, and lover of mystical practices, although I do more than just writing as I am also a very young and creative Adept in Spirituality and Alchemy, i use my knowledge to assist those who need my assistance.

As you read through my articles and books, may the knowledge exposed therein become a symbol of enlightenment to you.

Best wishes

Knight Fredel